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  1. I'm trying to get this to work but I'm having some trouble. When I try to load a new game I get an error saying the FFA Cup needs 14 teams from NPL Victoria but can only find 13. Does anyone know how to fix this?
  2. The kits look good but I have to agree with the other comments. Wouldn't it be better if you first released the league edit and then moved onto making the kits.
  3. 1. What do you mean by no FFA Cup round names entered? 2. I didn't touch anything to do with the a-league. 3. I didn't touch anything to do with the all stars. 4. I didn't touch them anyway but what is wrong with club names ending with FC or SC. 5. I said the prize money was wrong because there is no way of finding the correct amounts, hence the tv money. But I'm enjoying using it anyway.
  4. I might eventually add in the individual cups. At the moment I'm just trying to see if I can start off at a state league team and make my way up to the a-league and beyond. I didn't set up any prize money for the leagues but I set the TV money at $400 000. This is probably way too much considering I don't think any games are televised at all, but it was just to make sure the clubs could pay all their wages without going broke.
  5. Hi everybody, I'm not sure if there is anybody that wants this, but I thought I would upload it anyway, I have made the NPL for the Australian state leagues. It contains the top division from: -Victoria -NSW -Northern NSW -Queensland -South Australia -Western Australia -ACT -Tasmania Each team plays each team from their division twice, with the winner of the league moving onto the NPL Playoffs in a knockout competition with each round across two legs to eventually crown the winner of the NPL. I also set up the FFA Cup to pick the correct teams (I change the spots allocated to each league but I think it is a bit more fair now), the dates the matches are played on are incorrect because I couldn't tell it to play the matches outside the team dates. Future Updates: -Hopefully set up promotion/relegation Handy Tips: -Don't add fake players to teams (this can really throw out your finances) -Add key staff (most teams don't have any staff and they can be difficult to find) Installation: -Put the file in Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2015/editor data Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/af82yoa32523e8b/NPL_B348B7CB-F6D3-41DC-AEB1-7567688DF461.fmf
  6. Hi, I am trying to make a finals series cup for my custom league. I have made it with custom knockout stages and that works how I want it to. I have set it to start directly after the league finishes, but what I am having trouble with is getting it to use teams based on where they finished on the table. The only options in the editor are seeded on reputation and random. Anybody have any ideas?
  7. Is it possible to change it from showing the teams logos to showing the teams kits
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