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  1. Hi, any Mod's available to look into this? I've now had a match since in which I tried to sub a player on twice, it said he had come on but the players that supposedly went off were still playing.
  2. I've got two different results from my match. I beat Aston Villa 2-1 but when I clicked continue it changed to 1-1. It even has different stats now. Any ideas? (The game is a two player network save in which I’m not the host.)
  3. Has anyone found a consistent tactic when playing in a Network game when you aren't the host? Anyone else finding it almost impossible to beat the host when going head to head? We've played each other 27 times and I've only won 7 with 4 draws, we have the same level teams and players (He's Liverpool and I'm Man City). We've even used the same formation but I can very rarely get anything from the match. To put it into perspective in the 354 games I've played I have 277 Wins 41 Draws and 46 Defeats, 16 of those are against the Host which means almost 35% of my defeats are against the same player. He's played 365 games with 295 Wins 37 Draws and 33 Defeats so if you take away where he's beat me we have very similar records against the AI. (He's got a 80% win rate overall and I'm on 76%) Is this happening to anyone else or am I just rubbish when it comes to playing against another Human player? I have seen a few other people who aren't the Host say they are experiencing the same thing so this is why I ask. Thanks for any help!
  4. Which of the tactics for 20.4.1 are people finding to be the best defensibly or at least a good option for away games? Thanks!!
  5. Can anyone merge with pr0's wonderkid update and remove the duplicates please? I've tried but whenever I load the above file it doesn't show the database changes (They are there cause if you double click on the area they should be it opens a players info but it just doesn't show for me)
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