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  1. So Napoli in Champs League Qtr Final, won the first leg 0-1 away to home and then this game happens! HYPE! Btw, here is tactic I played after we went man down.
  2. New game, new Gunners save. Decided to disable the first transfer window budget thing to make it a bit more real. I started the season with a 4-2-3-1 wide formation which was not working quite well for me in the first 7 matches where I lost 3. I might have been inpatient as those losses came against Man City, Liverpool and Man Utd, but in those games I won, the attacking force didn't do the job as good as I would have liked them to do. So what I did was to change to my diamond tactic, 4-1-2-1-2 and boy oh boy did it work wonders! First game with the new setup a 4-0 win against WBA and in the next one we battered PSG away 1-5. Lucas and Sanchez have been rotating quite much in the F9 and AF role with Walcott and Giroud coming in from the bench performing well. My mentality is almost always set to control with flexible team shape. Since the day I changed to my new tactic I'm unbeaten in 21 games with only 4 draws and averaging 2.47 goals per game. The defence has also been immense (if I may forget about the 4-4 draw against Sunderland at home) conceding 0.71 goals per game. My backup players have been amazing so far and especially the fullbacks Debuchy (7.76 in 8 games) and Gibbs (7.48 in 12 games). So 17 games away from the first League title in years I'm more than hopeful I'll stay up there until the end as long as the team perform as they're currently doing. The only thing I am wondering now is whether I should buy some star player (Griezmann, Dybala) or not. Everytime I have done so I've always lost interest in the save quicker than if I had just bought some younger players. So I guess I won't do that in January at least. I just brought in Odegaard for 12m and right now I'm considering buying both Kasper Dolberg and Moussa Dembéle. Then some player might have to leave with either Giroud or Lucas most likely as the unlucky fella. I'm just afraid the team morale will break if I try sell one of them.. Also just had a 33m offer from Liverpool in Alex Iwobi. Your thoughts?
  3. Started my 3rd Arsenal save few days ago and did just okay, nothing more. Finished second in the league, got knocked out against Juventus straight after the Group Stage in the Champions League and did not manage to get far in either of the Cup in England. My main transfer target from the beginning was Luis Suárez and he ended up as the topscorer of the Barclays Premier League. There were some players in the team that had to leave as they did not fit into my tactic, playing 4-2-3-1 with 3 AMC's meant that Gervinho (p/EX), Walcott (20m) left the team, I also got rid of Arshavin (7.5m), A.Santos (4.5), Chamakh (6.5m), Giroud (6m) including some leftovers, total of 46.5m. This meant I had to get some players in and here they are: With the transfer of Joe Hart I now clearly have the best pair of Goalkeepers in the game. Isco had a very good season and so did Ba (thinking about selling him if I get an offer of 20m+). Nainggolan also had a decent season and I'm sure Frimpong won't be disapointed after being tutored by him, got his Determination going from 11 to 16 in one season. I sold Gordon for 800k in January because of Hart, I think that's something I won't regret... Here are the players that got the highest avg. rat in the team, was very surprised by Johan Djourou as he came into the starting lineup after I threw Vermaelen into the left back. Surely a great 4th choice in the defence. As I said in the beginning I played 4-2-3-1 without wingers and there I had a midfield combined of Isco, Cazorla and Wilshere, not so bad. Arteta and Nainggolana playing behind them. Suárez was my main striker but it was very hard to leave Ba on the bench as you can see. I did not change anything in Team Instructions as I wanted to try it a little more basic. I started the season with two very disappointing defeats vs. Swansea and Stoke. I really did think about quitting the game and start a new save but decided to give it a try for at least a month. Went on a fine run after that and it wasn't until at the end of the season I screwed it up. 5 losses in 6 games in Feb/March meant that I was out of the FA and the Champions League including a start of a poor run in the League. Man Utd won the title 3 points ahead of me (they also won the Champions League). Not a bad decision for the bloody 'you know who'... The young boys got their chance in the League Cup and I won't judge them too hard for undeservedly losing against Man City's 1st team. I'm pleased with securing the second place in the League but the other competitions were a disappointment. I managed to make it another year without a trophy but I'm sure I won't have to wait long! I'll update again soon!
