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  1. Hi, I know that in the earlier versions of FM you could chose a HOYD who favored passing, technical, defensive, etc. I do not see that in the current version. Is this under something different in FM 20? Is it the playing styles like gengenpress for example? Any advice or clarification would be appreciated. Thanks
  2. Hi, I'm looking for some advice on how to properly set up a defense. I understand that certain formations have more capabilities than other formations as well as specific attributes but I'm looking into how to set up a proper defense so that I can defend properly and be able to work on transition and goal scoring once a defense is stable. My situation is my team gives up a lot a shots and I'm trying to determine how to fix that (whether that means finding better players or a new formation or different instructions I haven't decided) I'm going to try to set up my defense on what my team report says to start out but I'd like any advice on how others fix this problem. Any advice is appreciated Thanks!
  3. That makes sense. I'm gonna work on this. I found a guide on this topic on balancing roles and I'm gonna just study this for the time being Thanks for the advice @Experienced Defender and @Snorks!
  4. Hi, I'm a long time player who has had fun and success in the game (Love playing lower league and getting to the premier league) but filed with difficulty as well. I'm looking for information on how to properly analyze opponent scouting reports and how to properly plan for them as well. I've done things in the past but I feel like I'm missing key information or knowledge on how to counter players. I understand that having players who can defend and mark properly is one part of the equation, but I'm wondering if I can do more. An example could be that I set up players to mark/force players onto their weaker foot but I sometimes I struggle to just get the ball back and attack. A constant problem is my team being able to gets 0-0 scorelines or draws but not being able to score (which I understand is not related to this topic). I have been watching yotubers like bustthenet and have found his videos to be helpful (the overload videos were awesome and I try to incorporate that when it makes sense). Basically my concerns come down to a few questions: 1. What matters more, current ability or attributes? I've tried both with various success (CA tends to be more successful but my last save saw me having a good starting line-up but being relegated once my players were injured and their replacements being bad) 2. Is there a way to properly plan against opponents? I know the opposition instructions is one way as well as making adjustments to tactics to taking advantage of weaknesses but I tend to have the same problem, I end up in draws which I guess makes sense but I would like to see more obvious examples of my team winning the ball back, countering and scoring. I'm probably describing transition and offensive problems instead of defensive but I like to know if you think I'm right in thinking its a defensive problem. 3. Is opposition instruction even necessary at lower levels? Am I better off trying to find the best players and hoping I can make it with a good team or is it possible to win with lesser talent by being thorough in defensive instructions? Let me know if anything I said is confusing, I'd be happy to explain in a different way Thanks!
  5. Hi, I'm having problem syncing my football manager 2018 from my desktop computer to my laptop It was working before and nothing I have done since has made it work (uninstall steam and football manager, quitting, restarting, etc) Any help would be appreciated Thanks
  6. 4-2-3-1 deep is my current strategy now. Need to makes some adjustments but it can be effective.
  7. Agreed, if they would include it in the original, I think this would be a favored option for all of us for useless games.
  8. This is something I look forward to do with every FM.
  9. I like this as well. I look forward to making a team completely of home-grown youth academy players and going to the top.
  10. Do you think changing players roles mid-game is a good strategy? I have been trying that out recently and I went the preseason losing only 2 games and drawing the first two games of the regular season.
  11. Do you think changing players roles mid-game is a good strategy? I have been trying that out recently and I went the preseason losing only 2 games and drawing the first two games of the regular season.
  12. So, I have played many hours on this game but fail to find the correct strategy to go at it. My biggest problem is that once I get on a losing streak, I cant get out of it. I have gone from playoff bound to dead last in many cases and no matter how many times I change strategies, talk to the players to boost morale, set team instructions, or set individual instructions. It always ends the same. I see people who are winning games easy and are able to win promotion and championships easy but I have never had enough luck to survive relegation after being promoted or living up to the owner's goals. What I am asking for is a link or an idea as to how to deal with this problem. What I can't understand is why no matter what I try in this game and what I search for in the forums, I can never find the right strategy to dominate in this game. I have tried strategies that range from vacationing games, playing every game in a season or key watching every game. If someone can help me figure out how I can avoid losing streaks that never end, I would be happy. How do I get a team to win games when everyone has abysmal morals and no one can play a decent game of soccer to save their life? Please tell me how you approach this game from how you play games, set strategies and how you keep your team dominate through the good and bad. Thanks
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