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  1. Apologies, would love to help, but only have a work laptop & no iTunes... a lot of security restrictions. Once the update is released, I can let ye know in this thread if WBA change their approach. When do ye feel the next update will be released, days, weeks?
  2. Excuse my ignorance, but how can I send it?
  3. Checked there; 1st game of season away to WBA. They start the game on overload. i restarted a game last week after it got a bit ridiculous & am going to hold now at the 1st game season 2 in prem until it hopefully gets fixed Thanks
  4. Sheffield Wednesday, wasn’t too bad year 1 in championship, but most games are now high scoring in premier league, when I check the opposition tactics when the score gets a bit ridiculous, they are always on overload, so assuming that’s the cause of the high scoring games?
  5. Sadly, I’ve stopped playing until this gets fixed. Every game now, particularly away from home, the opposition goes overload from the start. Once they score, I have to go attacking/overload and each game ends up like 4-5, 5-6... multiple goals. It’s just very unrealistic. Hoping there will be an update soon?
  6. PS: great service ye provide here! Been playing since CM 97/98, with job & kids don't have time for full version, mobile is great for me!
  7. It's just I do a lot of manual scouting, let's say I do a search for a DL with certain attributes & scout all that come up, I then go back to the search list in a week or so & review all players, maybe make a bid for the highest CA or PA. Don't like having to click through all the individual reports. Thanks!
  8. Is there any way of turning off scout reports in your news feed?
  9. Thanks, I was probably cheating a bit anyway... was easy to spot regens, with all 0-21s scouted.
  10. Is this a bug or a deliberate feature? I normally manually scout & like to keep the old reports, then now, since the last update they auto delete after about 1 year (~365 days)
  11. I deleted it and reloaded it, backing up my saved games.. working fine now. Thanks.
  12. Delighted with the GK distribution option, thanks! A few things: On an international team page, can the world ranking be a link to the table? i.e. click it and it brings you to the full rankings I assume the league standards table is linked to euro co-efficient and places in European competitions, is it possible to list the # of teams from each league that can get into EC & EL? Is it possible to set minimum value on the player search filter, it would be nice to filter out the long tail of low value players, when you are looking at U21s/Regens. Can we get news alerts, when club or player records are broken? Option to select multiple players at once and scout all, rather than click on everyone individually Pick your own friendlies?
  13. Marc, If you’re out there, great game, another step change improvement. 1 request, is it possible for the 2D match engine "Slow" speed to actually be real-time? It appears about 2X at the moment, though it can fluctuate depending on the action. I’d love the highlights to be in real time. Thanks
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