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  1. Thanks Dr!! Really appreciate you taking out time to explain! Let me continue continue for few more games and see if I can improve my in game changes.
  2. In the game like this where i have fairly equal chance with the opponent in terms of shots, higher possession but lost 5-2 away. i have no idea what to change during the mid game. Can shed some light? Setup Mentality: Defensive Team Shape: Structured Team Instructions: Shorter Pass, Play out of defense, Stick to positions Change BBM to CM(A) during half time What i observed so far in this game is the low crosses completed (2 out of 32), also the low pass completed by the defense (56%). Since i'm playing play out of defense, i guess i need add player instruction for my defenders to do 'pass it shorter'. am i right? anything to add?
  3. Not sure if i should post this at this stage or i should be more in focusing the setup. But anyway here goes.... My squad dept Chart General All position GK Defense Midfield Attack
  4. Thanks Dr! In fact I used the same setup as you. Fully understand that the team and players might not fit the setup but i like the simplicity and flexibility of it. I like my team to stick to its shape and play defensive/normal kind of football. Lesser 'specialist' role is preferred. I will share my squad report later today or tomorrow when i have access to my machine.
  5. dr, care to share what do you usually first look out in the game and typical change do you make? Currently im lacking potential threat to my opponent. shot 6 only 2 is on target. I realise the AF is far too front without any players linking the attack behind him.
  6. so what defines my tactic is 'right'? sometime you need to do in game changes too right?
  7. great output here! I changed to extended + classic now + middle speed. thanks guys!
  8. Hi there, while alot are teaching how to fine tune the tactics during the game, can i check what is the game setting that you are using? I'm using the following settings but i find it too hard view the positioning / def line of opponent full pitch with Match speed during highlights: fastest Highlights: Extended / Key Camera: Main Stand any advice?
  9. mid of season 2 currently in position 6. decided to read up more on tactics (http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/377489-Creating-A-Tactic-Design-Create-and-Maintain) and in match tactics tweak. now it left me wonder.... 1) Should i buy players to fill the position and role or to change my tactic according to the players i have? 2) How do you manage squad rotation? By his average rating or by match rotation? 3) Will there be match experience for the regens if i sub them in from 75th mins onwards? 4) Loan youngster/regens out or keep them with the team (U21)?
  10. hi guys, see you have success in glooming the young regens. Can i know what are the necessary trainings that you give them? as in how do i know what is suitable for them?
  11. started a classic save last week. season 1, i survived relegation only after final game on goal difference finishing 20th place. 15 matches played, out of cups and 14th in the lleague table. Currently playing 2 tactic... 1) 442 (AML AMR), Balanced Mentally, Short Passing 2) 433(3*MC, 3*ST), Attacking, Direct Passing No transfer $, wages above budget, club are losing money every money. Any advice on tactic, players to loan and how to help the club from losing money every month?
  12. decided to move on to a L2 save. Likely to be wimbledon. Wish me good luck! oh and pple here wish u success too!
  13. i got my request to increase budget for junior coaching as well as recruitment network but nothing chances in the facilities. Junior coaching: Adequate junior coaching Youth Recruitment: Above average youth recruitment anyone facing the same issue?
  14. since we are in the topic of developing regen i have a couple of questions to it 1) How do i know if the regen is worth our effort to develop him? i heard people talking about flair and their characteristic 2) Is there a way to know who is a suitable tutor for a regen? 3) Do the different player interaction means different thing? 4) Do you sign experience(age > 32) but not first team player to tutor the regen? Ferguson, Sammy Ameobi, Vuckic, Michael Richardson, Adam Campbell are rated 3 star PA so i felt its not worth developing them. In fact normally in the pre-season, i'll select all my reserve players and offer to club on loan.
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