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  1. watched a few snooker things about Ronnie last night he is exciting but man has he had some bizarre events, seen the Hendry forfeit and interview (fair play to Hendry not getting too deep into it) also seen this match against someone called Alain Robidoux, where the clown played on despite needing about 8 snookers , Ronnie was deliberately missing pots too
  2. let's compare Ronnies 5 min 20 seconds to Cliffs 18 mins pretty much shows you the difference in speed how slow was Davis? i can imagine he wanted to take his time tbf
  3. last night whilst it's snooker mood season, i was watching a host of 147's on youtube Ronnies 147 in 5 mins 20 seconds was absolutely incredible, i also watch Cliff Bore Thorburn record the 1st ever at the crucible out of interest who got the first broadcast 147? can't be Cliff surely?
  4. has anyone played Dark Souls series and Bloodborne that can tell me if they are practically the same difficulty or one is harder Dark Souls was just right for me , hopefully Bloodborne isn't harder
  5. Battlefield are even worse, when they release a game, the DLC is practically made , making you wonder why they can't include it in the full game DLC is a massive cash cow now, sometimes too much, makes me sick
  6. Mark Selby is a complete an utter bore
  7. thanks, i checked the schedule but it only had todays
  8. when is Ronnie on again guys? i used to follow snooker ritually, when Jimmy White, Ronnie, Hendry and Higgins and co were all at the top (well Jimmy was declining but still moments of brilliance) lately though i only watch ronnies match and the final, the current bunch of stars bore me to death Tony Drago too, remmeber him, what a legend
  9. If i'm enjoying 7 days to die Early Access alpha will i like Dayz? seems like the same game but dayz seems to be graphically better and bigger? love 7 days to die, getting better and better now, built a house with a large moat area filled with spikes
  10. It's all about Witcher 3 guys!!!! just gotta put another 60 odd hours into Pillars of Eternity first
  11. cheers had mine since launch but only recently started doing it
  12. does anyones PS4 randomly eject discs? mines done it twice since last update, i'm starting to get worried, the disc won't go back in unless i restart PS?
  13. just started playing 7 days to die Early Access alpha 11 - It's one of those survival multiplayer open world zombie apocalpyse games gotta say i'm loving it, bit steep to get into at 1st glance but now i've worked out how to make wooden huts i can survive more than 1 day i've built my 1st crossbow too, upgraded from a bow, so i've gone all Daryl from Walking dead
  14. big learning curve early on, but it's a classic Baldurs gate type RPG superb imo, although i've only played 8 hours so far i'm still getting to grips with the battles your party or team is very important, you need a balance of ranged and melee
  15. Veteran, should probably try the next one, i think it's all star after?
  16. yeah they are good at pitching online, you need to have a balance between not swinging and swinging they look for the corners, but alot of times they aren't worth swinging on, and sometimes you get a cheeky ball count when it was clearly in i'm 8 -22 on Dynasty just got Cespedes and Michael Wacha to make it a little easier now
  17. batting is easy really, just wait for fastballs and swing when the ball is on the plate, i also use guess pitch then you get a noise that tells you it's a fastball i never swing on curveballs, i've got a very good eye for spotting a curveball right off the mound
  18. my head to head record on Dynamic Dynasty is 5-13 damn them Americans love their ball, some are very tough
  19. so Boomerang sent me The Order 1886................ interesting, i completely forgot about this game, but Linear games tend to be hit and miss...... Dying Light was superb guess you can't go wrong though, if i hate it , it goes back instantly and hopefully Bloodborne comes next or Final Fantasy HD Type 0 too many games so little time.... then the massive Witcher 3 arrives
  20. how long has dynamic Dynasty mode been in MLB the show? just started it and it's like ultimate team, my opening pack was terrible though with only Richard Carpenter and Jose Molina any good, after my 1st game i lost 10-2 vs some guy in America (which will probably be alot) i then gained another player, MIGUEL CABRERA!!!! yes man, not sure i was lucky but man what a starting player to have Ginnybob do you play Dynasty ?
  21. it's a learning curve in the 1st 5 hours, i died alot early on
  22. never once crashed on me , what mode are you playing?>
  23. some of the Double A names are hilarious
  24. tbf most of the kids on WAterloo Road act like Zombies
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