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  1. I've seen and owned better regens. Bought one Argentine for less than one mil and sold him for his minimum fee of £27.5m to Barca. Meh. This is my favourite. Bought for £47,000 from Airdrie. First team almost immediately. I'm also Scotland manager and in spite of the near nepotism given his age he's the best rated player for Scotland after Ryan Gauld. Whaddaya think?
  2. Oh I'd also like to say some words about Jamar Loza. He's scored 14 goals in 15 games. Given he was signed because Rooney was out injured, and given than Rooney has scored twice all season (both in one game) Loza is our main goal threat. Also thus far in January we've also signed Jon Daoi Bodvarsson and Rasmus Schuller on freebies and Dan Burn has agreed a pre-contract.
  3. I'm sorry for the negative approach from the first few posts. I was angry and wanted to share it with the world. Things have gone a lot better since, and I'm going to update this again. If a Mod would like to change the name of the thread, feel free. I'm NOT **** and I know it. Since losing away against Inverness, it's not been easy. We've had a lot of injuries. Nial McGinn came to me complaining about a lack of first team football. I tried playing him but he didn't do so well. So he asked for a transfer. I sold him to Toluca for £525,000. Andy Considine complained of needing a new challenge
  4. Aberdeen FC, the second best team in Scotland, have not won a game in 2.5 months. I'm **** and I know it!
  5. Another game, another loss. Inverness CT (A) 0-1. Literally seconds away from giving up.
  6. The League Cup results are in. Aberdeen got an easy draw against Queen of the South. Albeit away. Queen ot South (A) 1-4. Yep. We lost. We didn't even play remotely well. We might as well have given up four minutes in. If we don't win soon, I'm going back to FM14. No joke.
  7. [Just bought FM16 last week. Been loving FM14 and didn't want to give it up. Now I wish I didn't. Not loving FM16 so far. This is a rant/fair declaration of why I love AND hate this game.] So I took over Aberdeen. Of course I did. I've had other teams I've loved. In order of loving it goes Havre Athletic, Leverkusen, Atalanta, Jonkopings Sodra. But I couldn't say no to Aberdeen. We're good this year! Or...are we? European schedule has killed my team. We entered the Europa League in the first round. Against Balzan of Malta. We won 2-0 away and 5-0 at home. Easy. Then a proper challenge. FC C
  8. Luck is a positive virus. You only contract it on occasion, much like the common cold. Didn't anyone watch the encyclopaedia Red Dwarf?
  9. Nowt special but En Avant de Guingamp (currently mid table in Ligue 1) are now mid table in CFA -D in my game. And Lazio have been a Serie B fixture for years too. I'm playing FM14 in season 2023/24.
  10. France and Germany jump out to me as the two main countries you haven't managed in. I've enjoyed long term games in both countries, granted not as long as 2045. Both countries will have outstanding youngsters and the teams can compete for the ECC. Those would be my suggestions anyway.
  11. 2,660 hours here, but again mine is on in the background a lot too. For instance while I'm browsing this forum.
  12. Genuine question, is there still a disc copy of FM15 going to be available? I currently don't have the means of buying a copy online (in the midst of changing banks, RBS are being difficult) and can only use cash. I can still activate on Steam though.
  13. [Thanks tenthree!] PRIVATE AND CONFIDENTIAL Havre AC - Season 2021-22 Team Report Here it was, in black in white, Delmotte was nothing but organised. But then, he'd been here as long as my father had been. I couldn't argue much with the team I had. After all, we were champions. But I did have some ideas. But what would this fantastic team of winners think of my nobody's opinion? Goalkeepers Koen Casteels (29) – The first choice for five years following his arrival from Club Brugge. The Belgian international is a key figure. Alphonse Areola (28) – Only been at the club for 7 months, sign
  14. LIKE FATHER LIKE SON [Author’s note: This is my first attempt at a story, I’ve been reading these stories for a while now and was inspired to write my own, I’m an entirely amateur writer. This is based on a long term save that I’ve taken off on a tangent for the purposes of this story. I’ve tried to adhere to the rules as much as I could, if I haven’t please tell me. Feedback is also appreciated.] JULY 2021 We, our family, knew about it before anyone else did of course. Mr Johnny Walker, the pride of Le Havre, was in the late stages of kidney failure. After an illustrious career in manageme
  15. I doubt this would be worth the trouble. Most modern computers will run FM. I have two, my low end will still run it, albeit not so great, but my high end one is four years old and still runs all modern games perfectly including FM14.
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