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  1. not sure it does, licensing issues i think, i could be wrong, but i think i tried it 2 years ago but got that answer
  2. Hi guys, doing really well in my save, basically winning alot of cups, gaining promotions etc, been approached by Spain after World cup 2026 accepted job, but how do i switch from club profile to Spain profile? i want to set up my staff etc and tactics for national team?
  3. hope he does start, i can see good things happening, no better way to start than a competetive game aginst minnows rather than a meaningless friendly againt hard tackling Italians
  4. Is it really a debate whether Kane should start ffs jesus are the 33% on Sky that are saying no Arsenal fans? ridiculous best striker in the country atm
  5. finished 13th in my 1st season in the Bundesliga with Kaiserslautern which was a tremendous achievement as we were heavy favourites to go down, i've now earned £20 million in prize money, my balance has gone from £1,363,000 to £21,363,000 so next season i can really imrpve the team and aim for Euro Cup, although i will be telling the board midtable!
  6. my not being able to really imrpove the team since Division 3 is really showing now in my results, currently 15th in Bundesliga 1 place above relegation play-off the good news is if i do manage to survive i get atleast £20million in prize money, which should lead to a slightly larger wage budget, not too bother about transfer budget atm as i can sign a fair few free agents that should be alot better gonna be tough, counter is no longer working away, control at home is having mixed results, obviously Bayern and Dortmund are just making me look silly at times
  7. yeah you are probably right, i cant win away now using counter but only because on paper i'm the worst team in this divison, so surviving is key lost 7-0 at Bayern
  8. when a board expects midtable, out of 18 teams what is the lowest that is allowed for midtable? 12th ?
  9. badly for me i got offered a £1 million pound transfer budget and a 210k per week wage budget, for Bundesliga this was very low and i went into the season buying 1 player and loaning in 4 better than average players, keeping my main squad from Division 2 i was a massive 1000-1 to win the League this time, so i agreed with the board to avoid relegation and build for the future after 5 games here is the record Won 3 Lost 2 9 points from 15 is a brilliant return for my squad, i have a feeling relegation won't be an issue, and the higher i finish the more prize money i recieve so here's hoping for a top half finish!
  10. are Kaiserslautern considered a big club in Germany? as i see large stadium and always average 30,000 fans or more? even in division 3? Bayern Munich and Dortmund are big but where do Kaiserslautern rank in terms of historic trophies and fanbase? or can anyone tell me their opinions of the top 5 German big clubs?
  11. taken them over in 2023/24 season in 19th place in German Division 3, 3 seasons later we are midtable Bundesliga!! really good squad foundation atm, build up my junior coaching and youth recruitment, as my philosphy is to bring youth players into the 1st team good news is we beat Karlsruhe 4-1 at home
  12. Rosler, what if i changed the role of AF to Poacher do you think this will have a bigger effect on results, i'm asking this as i have a brilliant poacher on loan from a top Italian team but i can't fit him into any role atm?
  13. yeah, i only changed because i drew something like 7 away in a row, it's working for me it probably won't for others, i think the roles are very important Box to Box midfielder and Deep Lying playmaker being key for me
  14. see what you are creating upto the 70th minute and if it's 0-0 still like in many of my away games, simply do this, switch to control and use passionate shout "get creative" i then win alot of games 1-0 as you can see in my fixtures once 1-0 up switch back to counter and use "concentrate"
  15. when i was single i used to watch football on tv and play football manager on my laptop now i'm not single and have a desktop setup in my living room, i simply use this line "i will play Football Manager 2015, whilst you watch soaps" luckily for me now soaps are quite often although when the soaps end i usually play for another 2 or 3 hours
  16. http://i.imgur.com/MYpWxHw.png my results in here from Division 2 using the tactic pay little attention to the last 3 results, i'd won the league with ease by then and decided to reward all my hot prospects with a run of games, we only lost narrowly too
  17. just trying to produce an image of my final results and league position the odd thing is though when i do normal screenshots, even the steam f12 option, it's taking no screenshots, i have fm15 on full window mode i also can't locate a screenshots folder throughout my documents or on steam? is this something that creates itself once you have a screenshot? and no foreign characters or any 3rd party skins or editors
  18. yeah, it's easy to get disheartened from a bad run and lose interest loving it atm, perfect balance between success and heartbreak best moment so far was losing 1-0 at Half-time in the Belgium cup and coming back to win 4-2 my 1st major trophy of this save, always a great feeling increasing your reputation
  19. Dave Hockaday at Leeds? from Forest Green to Leeds i laugh because i'm a Leeds fan
  20. no respectible club would give you a job with those qualifications this isn't Leeds Utd and Dave Hockaday i'd seriously suggest aiming for Conference North and South and hoping for the best
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