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  1. Nah not really, I signed one CM and won the league with a record total and only one defeat. We're overpowered I think. Fulham and Blackburn seemed very strong on my save as well and ran me close
  2. Started playing last week with the free trial, loving it, not played in years. Coming into Jan of season 3 with Leeds, went up with a record points haul first season, only signing Comesana and Gilmer (loan) in the first window then when clear I signed Watkins in Jan to bed him in for the prem. Managed to get fourth place in prem first season up. No one else seemed to want it so we snuck in with Chelsea losing 4 of their last 5 to gift it to us! Team is currently as follows Matthew Ryan J Shack - White - Holding - Panzo KP Neto - Eze - Ntcham - Costa Hee-Chan Kenneh has gone to Germany on loan, Alfie M broke his leg last season so is on loan at Sheff Utd (Prem). Signed Reyna from Dortmund who is doing wonders off the bench, Bogusz is coming along great too. Big Kev still on the bench but Troy Parrott is joining in Jan so I'll look to move him on! Cooper is back up still as well but starting to get unhappy. Gotts is my back up RB to try and keep some originals in
  3. Looks like this tactic http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/403328-Nikigreat-s-It-s-a-Wing-Thing
  4. Every time there's a cross into the box I concede, playing a back 4, tried with wingers and narrow diamond, anyone else having this problem with Leeds?
  5. 3rd season, 6th in Prem and an FA Cup win. Guddetti has left to Newcastle for 11mil, and my 5* Regen to Arsenal in a 20mil deal (Release Clause, but I have a 4 and a half* one to replace), but I'm pretty annoyed about losing him
  6. Been taken over by a guy who wants to float us on the stockmarket, very exciting...
  7. Finished 6th first season in prem, no europe though, and only 12mil to play with again which makes it a challenge!
  8. Lars Gulpen my 200k signing last year won the Golden boy after half a year in the Prem! Just signed this kid
  9. Right, I only got 10mil for prem assault and no one really wanted to join, but I'm doing quiet well actually, my best 11 at the moment is: Kongshavn Masi - Strandberg - Milosevic Tie-Bi Byram --- Battaglia --- Digne Gulpen Berahino - Stracqualursi Investing in coaching in youth for now until my rep is up, currently 5th after 6 games though.
  10. IRL into fm I'd say we'd playing GK CB - CB - CB CWB ------------------CWB B2B - DLP - CM (S) TM - F9/AF But Mowatt isn't good enough to play CM (S) or be in the team
  11. I won the league first season, just putting together my prem team which I shall post later, if anyone wants to see my transfers from championship I'll post them too
  12. Anyone playing as Leeds? Who are the best bargains for the Championship? I've signed Jilian Hamad for RW and been impressed so far, he was under 50k
  13. So spending spree over we're left with this team Heinz Byram - Lees - Hutchinson - White Vass - Romero Redmond - Knockart - Snodgrass Austin Upon promotion I will sign another gk, cb, cm and winger and begin to plan my assault on the prem
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