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  1. It would be great if you can send me updates via PM Thanks again man! You are the best!
  2. I removed one xml (can't remember now which one) and the background was blue with CL logo on the right, so currently I use that one and it looks good, although also font changed and team names are not good looking as you intended to be, but at least it works, so now I can see buttons
  3. I must say that your work is amazing. You gave us such a great skin, although some of the panels might be to big for my 1366x768 resolution on laptop. I guess a lot of people use laptops so making this skin adoptable on lower resolution will be really good. I want also to point one thing. When I play a match and want for example to change tactics, I stop the match, open header, but there is problem, buttons are white and header background colour is also white and also text on buttons (for example Tactics) is also white. Can you tell me how can I change that background colour of a header in a match, or just to change colour of the text? Also, I found that some guy made some larger scoreboard, it really looks great, but I can't implement it into your skin. Can you help me with these issues? P.S. I also needed to revert ttcl and tbcl to get skin working
  4. Thanks a lot for this great addition, but I have a problem not showing the first row in player 'attributes no scroll'
  5. The prices are in euros, but it doesn't change much Anyway, I also signed a lot other players like Andile Jali (1.1M), Ruben Ytergaard Janssen (3.4M), Siyanda Xulu (150k), Ivan Bandalovski (22k) and many more. Sent them to play at Atletico Malagueno and sold all of them at the end of season (Jali for 7M Inter, Janssen 12.75M Liverpool, Xulu 4M Milan, Bandalovski 6.5M Tottenham) and so on, and so on. Also, I got rid of the most malaga players in first transfer window (Julio Baptista 12.5M Inter, Demichelis 8M Zenit, Jesus Gamez 8.5M Valencia) and some of them in January (Toulalan 7.5M Juventus, Mathijsen 4M Anji, Jaoquin 10M to Anji and many more. Also I signed a lot of players from free transfer at the start and sold them in January for nice bunch of money (Hildebrand 2.4M to Real, Pouplin 2.4M to Liverpool, Stevanovic 2.5M at Udinese and lot lot more) and that's why how I get the money to buy all of the players I mentioned. At the end it become pretty boring to play it anymore, so I started now two other adventures, one with Vitesse and 2nd one with Athletic Bilbao which I find that it will be much more interesting to play. P.S. The best player from that bunch for me was Douglas Costa. He scored some superb free kicks and also some superb goals from shoots from distance. He was really amazing for me, playing in role of Advanced Playmaker at AMC!
  6. I just finished (decided to throw it because of lack of motivation) my Malaga campaign after few rounds in 2nd season. I signed Gareth Bale (60M), Gokhan Gonul (14.5M), Cezar Azpilicueta (12.5M), Neymar (66M), Eden Hazard (53M), Mandanda (13M), Giorgio Chiellini (23), Christopher Samba (22.5M), Douglas Costa (13.25M), Willian (9M), Carlos Tevez (23M), Ganso (25M), Alvaro Dominguez (30M), Kara (3.3M), Marouane Fellaini (16.25M). In 2nd season I added Hugo Lloris (49M), Sergio Aguero (45M), Mario Gotze (119M) and Thibaut Curtois (24M). I also bought Yaya Sanogo (2M), Lenny Nangis (2M), Carlos Fierro (650k), Vaclav Kadlec (4.3M), Mario Kovacic (7.4M), Felipe Anderson (6.25M), Jese (2.1M), Lucas Andersen (750k), Laurentiu Branescu (1.1M) and many many more young promising players. So I stuck that I don't need any other player and it become too boring to play it anymore. 1st season I finished 2nd 9 pts behind Barca and 3 pts ahead of Real Madrid, but in 2nd season just after 8 rounds I was 9 points ahead of barca and 6pts ahead of Real. Also beat Barca in Supercopa 8-2 aggregate. So, I bought all that can be bought, also winning by big margins a lot mof matches (trashing Barca as aleready mentioned, 6-0 against Valencia, 7-0 against Granada and similar resultls against other teams), so it becomes pretty boring to play anymore P.S. I bought all of these players on 48 months....
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