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  1. Hi, I have a semi-pro team with average youth and senior team facilities. I know reputation plays a part in bringing in higher potential players but I tend to have one consistent problem. Despite having good coaching and mentoring, I can't seem to develop first team players (Even when I give them time as starters around 18 and hope they will develop into starters for current league). Now I know that having a fully professional team helps as well as not trying to develop players and focus on getting up the pyramid ASAP but I would like to try to develop players if possible. Is there any advice
  2. Give it a shot. I do it when my team is down in the dumps. It only makes sense to do when the schedule permits and ONLY when the team's morale sucks. It does nothing when players have average/normal morale.
  3. That's my situation right now. Have you ever schedule friendlies against weak teams to raise morale?
  4. Our conversations reminded me of another question I have. What is your method of maintaining morale when your team is on a winning streak? I'm curious as to what people do here as well.
  5. I do that too. The problem I have is I'm not being consistent with maintaining morale. This is my fault and I need to be more attentive to this. Honestly, I'm become lazy when my team is playing well. Maybe this along with other factors is why my teams tends to go through long loosing streaks when I do nothing to improve morale.
  6. That makes sense if I think about it. I've heard the professional players take criticism or can be demanded to do more without a negative effect in team talks. Makes sense outside of matches
  7. Any reason you choose 7.2 instead of 7.8? What is the median or cut-off point for praising? Is it 7.0?
  8. I do something like this already but not as thorough. I guess I'm not being consistent with this enough. I'll pay more attention to this.
  9. Hi, I'm looking for any advice/guides/etc on how to manage moral of a squad. I know it is important to keep up morale since performances from players can be better when it is better as well as other things. Any strategies are appreciated. Thanks!
  10. Nevermind, I've been putting more work into finding better players. I'm good for the moment, Thanks anyway
  11. Hi, My team gives up a lot of shots (and does not shoot enough, think 20/5 shot difference) which probably means I’m letting the opposition get to close but is it indicative of any else? I use a 4-4-2 Counter Attack but I’m uncertain on how to set up my out of possession to help create better defense I know it could be the quality of my players not being up to snuff but I was wonder if putting more focus on anticipation/positioning could create more interceptions to help keep the opposition away as much I usually try to distribute to flanks to create space in the mid
  12. Does preferred foot create any advantage in defensive if a CD is left footed and is put on the right side to defend a right footed player or vice versa?
  13. How does this affect strikers and midfielders?
  14. Hi, I have a question How important is it for a player to be playing on the left/right side of a pitch? Does it affect how the players pass the ball/dribble significantly? Thanks
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