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  1. Hello! I think this is a bug. Description: I get different output when viewing different Screens of the team i manage (SM Caen). I have a logopack installed (de-installed, un-installed with no change). Here are some screenshots, please focus on the Club Logo. As you can see, the Logo is bugged out on Some Screens, and shows proper on other screens. Also i changed the KIT via the FM Editor and i guess there might be an underlying problem. (The Kit also shows the wrong Club Logo).
  2. I find it weird that, when starting a Game in Australia at 15 october of this year, the Game "randomized" the Statistics until then, for ex. the Bundesliga. If i start at a later Date, which will also be possible with a January Patch it would be highly regarded to include the current Statistics (Dortmund First etc.). This was the case in previous Versions, why isnt that included right now? Will it be added later? Obviously Bayern is also overrated while the most players are too old for their Stats (ex. Boateng, Robben, Ribbery, just look at their quickness) or havent played good enough in recent years to be judged that highly (Neuer, T.Müller). Seems a bit biased to me. Same goes to Neymar, PA is too high, controversy and sportmanship need fixing too. He is a really bad example for young Players/people. Also the "hidden" Stats of some President/Directors at Bayern should have added "Controversy" to the max. (Rummenigge and Hoeness went to prison/had to pay money because of their criminal history). Add yesterdays press conference to the table. Otherwise iam having fun, sadly i have to wait until the Editor Release for a full save. But its the Beta. A huge plus to the tactic and trainings, and match engine. Awesome work again. Thanks.
  3. I wont pick a Team for a "serious" Save before i progressed a few years being unemployed. (Beside a few saves with Glasgow Rangers when they we're playing in lower Div) Selecting as many Leagues as possible (with lower leagues) and leaving the Game progressing over night - sometimes 2 nights - i forward 10-15 years. Then its up to look which Jobs are there and maybe there is a interesting choice to make. This way i detach myself from knowing the players (and loving/hating them) who are relevant. Im just a mark for Borussia Dortmund, which i cant manage in any Series (playing since fm10). Good days to look are around end of May, begin of June or if you are interested in calendar year leagues you should stop the Game between October and mid December.
  4. Iam now forcing the game to take my tweaks. ;-) It works for me! now! and i have to disregard some of the Statements i made before. My static approach at the tactics which i used in slight variations (*) since fm13 are now reworked and my underdog team does what i want, i still have some occassional weird happenings like mentioned before by other users and me.5 games into the new Patch (18.2.1) i see the ME more and more positively and i'm happy to invest another 1330 hours into this games which would add nicely to the 600hours there in now. Ofc i reload many times because me tactics did not work and i always progress at least 10 years before i take any team. It feels right again to play this game. Maybe Fm18 is not the best for me in this series yet, but @jackob and his nostalgia picture really touched me. I have so much love for this series please continue delivering like you SI guys do. *=4-1-2-2-1/4-1-2-3Dm Wide
  5. I have to agree on this. The new Patch just brought weird weird decision making by Strikers. Its not working anymore for me. I reloaded so many times with different settings and they hit nothing just shoot from weird angles with one timers. Also u set whipped crossed and they just shoot the crosses high and slow to your 1,70cm false nine/dlf forward. I just played Paris FC (3rd league) vs Toulouse (2nd place top division managed by me) in 2032 and there were 10shots on target and like 5 clear cut chances. no highlights shown until 90minute and there was a 0:0 as a result 15 times (i just reloaded the 16th time to see if iam mistaken). Inside Forwards are useless for me in a 4-1-2-2-1, the whole system seems useless with this patch, i used this since fm11 with variations in the system (1dm/2cm or 3cm etc.) but it is not working anymore. Also the highlights in 3D Matches seem to be less frequent after the patch (Set on Key Highlights). The game tends to show less highlights, sometimes 2,3 per match when before there were 5,6 with the same statistics showing in the pitch screen. I cant show u screens on this but its the "feeling" i have when playing now.
  6. Thanks for the reply. I found it now thanks to you, Iam happy to beta test now.
  7. Edit: Its not what i was looking for. Before starting the game you had the option to look at the teams. Now its just a huge waste of space in my opinion when you select your team and it has no information whatsoever, atleast the general information would be nice to look at. Even more concerning it is, looking at the fact there is enough space to display this information. The second thing is, i cannot let the game tell me what team i should choose because that option seems to be gone. I found this really disappointing, it was a very appealing factor for me when starting a new game and going beyond the obvious choices is made in the past 6 installments (A-League, Rangers, Serie C/any 3rd league in the big leagues). A chance i did not see it? Or is it really gone for now? However: When i ADD a new Manager to the game which already started i can see this options again. This is really confusing. I added a screenshot for this.
  8. I think this might have been brought up already. But...i dont like the new Starting Screen. In previous Versions you could look through the Team, Squad etc. when you were selecting a Team to Start with. Also i really liked the "Pick a Team for me" Option, which seems to be gone for now. Maybe i cant find the mentioned things or they are gone for (hopefully just the beta?) ?
  9. Promoted with The Dons. Now in 2nd Season. Playing a 442. They build a new Stadium for 11.000 Supporters. Some screens:
  10. Name: Morgan Geretto Age: 21 Nationality: French Club: - Position: DM (MC) Value: - Wages: 1,2k p/m Work Permit Needed?: No Looks like a Potential Championship BWM. Signed for AFC Wimbledon. Name: Bruno Wilson Age: 18 Nationality: Portugese Club: - Position: DC Value: - Wages: Around 2,8-4k p/m Work Permit Needed?: No On Trial with The Dons. Not sure about signing, he wants first team status. Name: Kalen Demassi Age: 25 Nationality: Togolese/French/Ivorian Club: Quevien Position: ST Value: - Wages: Around 6-8k Work Permit Needed?: No Signed on free. Again for The Dons.
  11. Appreciated Towell in FM15. He delivered but after a few Seasons the Team outgrowed on him. Until then worth it. Will start a Rangers Save as usual when full game is out.
  12. Usually it does affect each other. In that case it did not. With Lazio, i have perfect harmony and good team morale, which would be lower if man managment, mental and motivational skills would not be present. In the long run i think it really has to do with AS Monaco`s crazy Chairman/Director of Football and me not pleasing his "hidden" attributes and non-hidden attributes like f.e. "Signing players from home country of chairman" & tendency to intervene. Also Monaco has some "troubled" Players - looking at Martial f.e. - IRL. As this never happened before, i looked at the clubs i managed in this FM and previous FM, all got more chilled Chairmans/Boards or my rep as a Manager was so high they couldnt sack (which is visible by looking at my posts in the Rangers thread FM13 or Regen Threads). TLDR: In my opinion i got sacked because of hidden attributes/chairman/DOF "madness" which represents IRL Stuff, which makes my sacking realistic. For further reading (i hope i am allowed to post this link, otherwise iam sorry and will gladly delete it) look here http://cavanisfriseur.com/2014/10/11/monaco-von-supersize-zum-downsizing/ (german tho). Iam still interested if anyone downloaded the saves and looked for themselves. As for me the game is fine and i "raged" a bit too much in the OP.
  13. Iam interested if theres been any findings yet.
  14. I could afford him on a free transfer. By promoting to EPL and qualifying for CL there was enough cash injected by the board to pay him around 12k on a weekly basis.
  15. It is possible if you`re offering a player they want. For example if they offered you money for a player you have previously, and they find this player to match their own player. I think its a bit about hidden stats, value, and playing position. If youre negotiating you see what theyre looking for (Which position), i think that can help too.
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