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  1. Played as Harrowgate on Classic. I read the link and it is interesting though there are some parts where I understand what the author said but could not be so sure on how to assess my situation to fit in with the example that he had. Still thinking on how to proceed with the game. I might continue til I get fired or restart a save as harrowgate.
  2. Played 3 matches and lost. I don't know what is wrong. First game I got like 3-4 then I got 2-3 and 1-2. I still have to rethink my tactics and really regret my purchase decision for my ML and GK. I will see how things go tomorrow. I am feeling a bit disappointed but I will see if I get fired and then try to dive in another club or have a new game. I reckon it is better to really roleplay and think that I am a real manager and don't think much about outsmarting the AI as another poster have said. It is pretty hard for me to identify what is wrong and try to fix it. I think I will refrain from reading in depth tactics guide before i finish Inverting the Pyramid.
  3. It never occurred to me to check the injury history to determine whether the player is prone or not. I will have my first game now before bed and see how things go. I think I only got towards the half of the season before in FM13 and I only play as the smaller teams as I reckon being on the top leagues have high expectations and the need to have more knowledge on tactics as you will be fighting against really good players. I kind of want to work my way from Skrill N/S to the premier league before jumping to other countries. If you got some tips like the injury history or something I must have overlooked or never thought about using, please tell me as I reckon it would be easier if I just know where to look the information that i would need.
  4. Thanks for the link. I have to agree that yes, it is what is happening to me. I read and read and read guides upon guides about stuff and I feel like I still know nothing about it. I reckon I made progress now by getting what I think are quality players that are within my reach with my very small budget. I also start to see that most of my players have high performance ratings in their friendly games so far and I am starting to win. I feel more and more happy about each goal that I get and the team seems to play like a real team now. I am about to start my first season and I only managed to sink in a couple of hours before bedtime due to my busy schedule and will be more busy once university starts again. So far, the obvious blunders that I have done was to go about $65 over the wage limit and getting a GK that is a bit better than my previous one but is prone to injury (never found it out through scouting). I will continue the game and see how it goes.
  5. I have to say that so far, with my free time on public transport and breaks from work, I finished the first chapter and a bit of the 2nd and I feel weird. I am starting to love the book. I feel that I know nothing at the same time I sort of understand what the book is telling me. I fired up the game as in now now and I am starting to like it and it doesnt feel like a chore and I don't feel kind of depressed when I sort of don't know what is going on around me. Played as harrowgate on classic (untainted file) and then I just proceeded through friendlies and then started buying players and just set the tactics to 4-4-2 then after some games, I started to win and my players start to seem like players who know the games. As of the moment my problem is I went over the wage budget at about $64. How do I fix this and how to I release old players (I tried to offer around a 37 year old and no one would buy him).
  6. Just a question. How do I know if my players are worth keeping? I know I could gauge them through the displayed attributes for the particular role but how do I check if they are going to be performing consistently? Also, I just found a copy of Inverting the pyramid today (the book store is full of cricket and Australian footy !!) , so far despite not knowing the names, clubs and whatnot, I am enjoying the slow build-up of knowledge and I sort of understand what the book is talking about, is the book really recommended in learning in depth tactics or its just a good read for football fans in general?
  7. So masking is just an additional layer of information to scout on top of what was given? Ok, I thought my use of having a perfect scout was for naught due to the masking being disabled. So do I test it only on mental attributes or try it with the technical attributes as well? It is hard for me to identify which players are good other than checking their attributes. I could not determine how good a player is in games other than making obvious mistakes like conceding goals or trying to shoot far from the goal and missing consistently. My main problem with the game is determining how I could see the effects of my decisions in the field.
  8. So does that mean if I disabled the option, all the reports I received should be very accurate despite my scout's ability?
  9. Ok I will use the editor sparingly. I just realised that my main reason for using the editor to gain perfect staff was just to assess the players better but I read something that attribute masking is needed to be ticked if I want the reports to be based on the skill of my staff. As I have said, the main reason I used it is because I want my assistant manager's advice to be reliable in order for me to kind of see properly which things I have been doing wrong. Just a question, what is attribute masking? I need more details about it as I only read a few things about it. How does the hot prospect contract with appearance bonuses work? I kind of thought I could only offer some players those type of contracts but then realised that I could have offered a proper part-time contract instead. I think I also learned the game the wrong way as I have been playing with fake players. I love to try and play with fake players as I don't know much about football in the first place and I don't want to have any prejudice to particular teams and players based on my little knowledge of them.
