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  1. For me the FM20.2.3GOODBYEbalanced4132APDLKnapP102 is the best tactic using Nottingham Forest (first season). Thanks for the great tactic! Don't know why I can't get the 'better tested' tactics to work, but this one at least does. Second for me is FM20NorthernSoulMRHKnap5-3-2P107ECFA Thanks Knap for all you do!
  2. https://community.sigames.com/topic/473760-players-on-international-duty-over-champions-league-final/?tab=comments#comment-11825095 also the training constantly resetting bug: https://community.sigames.com/topic/471222-fm19-players-keep-changing-training-schedule/ Also there are now more and more threads popping up where in long term saves people stop having U-18 teams/youth intakes.. Those are pretty 'game breaking' issues I would think... which would be weird not to fix anymore. You also have the bug of some achievements not unlocking in certain leagues but I guess that could be skipped seeing this game is at the end of lifecycle for you guys
  3. What about the champions league international squad call up bug though?
  4. Looking at the patch notes, I am wondering why it took so much longer than previous years.. Maybe the patch notes are just not up to par? Anyway, will try the new patch and curious how it feels
  5. The problem is that when you are that far into the game it is unclear if its the squad or any other factors that play a role in a long term game. Why not also test the tactic in a 15/16 save?
  6. A good thing? For me and a lot of people it completely takes way the fun from the game. I don't like the tactic part, I loved the teambuilding part. For me a plug and play tactic was not to cheat, but to be able to focus on the things I truly love. Last year I played 615 hours, this year 36 hours. I have been buying and playing the game faithfully from FM 2009 until now. But I am seriously thinking about skipping next year because of the changes that were made on this area.
  7. I dont want to start a whole 1 vs 1 discussion because this is not the place for it. I will respond on you this 1 time and then I will leave it. First of all is it that bad if a predicted date would change? Sorry the patch is out a bit later (at least we know its coming soon). I would not think so. Would it be bad if they released just the bug fixed they have ready on the date and maybe work with smaller patches? Again.. No I dont think so. You are only thinking in negatives when you can also think in positives. More time means a better product, but how you reach the "more time" does not really matter; it can be in smaller increments or it can be in one big bulky patch. It can also be announced and then shifted to another date when its not ready if you need the "more time". Btw the past has shown multiple times that "more time" does not always mean a better product. So yes call me a liar I would prefer 'inferior' smaller patches then the bigger ones; like every other game does. The part about sensibility is purely personal. Yes I want a long term save to be perfect and for me regens and training them, and getting to 'know' them is one of the biggest aspects of the game. If they look weird/similair etc. Yes for me that is stopping me from playing a long term save and everyone might have other reasons to do that. For example there is also a bug in the Dutch leagues which f's up the scheduling so that you suddenly have all the matches on friday instead of saturday, sonday. Someone from SI has said this can only be fixed if you start a new game. What other problems will be there that can only be fixed when you start a new game, and how much will it influence your save game in the long run. Regarding your "because games development", its hard to take such a statement serious so I am not going to respond to that. I am sure you know as little as game development as I do. I do know that other developers handle updates, patches and communication much better than: you will see when its ready". And regarding your last point, I understand that there is not going to be a date and that is what is bothering me.. no date, no indication no communication. And for me that is an issue because it is stopping me from enjoying the full and 'correct' FM experience.
  8. Then that should at least be communicated because I always prefer waiting for the first patch until I start my long term save. If the first patch is the january update, however, that would change my mind. I understand that this years game is much better on launch than it was in the last couple of years, which is obviously great. But communication wise I think SI could still improve. Even for a game like Fallout 4 (which is also a massive simulation just like FM with the accompanying bugs that such simulations cause), they at least communicated when they were going to patch. The fact they did release a patch in the first week is not the point (they have a much bigger team and finances etc.), but why is it so hard for SI to state: we will most likely release a patch in the week of december 7th. Is it purely because they never know when its ready? It is hard for me to believe that. Generally it is very interesting to see how people cope with the Football Manager bugs each year. All the other games the developers of the game get blasted if the game has a lot of bugs/massive bugs on release. For a game like fallout (previous example) its less because people understand the nature of the game and simluation, but the critique is still there. They, however, respond with a bug fix in week 1. While here most people defend SI for not doing anything just because it is less buggy than the previous year. Sure its very playable but things like work permit problems, processing problems, regens with Mohawks make me stop going for at least a long term save (and tbh playing the game at all). Another important question is obviously why year on year on SI is not able to make a mostly bugless game. Is it the complex nature of the game? Is it the yearly release schedule? Is it the size of the team? Is the added number of releases (mobile, touch, full game, in game editor, eastside hockey etc). That is what intrigues me a lot. Just to make sure, yes I love SI, I love the games, I even love the game with all its flaws and bugs (which mostly get ironed out during the year), but why is it so hard to just make a statement so that people at least know what is going on. I am getting sick of checking in each day hoping to see a patch so that I can finally start my true enjoyment with the game. Seeing bugs that are stated to be "under review" does not make it any better, what does it even mean, what is the timespan for it. At least tell us if we are going to have to wait until the winter transfer update. Just.. anything.. come on SI.. you have put such en emphasis on communication, interaction and 'feelings' in the last couple of years, why forget it outside of the game in the real world?
  9. Are you using LFCMarshall's Transfer Update btw? Or any editor data files? Other people with games crashing on a certain date, including with a "cup game" (so totally matching your problem) are saying to make use of his update.
  10. Are you using LFCMarshall's Transfer Update btw? Or any editor data files? Other people with games crashing on a certain date, including with a "cup game" (so totally matching your problem) are saying to make use of his update.
  11. Are you using LFCMarshall's Transfer Update btw? Or any editor data files? Other people with games crashing on a certain date, including with a "cup game" (so totally matching your problem) are saying to make use of his update. If you start a new save while this one is in the freezer, it might be a good idea to use no editor data.
  12. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS I CAN FINALLY PLAY IT NOW WAHEEEEEEEEEE (yes I was waiting for this update ) I guess this is not official feedback, but it seems like you have made all the right fixes!
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