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  1. Euro 2012: 16 Teams and 2 Hosts

    this is the worst story I have ever read!
  2. Ha Ha yeh, this is one of my favorite threads KUTGW Crouchy
  3. Managing Bhutan - The team that won 'The Other Final'

    Interesting thread my man, definitely keeping up with this one
  4. A few England related questions.

    Cheers dude, your comment was much appreciated.
  5. Hi I am currently playing an England save, and I just wondered whether England ever move out of Wembley? Also do England ever host any international tournaments on your save? And one last one is it possible to have a son whilst managing a national side? Thanks in advance. WRIGHTYBOY
  6. ''''''''''''''''''''
  7. I don't really see the fun in cheating TBH. Hamilton I have a few questions for you.... if you can answer them?
  8. The MLS - Where Stars Go To End Their Career

    Also second question, how many people send there stars out on loan?
  9. The MLS - Where Stars Go To End Their Career

    If i managed L.A Galaxy, how easy would i be able to sign Thierry Henry?
  10. Striker Partnerships

    What is a Trequista ?