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  1. One of the best regens ive seen

    They sign a professional contract when they are 17 dude. Which would be a bigger wage which would have been negotiated when he signed. Learn the game.
  2. Title says it all.. I want the dark skin but dont want steam.. How do i get it?
  3. Fantastic post, lot of good ideas.. Would definitely improve the game.
  4. Football Manager T-shirts

    Why are all the shirts £15.. but the ball £14.99.. I'd rather it just be £15 personally, the penny is annoying.
  5. Can not express how grateful and happy I am that dynamic league reputation is in.. So happy, you've absolutely made my day, can not wait to go and buy this. Fantastic job boys. I love you all.
  6. Paying 25 quid for a data update and some surface features that add balls all to the gameplay is a joke.. Years this has been requested, and simply wont be wasting the money this year if its no in.
  7. Simple. Requested for years, THE feature most people want, ludicrous if it isnt in.
  8. FM 11 Details

    Agreed, and dynamic prize money.
  9. Had this thought myself, definately in favour of it. Aswell as dynamic league reputations and therefore prize money changing for leagues and so on..
  10. Too good to turn down?

    If you started a game with the intention of staying with them a long time.. The fact Real offered you the job doesnt matter, reject. .. and start a new save with Real lol.
  11. Paying off debts?

    Yeah, spose, fair point.
  12. Every club has debts from loans/gifts/transfers.. All these are implemented in the game, yet when we gather millions upon millions, we never have the option to just pay any of this off and take the strain off of our monthly outgoings.. Why?
  13. Official FM2010: Rate My Regen

    Isaev Definately.