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  1. sad times isn't it pal, sadly no system restore won't help as it's a file, iirc system restore only changes software unless i'm wrong and i hope i am as i will be instantly doing it
  2. 10 me now, i expect little niggles but all 10 are 4-6 weeks or more, i mean come on
  3. that's a shame then, it's game over from me unless a hotfix comes out too many injuries (it isn't a phase i have 7 out at this moment in time, 4 from 1 game and it's been happening for 3 months in game time, since the patch surprisingly) stupid animations, goalkeeper is hilarious at most times players asking for 1st team football too many times despite being new youth academy players and players set to backup in a contract they agreed too can't win a game, and i mean not a single game, despite having tactics in all previous fm working, i just can't figure this one out, it's like my squad are automatically set to lose or draw every game despite being top in 15.2.1, i've now tried about 7 tactics all involving different formations, roles and team instructions, nothing works for me players that have been here for years are now saying they can't gel into this team, this is my favourite out of everything training everyone now seems to complain about training any chance next year SI we can have a roll back on patches? i can't see how difficult that would be? 15.2.1 was great except a few minor things, sadly it looks like too much has been changed as everything is now over the top
  4. my youth players say it all the time, despite just being put into the youth academy, they are set as youth players or hot prospects, not sure what to do other than ignore them seriously thinking of re-installing and manually putting in 15.2.1 there must be some way of doing it ffs
  5. ok so i've been using a 4-2-3-1 playing with short passing and into space, playing high tempo with taking more risks, closing down more and running at defence and work ball into box i'm trying to achieve a very fluid attacking passing team am i doing something majorly wrong with this set up? it seems to work slightly better at home than away, i would like it to work both home and away even if i need to adjust it for away
  6. no i agree, it's just frustrating knowing what my team can do, but i'm still gonna be ok, Port Vale wanted me to avoid relegation so to still finish 8th is great, i'm determined to try more and i've posted in tactics for advice
  7. wanna swap accounts haha, i loved 15.2.1 hating 15.3 although i'm not saying you will
  8. has anyone got a good 15.3 tactic, in 15.2.1 my tactics home and away were working brilliantly for Port Vale from league 2 to top of the championship in 5 years, since 15.3 same players and tactic are horrendous i've tried multiple new tactics but i can't find a winning formulae any ideas or advice? i like playing attacking football with wingers
  9. my post is more in anger, SI i know you do a great job i'm just so frustrated as i love 15.2.1 and there's no way to get back to it, i'm gonna keep trying new tactics and squad rotation but i hold no hope for this save anymore, i build this Port Vale team up from 23rd position in League 2 to the top of the championship in 5 seasons, it wasn't easy then but it's now impossible
  10. so i took your advice yesterday, i've tried 3 tactics all completely different to each other, and in everyone (over testing of atleast 6 games each) the same thing happens, my keeper and i have tried others do the exact same thing, drop the ball from any kind of long range shot and let an attacker tap it in whilst they prance about looking like the walking dead 3 tactics, one very attacking, one very defensive and 1 with a slow tempo and patient build up? is it still my tactics, before the update 15.2.1 Port Vale position 1st played 24 won 18 drew 4 lost 2 since 15.3 played 19 won 3 drew 6 lost 10 down to 8th position game is broken for me and i doubt i can get back into it now yesterday i was told to lower tempo as i was always offside and having goals disallowed everytime it was an important goal eg (goal equalisier or goal winner) never was it when the game was 3-0 or more, yet with a lower tempo it's still happening, it happens when i try short passing into space or direct passing to feet, everything! so it seems that no matter what i do with this former excellent team, there is no tactic that will stop my keeper acting like a prat or stoping my attackers from getting goals disallowed
  11. atleast your usually reliable goalkeeper doesn't drop a 20 yard shot every game and let an attacker tap it in whilst he spins like a ballerina on the spot
  12. i appreciate the help but i don't like it at all, how can my keeper go from conceding very little in 15.2.1 to dropping balls and letting attackers tap it in when his handling is 18?, what tactic can i use to tell him to catch the ball? like in 15.2.1
  13. i'm losing 1 nil or 2 nil but getting 3 goals ruled offside most games and hitting the woodwork 3 times or more, it's obviously not the tactics just the new update
  14. anyway to roll back to 15.2.1 my awesome team has now turned to absolute crap from winning 3 nil and 3-1 to losing 1-0 and 2-0 every game i don't like this ME at all, please help
  15. yeah the title is slightly misleading, i meant starting out unemployed with sunday league rep and building your way up to a top club, i have no problem managing a top club well guys, in my 1st season in league 1 i got Port Vale to 8th place, missing out on the play-offs by 4 points, but i did win the JPT beating Millwall in the final 3-1 that summer my beloved Leeds Utd approached me, they had just got relegated to League 1 and i couldn't refuse them, practically putting in the media interview "it was my dream job" anyway, Leeds clearly are a power house in League 1 so i've been obviously asked to achieve promotion, and have the largest budget i've had so far wwith some very good players already in my squad iI've managed to overachieve as an underdog now i have to do it all with a team that will be hot favourites
  16. i did it i got Port Vale promoted in 3 seasons from 23rd position to league champions, i've now been offered medium sized club jobs all over the place, thinking of going for Real Betis in Spanish Segunda although apart of me wants to continue the Port Vale journey to the Championship and beyond, i made myself an affiliate with Liverpool and loaned in 4 exceptional youth players that all played over 7.2 average, hoping i can gain them for a 2nd season too
  17. i'm currently top after 16 games - 6 points clear been offered the Birmingham job but declined, have a feeling this is the season i go up to League 1
  18. 2021/22 update Port Vale i've finished 4th missing out on auto by 2 points, the more gutting news is i got to the play-off finals and lost 2-1 to Wycombe 2022/23 season will see me taking Port Vale to the next level, i'm gonna keep most of the team that got me to 4th but strengthen in other areas, determined to finish 3rd or above!
  19. well guys it's good to see many others enjoying the starting at the bottom route update 2021/22 season, took over Port Vale in february 2021 23rd position, by the end of the season we finished 16th after a rocky pre-season (all be it against tougher teams for a test) we drew 1 and lost 5, we drew 2-2 with Arsenal u21 and lost to liverpool, Leeds, Chelsea, Stoke and Birmingham after 9 games i am currently 4th in League 2 Won 5 drawn 2 lost 2 i had a major clearout and brought in my new squad over the summer, getting rid of high earners and bringing journeymen freebies in
  20. Does anyone like me, start off unemployed to see what they can achieve with the smaller less fortunate clubs, building your coaching badges and gradually rising to the top, even with the same club you started of with? I've just managed to get the Port Vale job in 2020/21, they were 23rd in League 2, i started out as a very poor tracksuit manager with Harrogate Town in the Vanarama North, after 3 seasons with them i finally managed to get them promoted to the Conference where i was then saying my goodbyes and working up the ladder, i ended up taking the Grimsby job, it took me 3 seasons to win the league, i then had a successful 5 months of the 20/21 season with Grimsby in League 2 getting to as high as 12th, but decided to help Port Vale out, as it seemed a reasonable challenge with a much bigger budget currently 4 games in i've lost 2 and won 2, creeping up 1 place to 22nd anyone else like these kind of games instead of taking the easier route with a top club?
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