  10. I am very well aware of that. Its just that I kind of want to ensure my information is right because I might be acting on the wrong information if my staff is not great. Anyway, I feel a bit more confident with what I am doing since I sort of got that peace of mind from the editor. I will try to see where that file takes me along with a file that is untainted. I reckon I would be better off not using it though since I might get used to it.
  11. I am starting to understand the game more and I only had to dig deeper. I only edited my staff attributes to ensure that my information like the scouting and advice given would be more accurate. I only have to read more on the topic that I am confused about like in-depth contract negotiations, training and in-depth tactics. I still have to really think about how I could use the editor at least to give me an edge like the more accurate information or something. I am a bit disappointed that classic mode does not have an editor and anything to give me an edge requires a purchase.
  12. Hi! I was wondering if anyone could give me any advice in using the in-game editor so that I could learn the game? I know that the editor could help with constraints in managing smaller clubs. I did something like make sure my staff has high attributes in order to advise me better but I still don't know the reason behind the staff's advice. I want to know if anyone has any ideas how to use the in-game editor efficiently as a tool in learning the game so that I could go and play and understand games without the use of the editor.
  13. I know, on one hand they add features next year and refine some old ones so I have bought FM 2010 up to 13 hoping it is going to be more understandable and whatnot. Thank you for all your post Gentleman, they are really put them to mind. Thanks for the advice everyone. Now that exams are over, my lessons in FM would start.
  14. That is my plan. But as much as possible I don't want to play with real players as I want something really random. I know some videos would say X player on Y team is great and definitely search for players A, B, C for they are geniuses and whatnot. I think I did it with a team in bluesquare bets N/S back in 2012 and managed to win some matches up to the middle of the season. I just didnt have the patience for it nowadays. Like I said, I just need the patience. I remember the days trying to figure out grand strategy games and I reckon knowledge and passion for what you are playing is really important. For example, in war games and grand strategy, I know a good part of what happens in history so I could really appreciate the game and the events in game more. Its the same with football, I am not that passionate as I didn't grow up playing or watching or anything involved with the sport other than for P.E (I used to love it by the way) and despite not being good at the game, its still the first sports game I would pick up in the console (I picked up 2 FIFAs a year or two ago). I like football but I think I am not to the point of really being passionately in love with it. I love the idea of making a team and bringing them from underdogs in to top leagues. I don't want to go in the helm of the big clubs that could throw away money on players costing millions. I love the strategy and the management aspect of the game. With very watered down games nowadays, I yearn for something challenging and would require more thought than action or reflexes. I love the thought of wearing a suit and really roleplay as a manager of a club. In a management class I had 2 years back, I kind of heard about Sir Alex Ferguson and read about him in my management book and I kind of admire his management skill. Other than that, I grew up loving those tycoon games and I must admit that an old PC game called Capitalism 2 was something I played back when I was 9 and is one of the reasons why I chose to be in business school. I am not really a master of any strategy game but I have experienced games that ranges from something as simple as civilization to something complex like grand strategy games and one of the things that made me want a game that is as complex as possible is that great feeling once you really understand it and the mystery you uncover as you try to learn the game. Edit: In relation to the game, I have to say that there are a lot of aspects to me that are daunting such as the tactics and how to really play in the transfer market and throw away deadwood and hire potential star players. The other thing that really worries me is what something would do to the strategy of my team like what effects it would have if I would let a player take this role or if I use a particular command (those things like 'pump ball in to box' or 'take a breather' I forgot the name). Reading an in-game guide of those overwhelms me since even the simplest aspects like leagues and pre-season and other stuff is something that I do not know.
  15. Thanks. That is very helpful. I will keep all those things in mind while I do my observations. There is really a huge difference between setting the player to full game compared to seeing key points in matches. I also would prefer learning through FM stories or watching Lets plays on youtube. Is it only available in 2014 and is it easier to use it? I am still thinking if I should get 14 or stick with 13 until I learn the game before really getting serious about it. $50 is a serious commitment for me as of the moment due to budget constraints Live game or I could watch it on the telly? I am unsure if I could watch an actual game in person. If its on telly then I am hoping its on either SBS or ABC as I have problems with 9,7,10 and other channels. Now on to my question. Stick with the FMs I have (2010-2013) or get 2014? Like I said, $50 is really a very serious commitment for me as of the moment due to budget constraints.
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