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  1. I keep working and testing things. How do I limit foreigners in the Champions League and Europa League?
  2. For now I have problems with England, Scotland, Sweden, Netherlands and Croatia. In the Netherlands, Sweden and Croatia there is no player registration period, could that be the problem? When I am in the game there is no registration but if I look at the competition rules it says that they are limited to 4 foreigners. Checking in the editor, in the first Polish there is no problem but in the second division I have the registration problem, checking in the second division there is no registration date
  3. In Netherlands the error is when I upload the file in the game, I get different registration options depending on the team it is but never the rule of 4 maximum foreigner. Regarding England, any ideas? because if you don't change the rule they will take all the players easily.
  4. Well I have been modifying as Wolf_pd told me and I have only had problems in the Netherlands, England and Ireland (I suppose that the latter for Brexit). In the editor it does not give me a fault, but the changes do not come out in the game. In the countries where I had problems with the original country I modified a downloaded update, but in the Netherlands it did not work. My idea is to put a limit of 4 foreigners in Europe so that it is like before the Bosman law and that the countries have to take care of their youth academy. Well and now that I have more or less 15 co
  5. Hello everyone, I am writing to ask for help with the editor. My idea would be to create a db that puts a limit of 4 foreigners in all leagues, mainly in europe. This I think would equalize Europe and America and add a point of difficulty to the game. In short, a db that limits 4 foreigners registered and playing in all leagues or at least in Europe. Thanks and sorry for my english from google translator.
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