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  1. Ref in the Italy - Spain game was horrific.
  2. A great photo....it even includes a 50 year old Lionel Messi in the background
  3. Where are you pearcey Ipswich? I'm in Norwich and shall be taking the missus out for a lovely valentines night when we play Norwich at Carrow Road on Feb 14th
  4. Like 20 of them against half a football stand?
  5. BBC and have done for as long as I can remember. Bilic has been superb. Pulis tonight was funny for all the wrong reasons. Only thing I don't like about BBC is Lawro but he's still not as bad as some of the ITV co-commentators.
  6. Yeah they banned me from doing offers as I was stupidly only logging in to do that £50 offer on my account and the gf's account (under a different IP). With hindsight I should have logged in and made a few mug bets here and there (back Barca/Real/Man City when playing at home etc) but I'll hopefully get the account back when I move address.
  7. Keegan explains the Hypia and Modric deals here. From 1 min 35 secs Both players would have been absolutely legendary signings for the club as not only are they top players but they are exactly what we needed at that time.
  8. https://twitter.com/KyKyPyKy22/status/742757914490765313?lang=en-gb
  9. Yeah it wasn't the photo that made me laugh but the comment from UEFA. "Inspiring the future of football"
  10. https://twitter.com/UEFA/status/741702856655396865
  11. And from what I heard the French ultras got a hiding.
  12. Money can definitely still be made from this but a lot of the freebets require you to turn them over 3 or 4 times before you can cash out. If your freebet keeps winning at the bookie and not the exchange then you can lose value. Matched betting was a goldmine 10 years ago but the bookies are doing everything they can to reduce your chances,they will also ban you if you log in just to do free bets. I lost the B365 £50 offer which is probably the best offer around.
  13. Woy has also said that he has no problems selecting him even if he is playing in the championship. I think he'll stay purely because of rafa. Any other manager and we would be facing a mass exodus.
  14. It'll be a Warzone in 6 months time after watching what Carver can (can't) do.
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