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  1. This challange looks really cool. I usually pick one team (specifically my local club, IFK Göteborg) and stick with it, so a journeyman save would be something rather new to me. I will probably fire up a new save this evening an see where it takes me. Just out of curiosity, do you guys tend to have any backroom staff and/or players that you bring along when you move from one team to another? Also, how much of the scouting knowledge follow you along between clubs?
  2. I don't know if this was directed at me, but if it were - I tried to combat beeing overrun down the wings by changing the roles/duties of the fullbacks and by adding/removing the odd shout. I found it difficult to compensate enough though, so that's why I've been toying with the 4-1-4-1 formation using your general setup. Like I said, I've only just started, but the wings seemed almost completely nullified in those early games, and I didn't seem to conceede much space in the centre either. I liked it, and will definately continue the experiment. The only downside is that I have fewer players
  3. I've also been using Cleon's setup for a few games now (10 or so), and I was feeling that I was giving up too much ground down the flanks. I play in a league where wing play is extremely pronounced, and nearly all teams have their main threats down the wings, with both attacking fullbacks and wingers. I was top of the table and was doing well defensively, but I still felt it was unnecessary to give the opposition numerical advantage in the zone they seek to target. On top of that, my squad was built for a wide formation, where - although competent in central positions - a lot of the best playe
  4. Yes! I finally did it! We won the Premier League! The season I was describing in the previous post was actually 25/26 (I remembered wrong), and for a long time we were a couple of points behind Arsenal. They looked unstoppable and their star player N'Goma (who's won the best player in the world award something like 5 years straight) were banging in hat-tricks left and right. Then it happened, he got injured. Suddenly they started drawing and even loosing games, and we were not late to jump on the opportunity. In the end, we secured the title with two games left of the season, and my start st
  5. Aah, tough luck. Hopefully you'll make it next season! I'm almost exactly at the half-way point in my 24/25 season now (haven't had much time to play recently), and so far it's looking promising. I'm sitting in 2nd place, 3 points behind Arsenal, and with Southampton (!) 3 points behind me in third. We won our Europa League group convincingly (against Oomonia, Benfica and a French side... Nantes or something, don't remember), and have gotten a pretty good draw in the first knockout stage where we are to play FC Copenhagen. We've had some issues with injuries the last couple of weeks, but hop
  6. I have recently resumed my Oxford City save, and have since completed the 24/25 season. Yet again we failed to break into the top four, but we were closer than ever before. So far my record in the premier league has been 7th (first year) - 12th - 9th - 5th, so we're getting there. My team was very very young for the top flight this year, but thanks to some excellent development across the board, they look to be truly ready for premier league football the coming season. I have already signed a couple of promising youths during the season that are all arriving this summer, but unless I loose s
  7. Haven't read this whole thing, so this is quite possibly something that has been dealt with before, but anyways... I have decided to try to develop a team that plays fast paced "pass and move" football. Usually I go for a cautious build-up, or a fast counter attacking football, but now I wanted to try and create a team that pressures high but still plays fast football when they win the ball (kind of like ze germans in the CL final). Anyways, the players I have right now are probably not going to be able to do this very well, so I will have to slowly build a team that can, so now I'm wondering
  8. Yeah, I was very happy with the first season in the PL. Not so much with the second. After a completely horrific first half of the season (hovering around the relegation slots), a strong spring form saw us finishing 12th. I hadn't spent much money on the squad thus far (had set a limit of 2M Euro as a max for any player I bought), but I decided the team was developing too slowly and that I needed to strengthen up the first team to allow the young talents at the club some more time to develop before they took over as first teamers. I splashed some 20-30M on new players, and I feel the squad we
  9. Actually, since I climbed the ladder rather quickly I've had the odds heavily stacked against me for most of the save. Consequently, ultra-defensive opposition has been very rare (much more so than I'm used to in FM, as I tend to only manage IFK Göteborg, which is a top team in Sweden). On the few occations where I have faced defensive opponents, I've chosen to go for my tried and true possession approach. What I do, in short, is the following: 1, I adopt a control strategy (to win the ball quickly and takes some - but not too many - risks going forward) 2, I use two holding midfielders tha
  10. Thanks! I'm really enjoying this save (it's the best one in any FM for me), so I've been playing like crazy! Like I wrote above, the second season in League 1 was very good and we finished 2nd. I kept the team almost completely unchanged and tackled the Championship. I was expecting to struggle there, but it was soon apparent that my team was more than good enough to play at that level. In fact, it didn't take long until we were heavily involved in the promotion race. Again, I had one of those seasons where a couple of teams run away, only to stumble the last couple of months, and I managed
  11. Well, I've had a lot of sparetime lately so I've been able to get a lot of games in. The first season in League 1 started out very good and for a long time I was in the promotion race, but the opposition started playing increasingly more defensive as the season progressed. I failed to find a good response, and the season ended with a dissapointing 7th (1 point away from playoffs, again!). The squad remained more or less the same leading up to the second season in League 1, but I managed to sign a young English striker who had been tearing up the Blue Square Bet Premier the previous season,
  12. I imagine having, for example, an attacking winger with dwells on ball can be useful if your team defends very deep and need time to get upfield when they have won the ball...
  13. Just bumping this one, as I'm about to start teaching a youngster PPMs and want to make sure I teach him the right ones. I have a player that I feel will make a very good inside forward (basically he's a poacher type, but I want him to start wide and make diagonal runs behind the defense). Is it the "moves into channels" or the "cuts inside" PPM I should go for?
  14. A quick summary of of the fifth season managing Oxford City: The spring turned out to be very successful where the team achieved a level of consistency I've not seen before. I did pay a lot more attention to detail during the mathces than I usually do, and maybe that helped (I want to believe that's the case ). Anyhow, because the other teams dropped a lot of points left and right, I was never really worried, and we ended up winning the league by 13 points. For a team expected to finish 24th, that's not too shabby! I've already scouted a couple of very good players that are sitting on expir
  15. Well, I finally found some time to play again, and I blasted through half a season. We got knocked out of Johnston Pain Trophy (against Oxford United IIRC ) and the Capital One Cup (against Watford), both in the first rounds, which was annoying but ultimately of little importance as the board don't care about those cups. In the league we're doing better, and after a decent winning streak we're in 2nd. It's very even though, and at the top there are 8-10 teams all within a few points. In the FA cup we beat fellow league 2ers Crawley to advance to the 2nd round, where we'll meet a L1 team I do
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