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  1. Nation: Anywhere but England (ideally a smaller league like in Scotland or Scandinavia) Division: Lower divisions (the lower the better) European Competition: No Media Prediction: 1st-3rd Board Expectation(s): N/A Transfer Budget: Better than the other teams in the league Wage Budget: Same as above Finances: Same as above Other: Good youth team, ideally with some history though no preference
  2. Nation: Scotland or Ireland Division: Ideally the top division in the country (though not necessarily) Continental competition: Not too bothered - either Europa League or none at all Media prediction: 2nd - 5th Board expectations: N/A Transfer budget: Again, don't really care Wage budget: See above Finances: Secure Other: Decent youth system; looking to make them regulars in Europe over time. Also preferably a team with a good history (though again not necessary)
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