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  1. Have this bug too even though I won them the league title for the first time in over 20 years !!
  2. Im not managing one of the clubs to its totally random. In 2029 Chelsea is the one the won, so maybe its a prediction for real life too!
  3. Have this too. Made a promise to not have a staff smaller than 44. However when I want to hire more stuff within the places available they cite the same promise saying I can’t hire more staff too. I would have never agreed on this promise if it meant I couldn’t higher any new stuff even though I have lots of spaces left : example I only have 4 trainers and 8 spots but can’t hire anymore until the promise has ended ...
  4. So I’m currently managing at Sporting CP (in Portugal) and they have a B team that plays in the second league. I have noticed that while for my normal staff and u23 and u19 teams I have a staff overview screen which shows actually how much stuff I have and how much places I still have left. However, it seems like for my B team this squad doesn’t exist. I also can’t find any other screen which shows how much stuff im allowed to hire for my B team. Am I missing something? Or is this something that is missing from the game? I know just hire stuff until I get a message from my board I’m not a
  5. I ended up leaving the club after 6 or 7 (or maybe even more) negotiations about a new contract ended in the same way: they either wanted me to stay on for 5 years or offer me close to 1/3rd of wat I was currently earning if i wanted to stay anywhere below those 5 years... non negtioable. Even though I had 60 million in the bank, 4 million free salary budget and 50 million transfer budget... and I won them the champions league in my second season, they couldnt give me my currently salary of 134k and only wanted to give 60k. Obviously you can just go for the 60K because it doesn't matter anyway
  6. So I know that you can’t do anything with the money you make in game.. but I do sort of want it to to be realistic (not going for the lowest salary etc.). I’m doing a journeyman so I want to also feel like I’m progressing that way. So here is the deal: when I joined I signed a contract at RB Salzburg for 134K a month (euros). It was a 2 year deal and now I’m in my last year. The club wants to extent the contract and offered me a deal for 188k for 5 years. However, I want to only stay one more year after this so I tweak the deal for a 2 year contract (making it 3 total) instead of a 5 yea
  7. I have this bug too, does anyone know if its purely a text bug or if there are consequences to a league not completing and showing that message? Im in the year 2028 now and it has shown it for the french league since the start of my save!
  8. For me this has been the best FM in years. It just feels like it’s in a sweet spot feature wise and besides obviously the graphical side of the ME, I wouldn’t change a thing. Has been quite a few FMs ago since I truly had that feeling. So on the one hand I’m excited for FM 22 and on the other hand maybe more scared because every year things will be changed and that might take it out of the sweet spot it’s in now ! The fun is also caused by my first journeyman save which you can read about here:
  9. So after years of watching Loki Doki (who has done a journeyman the previous years) I thought I would try it for myself. Normally I would just pick a one club save and after 3/4 years I would have totally lost interest, often winning it all. I had one longer run starting in the vanarama south in England but for me after a while it feels like a drag. In the end I guess building a club / team and starting “from scratch” so to speak is what I like best. And with a journeyman save you get to experience that new thrill every time you join a new club. Also it’s such an amazing feeling to g
  10. Thanks for your response and for the fact you guys are trying stuff to make it better. But i think that for now its best to revert to the old restrictions because have too much dutch players is better than how it is now... i guess because the league itself doesnt have any EU/Dutch player restrictions you can easily get things out of hand... so maybe some clubs should it as a club vision to prefer local players? Just trying to think with you guys here but its probably not as easy to fix it.. Btw it doesnt seem to happen only in the eredivisie it seems to happen in the keuken kampien divi
  11. I’ve seen this on my save now too which wasn’t started on this patch but on the last; most Dutch clubs have 5 Dutch players at the most... really ruins the experience lol
  12. So this might not be a bug but I have noticed that multiple of my players when they had internet in multiple clubs, they seemed to have a preference for Hertha BSC even though Bayern is still “the big one” in Germany in my save. so one specific example: a player of mine had interest from 24 clubs including some of the biggest in the world. He stated that had he the biggest interest in a move to Hertha, also interest (but less) in a move to Real Madrid (which is already quite strange) and no interest in the other 22 (as stated with some of the biggest clubs in there). I would hon
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