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  1. FM12 ME didn't have collision detection and looks pretty old now, can't really stand the comparison graphics-wise. However I feel like it was more solid, I mean there were 2 or 3 IA issues but the passing game was great overall. One of the biggest problem I have with the new ME is I feel like players lack creativity, pretty much every through ball is given between the DC and the Full back, like if it was the only way to find space. And it's pretty easy to do it. Maybe a bit too much. I never score or even see goals like that in the last FM versions : I haven't played FM15 that much at the moment so I can't really tell...But that's definitely what I think of FM14's ME. Fm12 was a bit easy though, and stupid tactics would work really well... In every other aspect the game is getting better and better though
  2. Star Rating is not just CA/PA, it's also the player's rating at a given position which is as important as the CA, and I think it also takes into consideration hidden stats such as Consistency, which are not used for CA calculation.
  3. How exactly does giving a different ability than the recommended one to a player affects him ? I mean I've noticed when the difference is too big the attributes are increased or decreased. But when the difference is like 3,4 points, it doesn't change his attributes, but is the player going to evolve differently ? Like, if the recommended CA is 140 and I give him 144, if his PA is 150, will he have a smaller margin of progression, because 144 is closer from 150 than 140 ? Will he keep his +4 difference in CA and end up with a CA of 150 with 146 being the recommended ability ? Or will his attributes increase and his CA stay at 144 until his attributes actually match it, and then evolve normally ? Or does this work in a completely different way ? I'm curious. Also is this a bad thing for the stability of the save if too much small CA adjustments like +3, -4 etc are made without changing attributes ?
  4. Oh, great, this is exactly what I was looking for, thanks a lot ! Is this a new feature btw ?
  5. Is it possible to cancel one or all the changes applied to one player ? I'm not sure if changing back the value (for example an attribute) to what it originally was is gonna work. As the game considers this as another change.
  6. When I try to apply changes to an existing data file, when I pick "Save Editor Data" it saves the file as a new .dbc file...Which I can't load with the editor if I want to apply other changes to it. So I have to pick "Save Editor Data As..." and usually this feature lets you chose an existing file and replace it. This time it doesn't. The editor only lets you create a totally new file, which is annoying...If you had notes you lose them as well. Basically I can't replace an old file with a new one... Not to mention the weird auto renaming applied to the files, with things such as : _D130B2E2-B536-4610-8D19-DCDCA2357C1B being added to the file lol it's hella confusing.
  7. The small expendable window at the left of the Scouting section messes my custom views : Before : After : It's a bit annoying tbh...Fortunately it can get fixed (by importing the views again) but, it's frustrating lol Also, the FM file system itself seems overall pretty weird...Can't export or import more than one file at once, also some FM Files, like editor datas, or view files, are renamed with some weird numbers and letters like D130B2E2-B536-4610-8D19-DCDCA2357C1B...Pretty confusing.
  8. Yeah that's exactly what I had in mind, what I want to make sure is if it's okay to have one file that changes attributes, CA/PA, and another that changes contracts, appartenances for the same players.
  9. Hello, I've always been wondering how does the editor work about loading two or more separate editor custom files for the database ? I mean, surely there is a risk of conflict if the two files say opposite things on one player, but what I don't know is, if I apply changes to one player, does the custom database file completely replace the original player on the default database by the new one, or does it only take into consideration the changes applied to the players ? I don't know if it's clear enough lol, and also what does that change you might be asking ? Well what I wanna do is download a custom database that changes player names, contracts, positions etc, and then create another file that changes some players attributes myself. If the first custom database gives Matuidi a 20 as a Midfielder Centre, and the second one which I created myself doesn't change anything at all about the positions, so Matuidi keeps his 17 at this position, but changes his attributes only, like Off the Ball 13 to 16 and Marking 11 to 16 Is the game gonna say : First editor data file say Matuidi has 20 as a MC, second one says he has 17 => error/conflict ? Or is it only gonna take the changes into consideration and say : First file says Matuidi goes from 17 to 20 as a MC, second one only says Off the Ball 13 to 16 and Marking 11 to 16 => New custom Matuidi will be default Matuidi but with 20 as MC, 16 Off the Ball and 16 Marking ?
  10. That's the opposite, newspapers ratings are from people who actually watched the game, while FM is just using statistics to give a rating, and when you win 5-0 everyone has 9. And a player that doesn't score or give any assitst will almost never have a high rating if the team is not largely winning.
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