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  1. Spot on mate: I noticed the same change and I would truly welcome some form of 'suitability assessment tool' directly visible in the tactic screen
  2. thanks for chipping in mate! out of curiosity: any idea why they decided to remove it?
  3. hey guys, in previous FMs every player in the tactical screen had an indicator, generally next to their name, that would suggest how well the payer was suited to the role (normally a circle). Is it missing in FM2, is it a bug or is there a way to activate it? I really miss it!! thanks
  4. I just wanted to know when you guys will start your proper FM20 game...i'm not sure yet
  5. Apologies if this has been asked before. Just a quick question: how does FM20 runs in comparison to FM19? Is the processing faster or slower in FM20? the question is not related to the match engine but to the actual in between matches processing. cheers
  6. Similarly to some of you I’ve used the editor to boost up rivals when fm18 got too easy
  7. Any chance us, the ‘beta people’ will get a chance to download the release day patch earlier?
  8. do you think there will be any chance 'the patch' will be dropped sooner than 2nd November?
  9. Not game breaking but still very annoying...mmm I’m puzzled now, maybe I’ll wait too
  10. That’s an annoying bug. Wouldn’t the patch fax it for beta saves too?
  11. That’s an annoying bug. Wouldn’t the patch fax it for beta saves too?
  12. Apart from last minute data being added/corrected (staff, players, fixtures etc), isn't it that all the fixes/changes from the release patch automatically apply to the 'beta save' game?
  13. I’ve never lost the worry that if I carry on with the beta save something won’t be fixed ....I know it’s not the case but still.....
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