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  1. I've tried that as well. downloaded new skins especially for fm18 but still no look
  2. I've recently moved over from fm17 to fm18, and I've moved all my skins and graphics over to their new location. everything works great apart from the skins I just can't get them to appear. my cache is disabled I've even deleted it via the library (running osx) however nothing I do works. can some kind soul please help, I'm losing my mind haha cheers
  3. Nope this is the only monitor and sadly it happens in both windowed and full screen
  4. I just quit the game and went back into it, and the same issue happened again. Will I have to repeat the process every time I want to play footy manager?
  5. Still doesn't exist, when you type it in noting comes up and searching manually it doesn't appear under the user name
  6. It says macintosh hd > library > application support
  7. It's a Mac mini which is directly plugged into tv via hdmi. I've gone to application supports and the sports interactive folder doesn't exist.
  8. After reinstalling the game I'm having major issues the screen has zoomed in and is unresponsive to keyboard and mouse can anyone advise cheers
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