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  1. Just spent 2 hours reading the whole thing, awesome job, dude! how is keymer & hassocks doing ? and is there any good chilean player in England ?
  2. sheldonwea

    [Enter title in the space provided]

    Sad to see that the Cambodian save couldn't go anymore, but will be following this one, i have one question, you use instant result a lot, right ?, if that's so you use some kind of tactics that works better that way instead of using the tactics you could use playing the match yourself?
  3. Hello, i wanted to ask if there is any way to get regens with a certain second nationality, for example i want to play with a chilean team, but want to get some players with a german second nationality, not everyone but arround 5/6 from every intake, sorry if my english is not that good, thanks in advance
  4. sheldonwea

    FM 2017 Fantasy Draft Leagues - All Welcome

    Add me for this friday http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198050458104/ what GMT is that hour ?
  5. sheldonwea

    The Grand Tour from A-Z - I can't do club monogamy!

    I think you could skip Argentina and leave it as the last country of letter A
  6. I don't know why, but it is working now, great work!
  7. sheldonwea

    This is madness! Keymer & Hassocks YA

    Great challenge, i'll be waiting for further uptades, just a question, what about re-signing former players developed by your team ?
  8. sheldonwea

    FM16 : Tycoon Saves

    is there a way to search for teams who get takeover or what? how you know which teams are getting it
  9. Awesome work with this team, i'm planning on doing something like this, hope you get pro soon, i just want to ask you something, maybe you already answered somewhere, but why you put those nicknames to players? like YP3a and so on
  10. sheldonwea

    Making Gibraltar qualifies to World Cup

    Yes the have play in the EURO quals ,but not in the WC quals
  11. sheldonwea

    Making Gibraltar qualifies to World Cup

    What could be the easier way then?, maybe get a european nation out of FIFA?
  12. Hello, i would like to know what i have to do to make Gibraltar able to qualify to WC, i affiliate them to FIFA, and they got a ranking and everything, but they haven't play any world cup qualifiers match in 8 years that i simulated, what else i have to do to make them play the qualifiers
  13. claassen there is a problem with the OCL and Melanesian cup and the Cook Islands league, they can't work together, i have all oceanic leagues you made plus the OCL and Melanesian super cup http://vvcap.net/db/KuxjSGHPcTeSsb2ECzw2.htp EDIT: re-downloaded the files, probably because the 16.2 patch, and now works, thank you for you great work, keep it up!