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  1. Correct, the question is, what causes some to suffer far more than the average while others don't.

    Is it just bad luck possibly combined with doing something wrong?

    Is it an unfortunate mix of players and or training and tactics?

    Impossible to tell without analysing every save.

    If you suffer the problem you can either start again in the hope it was a rogue save or keep trying different mixes of training/tactics after weeding out any obviously injury prone disaster players (like the one in my other thread) to see if you can actually overcome the problem.

    can i just add to this, without moaning, SI are claiming they haven't changed the injury rate, however in 15.2.1 i had same tactics and same coaches , training etc as 15.3, surely if something hasn't changed why would i now be doing something wrong if there wasn't previously a problem with injuries?

    has the ME changed to be more harsh on players?

  2. From my experience international managers don't know how to look after players. Whenever there's friendlies I set my key players to only play 45 mins. You should also look into the types of injuries you're getting and see if you can prevent them. You only have 2 long term injuries, that's not that bad. :D

    when i was at Port Vale i had a terrible pitch, i thought it was that but i relaid it but still same issues next season

    maybe some players are just unluckier on FM than others :D

    i say unluckier but it still hasn't stopped me getting Blackpool to 5th in PL, so maybe not haha

  3. How many games have you played on 15.3 and how many injuries are you getting? Where are your injuries occuring? In training or during matches?

    i've played 4 seasons since patch 15.3 at 2 different clubs Port Vale and Blackpool

    i'm getting injuries in training, on international duty and in ME (sometimes 2 in ME, not including knocks)

    look i can deal with injuries what i can't deal with is when you get so many you can't even fill a bench up! a 25 man squad and currently i've got 9 players injured, 2 long term

  4. If SI had changed the injury rate they would have said like everytime they've changed it in the past.

    Injuries happen and are one of the things you have to deal with as a manager, it doesn't mean you have to like them but it also doesn't mean its a bug.

    I suggest you play a season, record every injury your first team squad suffers and then post the results for us all to see.

    i'm not saying they've changed it but , has it occured to anyone that maybe a fix they have done to something has brought up another accidental problem?

  5. Yes, it's normal. If you're getting a lot of injuries, you're probably not looking after your players properly.

    right so what am i doing differently to 15.2.1?

    show me an option where i can say to my players, take it easy don't get injured, i can't, i've tried all sorts of training and rotation and tactics nothing stops the injury crisis, so where are my options to stop injuries?

    but yeah nothing has changed just everyone is having a phase that nobody was having in 15.2, i've played about 25 in game seasons with roughly 5 or 6 different sets of players and teams in the previous patch and didn't have this myth phase

  6. Are you having trouble reading?

    There is no hike in injuries, they haven't changed at all.

    Why change to light training?

    It does you no favours and possibly adds to your injury issues.

    say whatever you like something has definately changed the injury rate, can you read, i said i've changed it to light training, meaning i've tried other training, same thing

    it has changed since 15.2.1 get over it, maybe not deliberately but something has added to the rate, all i see on my inbox every process is a physio report, are you trying to tell me it's normal?

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