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  1. Caretaker manager should be in the game e.g. whilst your unemployed you could be offerd a caretaker role untill they find the sutible person but if you work out good you could stand a chance to getting the job
  2. I think it could involve the captain more because at the moment all you do is pick him i think it should be like you have a meating with him or tell him to arrange something give the god dam captain some responsabilites like irl
  3. yeah i agree and when you bring a sub on you can tell him what you want him to do e,g go out there deffend the lead / go out there grab a goal / go out there enjoy the experiance
  4. i think it would be good in pre season to go and train with a feeder club or at a training camp to help your teams fitness you could choose a squad of 23 to take it could affect morale and i think you could invite international managers to come and view a training session to meet you and players it would improve the relationships
  5. the media could suggest players for national selection eg Woodgate playing well so far this season will He be included in the squad for France game as this happens in real life
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