  4. Just finish my season and I am very disappointed with the end of it! Can't believe how i did not win the league. Premier Division: I was unbeaten until the 23rd game, where I lost to Brann (1-3) at home. 18 shots, 11 on target was not enough to score more goals, and Brann scored 3 goals out of their 4 shots on target. After my first loss it just got worse, with 5 points in my last 5 games I finished 3rd, 5 points behind Våleranga. Abdellaoue was my top goalscorer with 18 goals in 25 games. Thomas Drage managed to get 16 assists in 28 games. Norwegian Cup After beating Harstad, Tangmoen, Skeid & Aalesund I got knocked out against Stabæk in Qtr Final. Euro Cup I thought that I could manage to get to the knockout round but I did not. Olimpija, Iscra, Stoke, Borac all got knocked out easily by my team. My group included Salzburg, Athletic Bilbao & Dnipro. 2-2 agains Athletic at home in the first game and I was satisfied with that result, then I lost against Salzburg at Red Bull Arena in a game where is was the better side. 1-0. Then I got a good win agains Dnipro in Ukraine 1-2. After 3 rounds the group was very tight. 3 teams with 4 points and Dnipro at the bottom with 3. I only managed to get on point in the last 3 games so no Euro Cup glory for Tromso. 19 shots & 11 on target was not enough to score 2 goals in the last game against Salzburg which would have sent me through, 0-1 loss there. Overall I am not happy because I had the league in my hand and also I should have secured a place in the first knockout round in Euro Cup. I have finished some transfers for the next season and here they are: In: Sigurðsson, Kristján Örn (free) Lindpere, Joel (free) Andersen Aase, Torstein (free) Abdellaoue, Mostafa (120k) I let the contract on some player run out and only sold 1 player, William Frantzen for 35k. I am not sure how much I will play for the next days as exams are hitting on me right now but as soon as they are over I will come back here. ps. sorry if my english is bad GOOD LUCK!
  5. After beating Stoke in the 3rd round in Euro Cup I got drawn against Borac from Bosnia & Herzg. I won 3-1 on agg. so I got through to the Group Stage. Very pleased with that success. In my group I have to play Dnipro, Salzburg & Athletic Bilbao. I think I could win Dnipro & Salzburg at home and will need a little bit of luck agains Athletic, looking forward to this! Still unbeaten in the league after 18 games but got knocked out against Stabæk in the Norwegian Cup. My only loss of the season.
  6. Sorry for a double post but.... I didn't expect that performance! Especially with important players out injured!! --- EDIT: Through to the next round!
  7. I am really happy that I've found this thread and all the posts from Liam-Shannon made Tromso very interesting team to manage. We are doing well in the league but we are drawing too many games where we are the much better side. Still unbeatable though. The chairman took advantage of the bid Ajax came in with for Yttergård(£2.7m) in the middle of the season so I decided to bring in Obodai, Anthony & Kargbo, Ibrahim, both for free. We have won our way to the 4th round in the Norwegian Cup where we will play Aalesund. In Europa League we have knocked out Olimpija & Iscra Ríbnita. In the 3rd Qualifying Round we got drawn against Stoke so we will have to do very well if we want to get into the Group Stage. Thomas Drage & Abdellaoue have been my best players so far, Drage (7.50) in 19 games & Abdellaoue (7.42) in 17. EDIT: Some of my starters are getting injured now! First in April Remi got injured for 4 months, now Kara is out for 4-5 weeks so he'll miss both games against Stoke, Magnus Andersen is expected to be out for 3-4 months, and Thomas Holm 4 months..
  8. Thanks Dexter, and yes I'm especially happy because Kara got sent off before ht. I just played Molde away and got my first clean sheet of the season in a 0-1 win. So I can't say I am disappointed with the start of the season!
  9. Hello guys, I was just searching for a new team to play as, until I found this thread. Started as Tromso this morning and I'm loving this even though I'm only 2 games into the season. I didn't make any transfers in the first transfer windows as i felt the current squad was more than capable of being in the title challenge. First game of the season was an away game vs. Stromsgodset which I won 1-3 with goals from Sigurd Rushfeldt & Abdellaoue x2. Solid win there. Next game was the clearly the best game I've played in FM 2012. Home game against Rosenborg where both of my DC's were out injured, so Roland & Rinde came in. I'll try to be active in this thread!
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