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  1. Thanks Terry mine is working again. And thanks heaps to Matt - cheers for your advice! *** If anyone else finds similar issues as I mentioned in my opening post, then read the comments from Terry01234 and Matt - SEGA ***
  2. Is that on a PC or a Mac mate? I'm on Mac. Will give it a go
  3. Okay thanks for your help anyway mate. I'm gonna wait for that support ticket to be responded to. I've never had good experiences using Steam, be it on Counter-strike or Football Manager, regardless of whether I was on my old PC or my new Mac. Hate the bloody thing! Cheers for trying though mate.
  4. Literally the only tabs I can find are Store, Library, News and Community. Can't see Preferences anywhere, nor Settings.
  5. I can't even find Steam Menu, settings etc. Where is it located?
  6. Yeah I've put in a Steam support ticket. No reply yet but I'm hopeful. Extremely frustrating to have the game not work after I spent so much money on it!
  7. Yeah exact same issue for me - I have a thread going about this. I'm on a MacBook Pro with OSX Lion. Was working fine, FM2012 got updated and now it doesn't work. Infuriating. Paid hard earned money for this game only for it not to work when I want to use it! Very close to returning it to be honest.
  8. How well does FM12 run on a Mac?

    Hey Gramatoon I've had the exact same problem with it today since the update. Any luck in fixing it yet? I'm totally stumped
  9. I've even tried uninstalling and reinstalling FM2012. No luck.
  10. Hey everyone. I purchased FM2012 over the counter a couple of days ago and then proceeded to install it on my MacBook Pro with OSX Lion, played it for 2 days without any problems, and then went to play it this morning and it won't work. What happens is, I click the FM2012 shortcut on my desktop to start it up, which then starts up Steam, saying "Connecting Steam Account: RedFromNZ" but FM2012 never loads like it was doing so previously. If I go to my Games menu and click 'Play', still nothing. If I go to shut down Steam it says something along the lines of "Please quit FM2012 before shutting down Steam." I'm stuck! Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.