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  1. Not sure if this is the right place for this but wasn't sure where to put it...

    Did the update earlier on and went to start a new game and noticed that I couldn't select Brazil to load the leagues from. It says something along the lines of it requiring a minimum of 20 teams to load Division 3 (currently 19).

    I have the real name and licensing fix on but had started numerous new saves before this update and it was never an issue. So wasn't sure if its something anyone else has noticed since the update or whether my game has just decided to screw itself.


  2. Wondering if someone would be kind enough to let me know how this laptop would perform with FM14.


    Looking to run the 4/5 main leagues in Europe with the possibility of loading players from other regions too. At the moment on my current laptop I only tend to use UK leagues so I'd like to expand my game by quite a bit.

    Cheers guys!!

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