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  1. IS there an easy way to copy the player/staff ID number? Must I Write /memorize the ID down then edit the pic?
  2. I'm playing in MLS. Why does the transfer offer screen differ when approaching a MLS player from when I make an offer on an international? When approaching an international I get the relevant perimeters of my resources (# of internationals allowed and remaining, salary cap, & most importantly - what the other squad is looking for). After making a transfer offer in this screen I get at least some dialog on how we stand. When approaching an MLS player I get info on my remaining allocation money and that's about it . After making a transfer under this screen I get Rejection/Acceptance
  3. I'm playing solitaire in the MLS trying to make a trade. All I am getting is "Rejected" Granted it may be difficult to make a trade however I have no idea if my offer is even near that which is required. Any type of feedback from the opposition would be helpful. I believe in previous versions there would be an indication of what the other team is looking for
  4. When I create a set piece does it then apply to all my tactics or just the tactic I am training within?
  5. I usually do. But is this a "normal" occurrence when using this tactic?
  6. Relatively successful with this tactic but Assistant advises 2-3 times a match that we are being out numbered at midfield. any advise?
  7. Press the "show position" button instead of the "show player" button in the upper corner just above the grid
  8. I win but...... I have a record of 5-1-1 since having the tactic listed a fluid. I am being constantly out shot but yet I win. Last match against 16th place Newcastle - my 4th place Hull was out shot 24-8 yet won by a score of 5-1- (2 goals were had by Pks). I also lose the possession game by 5%- 7% My lone loss was a 6-1 embarrassment. While I'm winning matches I'm losing faith in this tactic. Is this the way others are winning? BTW, When I use a modified Steaton's 'Total Annihilation' 4231 I also win but typically get over 20 shots and win the possession %
  9. Let me re-phrase. When I am creating, or modifying, a tactic prior to a match one of my options on top is to click on Opposition Instructions. There I 'Set Overall Instructions" for Tight Marking, Tackling,Closing Down, Show Foot etc. Let's say I make changes/entries to every position. The grid position and the instructions now turn Red and the clearly state my intentions to Tackle - Hard, Close Mark - Always, etc. However upon later starting a match with the same tactic, and moving on to the Opposition Instructions - none of the above mentioned selections are visible. All grid selectio
  10. When I make changes in the Opposition Instructions prior to a Match the selections remain there, however once entering the Match -and then going to Oppostition Instructions -none of the changes appear under the OI (all players have unmarked/blank instructions) is this normal or do I have to change things? Also do the changes in OI remain for all Tactics I use? This seems to be the case.
  11. Added tactic mid season (Jan 2015) with Hull. Won 2-0 over West Ham. Was destroyed by QPR 5-2 - worse loss every.
  12. Click "V" on a tactic you have already selected in the tactics screen. Select "Mange Selections" on the bottom & import from your skins folder.
  13. The changes in the Opposition Instructions remain set up to Team selection, once entering the Match none of the changes appear under the OI (all players have unmarked/blank) is this normal or do I have to change things? Also do the changes in OI remain for all Tactics I use? This seems to be the case.
  14. I noticed most skins offer a zoom down level at 95% and 75% but only a Zoom up level at 125%. Is it possible to offer Zoom up increments of 5% (ie 105, 110, 115)? It always seems 100% is just a tad too small for these eyes, and 125 knocks off too many panels which i enjoy having.
  15. Thanks. Here's the link to Scorpio fix http://www.mediafire.com/download/tj7syyl2wmex2sa/Scorpio+settings+update.7z
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