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  1. seems normal that, to add to this though i've had 6 injuries in a game before , 4 from AI team and 2 reds on mine
  2. when i was at Port Vale i had a terrible pitch, i thought it was that but i relaid it but still same issues next season maybe some players are just unluckier on FM than others i say unluckier but it still hasn't stopped me getting Blackpool to 5th in PL, so maybe not haha
  3. anyway, i've mentioned it before, i don't wanna keep getting into it because it isn't a game breaker there's enough evidence through this thread that alot of people are experiencing an increase in injuries and alot aren't, so let's just leave it at that.
  4. i've played 4 seasons since patch 15.3 at 2 different clubs Port Vale and Blackpool i'm getting injuries in training, on international duty and in ME (sometimes 2 in ME, not including knocks) look i can deal with injuries what i can't deal with is when you get so many you can't even fill a bench up! a 25 man squad and currently i've got 9 players injured, 2 long term
  5. i'm not saying they've changed it but , has it occured to anyone that maybe a fix they have done to something has brought up another accidental problem?
  6. right so what am i doing differently to 15.2.1? show me an option where i can say to my players, take it easy don't get injured, i can't, i've tried all sorts of training and rotation and tactics nothing stops the injury crisis, so where are my options to stop injuries? but yeah nothing has changed just everyone is having a phase that nobody was having in 15.2, i've played about 25 in game seasons with roughly 5 or 6 different sets of players and teams in the previous patch and didn't have this myth phase
  7. say whatever you like something has definately changed the injury rate, can you read, i said i've changed it to light training, meaning i've tried other training, same thing it has changed since 15.2.1 get over it, maybe not deliberately but something has added to the rate, all i see on my inbox every process is a physio report, are you trying to tell me it's normal?
  8. mine too, it's the only thing wrong with this patch, i've been told it's just a phase but it isn't 4 ingame seasons now same issues training is fine, i've changed it to light training and still same old things, 2 injuries per game, 2 injuries per week, 2 long term injuries per season 15.2.1 a few injuries but at a normal level
  9. I'm pretty sure i was able to pre-select what update i wanted in past FM? unless it was just player databases? if so i'm wrong i guess i didn't think the support thing through enough, sorry i will re-iterate though it doesn't matter to me as i like 15.3, apart from the injuries which do seem extreme at times, sometimes it's like the ME waits for you to make all 3 subs then decides here's an injury for you to enjoy the final 20 minutes in game time at 1-1 or 1-0 down i know thats not the case as the ME would have to be very evil
  10. not that i have a problem now with 15.3 but surely in future allowing the use of any update to ME isn't a big deal to SI, selecting the version pre-game would please everyone involved by simply saying no, surely you realise you are alienating more and more people every year, it's alright saying "you have a choice to buy the game or try the demo", but eventually that might lead to low numbers revenue wise and making you struggle to make future updates of the games? Steam used to allow you to choose which version you wanted so why isn't it now possible?
  11. one thing i've never understood is why SI always releases 1 skin, and in recent releases has always been a god awful bright skin in light shades, meaning people like me that have sensitive eyes have had to wait for darker skins to be available from 3rd party why not release 1 light skin and one dark skin? it can't be that difficult surely? this years default was ok mind, but last years was awful and giving me headaches
  12. loving this now on 15.3, all my previous issues are sorted, i'm getting injuries but to what i consider a normal level, like 2 or 3 players out at a time (i guess that's sort of like real football) i do think there is a problem though with player unhappiness due to not playing, at first i thought maybe it's a small issue, but now if i play a key player for 20 games but then decide to give him a 2 game rest for more important fixtures, after the 2nd game he complains, i try to explain he is an important first teamer but he accepts this, i then play him like i planned to all along and some play
  13. seems to be, in a few games i've noticed the Ai has made all 3 subs but then had to play with 9 men due to 2 late injuries i barely go a game now without an injury
  14. as i said earlier i was finding it difficult to get a tactic going for me like in 15.2.1, after 1 and a half seasons game time i've finally found a tactic working for my current squad, i can enjoy the game again now however as said in this thread before, injuries do seem a bit OTT, i finish pre-season and then all of a sudden 5 players are out for 2 months? i'm not an idiot though and i am looking into my training regime and seeing if that's the cause, but it is the same training before the update and i barely got many injuries, i expect injuries we all do but they do seem a little bit extre
  15. i don't really want help, i get much more satisfaction from being my own coach, i'm just at a loss, i've tried alot of formations and roles etc and nothing is working, i will keep trying until i'm sacked, which judging on current form won't be long i'm usually good at tactics and roles but this version has me stumped, keep trying the drawing board though, i've build a rep up so i should get a decent job after this anyway
  16. cheers mate, although i have no hope, like you before patch my team was insanely good, after patch they turned to absolute ***** instantly i have no motivation to start again
  17. sad times isn't it pal, sadly no system restore won't help as it's a file, iirc system restore only changes software unless i'm wrong and i hope i am as i will be instantly doing it
  18. 10 me now, i expect little niggles but all 10 are 4-6 weeks or more, i mean come on
  19. that's a shame then, it's game over from me unless a hotfix comes out too many injuries (it isn't a phase i have 7 out at this moment in time, 4 from 1 game and it's been happening for 3 months in game time, since the patch surprisingly) stupid animations, goalkeeper is hilarious at most times players asking for 1st team football too many times despite being new youth academy players and players set to backup in a contract they agreed too can't win a game, and i mean not a single game, despite having tactics in all previous fm working, i just can't figure this one out, it's like my squad a
  20. my youth players say it all the time, despite just being put into the youth academy, they are set as youth players or hot prospects, not sure what to do other than ignore them seriously thinking of re-installing and manually putting in 15.2.1 there must be some way of doing it ffs
  21. no i agree, it's just frustrating knowing what my team can do, but i'm still gonna be ok, Port Vale wanted me to avoid relegation so to still finish 8th is great, i'm determined to try more and i've posted in tactics for advice
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