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  1. But will it be tonight or should we all just come back tomorrow?
  2. I would say that if you are able to overcome the want and desire to start now then it's definitely worth waiting for some sort of ME update. It is a bit of a shocker in it's current form as you mention in your post. I'm able to get good results but the football by my team is just unrealistic and doesn't adhere to many of the tactical instructions laid out. Also, even though I'm well aware of the 1 on 1 issue it doesn't make it any less frustating when myself and the AI combine for between 5-8 missed 1 on 1's nearly every game. Theres no excitment anymore as everything just seems too rand
  3. Woo Hoo! Just uploaded my first ever bug report after 14 years of playing FM!!!! Anyone else having problems with teams having zero money in June/July 2020?
  4. The title of this post is some 1st level trolling
  5. Totally agree. It's the best match engine that I can remember. Just one thing though. Shots from impossible angles seems to be a thing for me. But other than that i feel like I'm actually seeing a true representation of my tactical instructions being played out. That is undoubtedly the best thing about this. That with club vision has really brought the love back for this game after having struggled to really wanna get stuck in to the last two versions.
  6. Can someone help? Is there any reason why after signing a new contract in October for Southampton the same player would suddenly become unregistered from my Premier League Squad? Year is 2019 and the player is Dutch. Not sure if it's some crazy Brexit thing or a bug. Any advice would be awesome. Thanks
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