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  1. Yep that was it. Had completely forgotten I had a custom DB downloaded. Cheers!
  2. Not sure if this is the right place for this but wasn't sure where to put it... Did the update earlier on and went to start a new game and noticed that I couldn't select Brazil to load the leagues from. It says something along the lines of it requiring a minimum of 20 teams to load Division 3 (currently 19). I have the real name and licensing fix on but had started numerous new saves before this update and it was never an issue. So wasn't sure if its something anyone else has noticed since the update or whether my game has just decided to screw itself.
  3. Anyone know how/if you can change the Overview screen that shows during matches? This is what it looks like - http://i.imgur.com/CtsCqRk.jpg I just remember that FM15 has less information displayed so I feel this new look just seems a bit cluttered. I could probably get rid of three of the selections as I don't have a need for them and it annoys me that I cannot see the full squad listing without having to scroll down. It would be nice to have the option to be able to remove some of the 'tiles' and even increase the size of others (if possible) so that you can view exactly what you want.
  4. Currently in the process of attempting this with Gateshead. Won the Conference first season, 12th in League 2 second season, Won League 2 third season and it's now mid November fourth season and I'm 8th in League 1 and 7 points off top. Cautiously optimistic for consecutive promotions.
  5. Yea it's very rare I listen to what they say anyway, I guess he just likes to be a bit more stern than me! I think that's the most injuries I've ever had in a single match, had 8 altogether in my squad a couple weeks before that. It's safe to say I'm trying to invest heavily in some better fitness coaches and physios. I keep forgetting my staff allocation increases with promotion so I've got spaces to spare.
  6. I've just played an FA Cup tie at home to Barnsley and was the favourites to win the match, however I suffered five injuries and managed to salvage a draw in the end. As you can see, my AssMan suggests telling the team "We should be winning these matches....etc", which I assume is down to the fact I was the pre match favourites. To me this seems a little harsh given the circumstances as I would be overjoyed with that result in real life considering I was forced to make three changes before half time, pulling level with 10 men and then holding out for the draw with 9. Surely it would be mor
  7. Just curious as to what peoples views are on the ideal stats for youth coaches. Obviously 'Working with youngsters' is an important one but would you sacrifice this stat over the actual coaching ones. For example, would you choose to sign a coach with Att and Def coaching 18-20 but Working with youngsters 10-12 or prefer a coach with Att and Def coaching 10-12 but working with youngsters 18-20? I assume the working with youngsters stat affects the coaches ability to coach young players but I've noticed alot of coaches with this stat high have lower coaching stats so I didn't know whether th
  8. Hey guys, I'm getting to the point of been in desperate need for a laptop so would really appreciate it if anyone is able to give some advice on these options or any better alternatives! http://www.very.co.uk/toshiba-l10w-b-102-intelreg-pentiumreg-processor-4gb-ram-500gb-hdd-wi-fi-116-inch-touchscreen-2-in-1-laptop-silver/1458174648.prd http://www.very.co.uk/lenovo-flex-2-14-intelreg-coretrade-i3-processor-6gb-ram-1tb-hard-drive-wi-fi-14-inch-hd-touchscreen-2-in--laptop-with-optional-microsoft-office-personal-365/1448897505.prd http://www.very.co.uk/acer-v3-371-intelreg-coretrade-i3-proces
  9. Usually when I offer a player for loan I get multiple bids for him and sometimes 10-15+. Just now I've got a player with 47 offers so I was just wondering is there a way to look down the list of offers, accept certain ones (first team regular offers) and then bulk refuse the rest? I'm sure when I've tried accepting a select few and then 'reject all offers' it just rejects every bid including what I had previously accepted and vice versa for rejecting a few and 'accept all offers', it just accepts all bids. I'm sure it worked fine in previous versions unless I'm just being an idiot with FM15
  10. Anyone know any suitable players who are good with this role? I currently have Lucas Romero doing amazing but haven't really got a solid back up/rotation player. Ruben Neves looks ideal for it but he's just moved to Chelsea so that kinda ruins my chances of getting him. Any suggestions?
  11. During matches I only have commentary playing with the exception of replays for goals. I used to have the 'pitch' tab selected which would show me my squad along with their rating/fitness/etc and when a goal was score it would automatically switch to the 3D match engine and show the goal. I've recently swapped to select the 'overview' tab so that i can see both teams ratings/etc and the rest of the match stats however when a goal is scored these stay on screen whilst the goal replay plays in the background meaning I'm not able to see the replay. Just wondering if anyone has an idea if its po
  12. Well I ended up deleting the save out of frustration and starting fresh so I can't remember the exact dates and stuff. Shall I just repost my original post in the other forum?
  13. And now I've just been sacked. It seems ridiculous that such an average player at a club like Man Utd could have such detrimental effects on the morale of everyone.
  14. So I'm just at the beginning of my second season with Man Utd. During the summer transfer window I sold Nick Powell and the second I did, Rooney and the rest of the squad kicked off that he had been sold. I eased their fears by saying I would strengthen the squad and despite signing Boruc, Fierro, Saul (who can play DC/DMC/CM/CAM) and a few youngsters they still werent happy. All throughout the transfer window 95% of the squad still had 'Slt' over this issue and with the window just closed Rooney kicked off again saying promises hadnt been kept and I had to have a meeting witht he board to a
  15. I'm currently experimenting with a 5-3-2 formation and was just wondering if there was a way to automatically set it up so that two of my CB mark the oppositions striker/strikers whilst the third acts as a covering defender. Would the only way to do this be on the opposition in structions screen before games where I personally select them against the strikers? I've gone into my player instructions and have set two of them to mark tighter already. Cheers!
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