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  1. Great. Thanks for the response guys. I set my experience equal to the level of a manager in the 6th tier of Football so I'm glad to hear that you guys have been getting offers. Thanks again.
  2. Hi Guys, I’m going to start a Non-league to legend save and I was wondering what level of experience I should set for myself in my manager profile. I want to be able to receive offers from better clubs during my save and I'm concerned that if I set my experience level too low I wouldn't receive any offers. What level of experience would you recommend. Thanks.
  3. OneTrueNerd has posted videos on his youtube channel that show the equipment and the software you need to record or stream. Jeff
  4. Hi Keithfc, If you think the scores might be unrealistic, try this experiment. Start a new save and simulate an entire season of the Premier League without managing any team. Make sure the league is set to full match detail. At the end of the season, find out the total amount of goals scored during the season and compare it to last season's goals in the Premier League in real life. If they are similar, great. If you think they are way off, upload your game save in the bug forum and have SI have a look at it. Jeff
  5. There may be a solution to this problem. Check out this website - http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/play-games-safedisc-securerom-drm-windows-10/ The last step titled "Self-Sign the SafeDisc Driver" may be the best option. Jeff
  6. The team I was managing was Farnborough FC in the 6th Tier so I don't know what the effects would be. With only 3 games left in the season, it would be a long shot for me to make the playoffs. The odds are against it. I've never played FM like this before. I've always made sure that my finances were okay but this season I said "What the hell and let's go for it and see what happens." Jeff
  7. Thanks for the replies guys. I'll make sure I won't financially ruin my club. Jeff
  8. Hi Guys, In my FM15 save, I was managing a lower league club and I tried to sign players without any regards to finance. As long as the board approved it I went for it. As a result, with 3 games to play in the season, I am in 8th place which is a lot higher than expectations so the board are very happy. However, the club is very much in debt (in the red) and the board say this is something I will have to address in the coming months. Then FM16 was released and I never finished my FM15 save. So my question is what would happen if you disregard finances and go all out to win? What would happen to the club if they are so far in debt. I'm tempted to try this again in my FM16 save. Jeff
  9. Yes, of course, but my point is my save will be corrupted with a bad bug. The simulation won't be playing out as it should because a bug could cause players to stand around for long lapses of time without doing anything. The statistics and the game results could be corrupted league wide. Not just in my match but in the other matches within the leagues. Until this bug is fixed, I'll happily play FM15. I'm still enjoying my save with that version. Jeff
  10. I hate to put a damper on things but what about the bug where players are standing around doing nothing for long stretches of time after an injury or a throw in. It's a bug that's been reported quite a bit in the bugs forum. I've also seen the bug uploaded on youtube. One person reported in the forum of having 100% possession with 0 shots on goal at halftime. I'll think I'll wait until SI gets that bug fixed before I start a save. Fortunately, SI have reported that this bug is receiving high priority. Jeff
  11. Interesting. That's good to know. Only once I took over a club during the middle of a season but I didn't take notice of the scouting assignments. Thanks for the reply. Jeff
  12. Hi guys, I'm currently managing in the lower leagues (Skrill Conference) but I'm going by strict Llama rules. No player tipping and no "player search" function, just scouts and media information. Anyway, it made me wonder how do the AI managers find their talent? Do they use just their scouts or do they use some other way? Also, by not using the "player search" function, do the AI managers have an advantage over me in finding talent? Any ideas? Jeff
  13. I doubt that you will get those games to run on an iPhone, however if your Samsung tablet has a windows based operating system then you may be able to get those games to run on your tablet. You will need to download the emulator "dosbox" to get those games to run in the current windows operating systems. Jeff
  14. I've had a crazy play where my keeper caught the ball then carried it into his own net for an own goal. Thankfully, it didn't cost me the match but it was the most ridiculous own goal I've ever seen. Jeff
  15. No. Neither my corner backs or center backs are set on closing down more or tightly marking. Default settings only. Jeff
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