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  1. error is saved game could not loade---d why? i saved it see the file i saved its properly.. why ? i paid money for it
  2. Hi so after spending three hours to try to fix my issues with the game unavaliable issue instead playing the game today i played the game in peace saved the game went to work come back want to play the game now .. load the the game .. then begin to load the saved and tells me that my saved game is not avaliable? when i exited in the morning i made sure it saved and exited properly. whats causing this issue why? after on theres another.. i paid money for the game to play not for it to be an unreliable as a dodgy car mechanic. if anyone of you experiencing problems please complain to bbcwatchdog.. i have done its not on i pay around 30 quid for the game and want to play when i want to no go around surfing the web to find patches trying to fix the game if i wanted to do that i would have become a developer and would have got paid by them. will think twice about getting fm2013 i hope offered a considerable discount after such poor execution on fm12
  3. i dont that then re-installed all working now.. i hope forever..
  4. re-isntalled and its working now..but that it at least three hours of game time ive lost farting around to make it to work? its not on...
  5. but it worked before ive played for 17 hours.. why do i need to fix my config now...
  6. reinstalling but this is a total waste of time and money for me i shouldnt have to do this after i paid for for.. it should just work.. if you dont understand then you should get out of this business.. i complaint has been lodged with bbcwatchdog we dont need work around we need permanent fixes should not need to mess around .. just play the game.. we would all become developers if we wanted to fix the game
  7. only if your solution worked it doesn't backed to square one.. it worked before though
  8. I need to chill? are you getting paid by Steam or something. If i have paid for a game i want to play i should be allowed to play as and when i would like. Don't you think that is right and the only reason i am complaining is because the game was working fine before.. had one issue of servers being busy before. Ill let them off for that but to have this error when I want to play game and have paid for it its not on. I don't want to be patient i want to play the game that is what i paid for is it not? I have no issue with the steam activation i activated the game over a week ago i have played games via steam the other FM before as well without this kind of issue so i am well aware of steam and its online activation the game is activated. You really do sound you work for steam or you have been brainwashed by them.. all for the piracy but im not surprised people do it with this kind of service you get with your heard earned cash. Thanks for posting the link but normally you pay for a game you play it.. this shouldnt be happening.. ill try when it get home from work now.. another nuisance i should just be able to play it. its bigtime fail!!
  9. Hi would people from the football manager community really look into this issue as loads of suffering from the same pain after paying hard cash for game i am not able to play it because each time i try to launch the game it either says servers too busy or game not available. i have been wanting to play the game since 7am 7.46am now trying to raise a ticket to steam verifying email registering for this and that.. fix the problem or offer me a refund or i will go to trading standards..if you think i am making this up take a look at the links http://twitter.com/#!/Atiff_uk/media/slideshow?url=http%3A%2F%2Ftwitpic.com%2F7a7mu8 http://twitter.com/#!/Atiff_uk/media/slideshow?url=http%3A%2F%2Ftwitpic.com%2F76m7ro
  10. i have issues as well.. it so rubbish i paid hard earned cash for the game.. when i want to play it dont work.. whats the point in me paying for it http://twitter.com/#!/Atiff_uk/media/slideshow?url=http%3A%2F%2Ftwitpic.com%2F7a7mu