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  1. SYMPATHY FOR THE DEVIL 4132 P102 this new Tactic is just amazing for me!
  2. how would u tweak wbr/l after the new patch 1320/1? I have good resulst with the first tatic, just the way wbr/l playing is not what i like they shoot too often:1.they will dribble from behind to front of penalty area, then shoot widely...2.they will cut in from goal line and never choose to cross but to shoot even there's no angle at all
  3. if everyone can use proper shouts combo for the desired result, everyone will be master of the match:lol:
  4. i started a new save with man utd, exactly the same tactic as Mr hough,and i copy his shouts..i won the first 7 games in league, and so far conceded 0... i only conceded 1 against Ajax away in champion league,and i won 3:1 every time i found my team wass losing control and might be conceded i shout 'Pressure the Opposition ', then i can control the match again.normally i use play like barca, and if i'm controling match but no goal i will shout 'play some wing'. i don't goal too many in every match but it's feeling great. next step i will try my own tactic, and find my own shout combo
  5. do i need to switch to different shouts combo due to situations my team is facing in the match?
  6. I tried TC in 2012, for a very short time...and rarely used any shouts, will try it again...
  7. glad to see u telling your customers:u should play like this, it's more fun;u shouldn't play like that!
  8. what i'm afraid is next patch is shown up earlier...where r u Mr. Hough?
  9. valencia can play wbr, u can change bale with nani, and change ramsey with young, it's all free....
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