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  1. I played in Portugal for three seasons on the most recent patch and have not noticed any bugs !
  2. Has anyone noticed AI managers staying at clubs waaaaaaaay too long even though they arent winning anything / underperforming? They only leave the club when they either retire or get an offer from a different club. Koeman staying at barca for 10 years while not winning a single league title for example. Very fun for doing a journeyman save where you want to move to bigger clubs which dont become available
  3. For me personally I think it has to be the “ask agent for availability” option. This game really adds a lot of realism to the game because nowadays I think clubs always talk to agents first. And the fact you can interact to see if a player has interest, why they would have interest, what kind of numbers they are thinking of really helps to find new players and quickly decide if they are realistic options and what kind of playing time they would expect. I also had an agent tell me for example: “he just signed a new contract so he currently doesn’t have any interest but be sure to come back if things don’t turn out the way it should.” I think that’s really awesome and adds lots of realism to the game. Maybe in the future you could actually interact even more and convince an agent to do consider your club when an agent states his player doesn’t have any interest to join. What is your “smaller” feature that was introduced with FM 21 that you enjoy the most?
  4. So during my winter transfer period the squad registration date closed on the 31st of january while the transfer window closed on the 2nd of february. This caused me to buy a player before the transfer window closed, but I wasn't able to register him to my squad lol.. I dont think this happened before, im currently in the year 2030!
  5. I have seen that since the latest patch lots of Players in my save decide to pick their second /weird nationality for the national team. For example: this Portuguese wonderkind decided to play for Equatorial Guinea at age 15... I also have this player that picked Andorra over Spain even though having 175+ PA On reddit I have seen more people talking about it, are there any other people experiencing this? Link to the Reddit post talking about weird nationality switches:
  6. Have this bug too even though I won them the league title for the first time in over 20 years !!
  7. Im not managing one of the clubs to its totally random. In 2029 Chelsea is the one the won, so maybe its a prediction for real life too!
  8. Have this too. Made a promise to not have a staff smaller than 44. However when I want to hire more stuff within the places available they cite the same promise saying I can’t hire more staff too. I would have never agreed on this promise if it meant I couldn’t higher any new stuff even though I have lots of spaces left : example I only have 4 trainers and 8 spots but can’t hire anymore until the promise has ended ...
  9. So I’m currently managing at Sporting CP (in Portugal) and they have a B team that plays in the second league. I have noticed that while for my normal staff and u23 and u19 teams I have a staff overview screen which shows actually how much stuff I have and how much places I still have left. However, it seems like for my B team this squad doesn’t exist. I also can’t find any other screen which shows how much stuff im allowed to hire for my B team. Am I missing something? Or is this something that is missing from the game? I know just hire stuff until I get a message from my board I’m not allowed to do it anymore lol
  10. I ended up leaving the club after 6 or 7 (or maybe even more) negotiations about a new contract ended in the same way: they either wanted me to stay on for 5 years or offer me close to 1/3rd of wat I was currently earning if i wanted to stay anywhere below those 5 years... non negtioable. Even though I had 60 million in the bank, 4 million free salary budget and 50 million transfer budget... and I won them the champions league in my second season, they couldnt give me my currently salary of 134k and only wanted to give 60k. Obviously you can just go for the 60K because it doesn't matter anyway... but for my RP journeyman that really didnt feel right. Btw: I also tried having a lower compensation fee percentage in my contract and then siging for 5 years. But when I did that they would also lower the offer to around 60K and I would only get a 40 or 50% lower compensation. So now Im moving on to Sporting CP at portugal lol Even though I absolutely love FM21 and I am having so much fun with my first every journeyman save... this is something (manager-club contract negotiations) that should really be fixed/improved. Clubs are so strict with what they offer and how you can negotiate that. While with players everything is possible...
  11. So I know that you can’t do anything with the money you make in game.. but I do sort of want it to to be realistic (not going for the lowest salary etc.). I’m doing a journeyman so I want to also feel like I’m progressing that way. So here is the deal: when I joined I signed a contract at RB Salzburg for 134K a month (euros). It was a 2 year deal and now I’m in my last year. The club wants to extent the contract and offered me a deal for 188k for 5 years. However, I want to only stay one more year after this so I tweak the deal for a 2 year contract (making it 3 total) instead of a 5 year one. They suddenly drop their offer to 96k. Why would me staying another year cause the club to offer less salary than I’m currently earning? I understand that they reward your loyalty with a higher salary but it should at least be the same I’m earning now. When I then negotiate it back to my currently salary they instantly cancel the talks. In real life they would easily go for the additional year but in game I now have two options: signing for more years which I don’t want or signing for one additional year against much lower salary which I don’t want for RP reasons. So now I will probably just leave the club after two years instead of 3 lol. But maybe they get more desperate towards the end of my current deal ;-) But for a football manager game.. the fact you can’t pay for your own coaching badges and things like this part of the game is pretty weak compared to so much of the other stuff. Also the fact that as a manager you can’t talk to your fans about leaving, can’t talk to the board about wanting to move to another club, talking about wanting to stay for one more year, working with contract extension clauses for your own contract. Like before I went to another club 4 days before the end of the contracts and the fans got angry at me for abandoning the club... why can’t I talk back to stuff like that?
  12. I have this bug too, does anyone know if its purely a text bug or if there are consequences to a league not completing and showing that message? Im in the year 2028 now and it has shown it for the french league since the start of my save!
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