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  1. Nah not really, I signed one CM and won the league with a record total and only one defeat. We're overpowered I think. Fulham and Blackburn seemed very strong on my save as well and ran me close
  2. Started playing last week with the free trial, loving it, not played in years. Coming into Jan of season 3 with Leeds, went up with a record points haul first season, only signing Comesana and Gilmer (loan) in the first window then when clear I signed Watkins in Jan to bed him in for the prem. Managed to get fourth place in prem first season up. No one else seemed to want it so we snuck in with Chelsea losing 4 of their last 5 to gift it to us! Team is currently as follows Matthew Ryan J Shack - White - Holding - Panzo KP Neto - Eze - Ntcham - Costa Hee-Chan Kenne
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