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  1. Either sit tight and hope you can give them a contract later on (they may improve enough to be considered for a WP or gain international experience) or sell them. A lesson learned I guess. Be a bit more careful when signing non EU players
  2. Bring back the good old ...

    That's the real world of football for you, complaining to the media is pointless.
  3. Bring back the good old ...

    It didn't actually cost them a European place in reality(they finished 8 points adrift), but possibly extra money from finishing higher up the table. Had his decisions been different, who knows how the game would have changed, maybe Rangers would have won 4-3. Levein just threw his dummy out the pram and should be punished. As for within FM, I don't see the point of having a "complain about the ref" addition, what will that actually add to the enjoyment of the game? It certainly won't add realism.
  4. Is it a bug?

    Wait they won it in 2000 too, scrap my theory.
  5. Is it a bug?

    Perhaps it is referring to the Champions League, as opposed to the European Cup. They won the CL in 1998 and 2002, previous victories were prior to the format change. I can only assume that this is the case, but for me is wrong as it is ultimately the same ie European Champions=European Champions
  6. The game lets you do this, but it is still cheating. You have clearly convinced yourself that you are not a cheat, but as you are not playing an online clan then I suppose it doesn't matter.
  7. It's Been Fun....I'll Miss You

    I'm an ex smoker myself so I know exactly what I'm talking about. It took over a year for me to say with confidence that I had quit for good. Not to be a downer but 8 weeks is nothing. ps I'm 28, have been playing FM/CM for roughly 15 years and see no reason to give it up. Don't play as much as I used to, but found joining a clan made the game more enjoyable. I barely play outwith the clan these days, it's not as much fun.
  8. It's Been Fun....I'll Miss You

    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">Originally posted by bytheway: thanks guys, wasn't expexting replies. I assure you i won't be back anytime soon. maybe in a few years or so. i have strong will power. quit smoking 8 weeks ago on will power alone. no patches, sticks, nothing. I had been smoking since i was a kid too. i'll just focus my attention on something else. Anyways, Bye Guys and enjoy your games. </div></BLOCKQUOTE> No one can honestly say they have quit smoking after just 8 weeks, you are only in the process of quitting. I'll give him 6-7 months of no FM, then a new season will have come around, with new exciting transfers and board take-overs and he'll be back for 2009.
  9. F.a cup shocks

    apparently the rule changed after the Cup Winners Cup was scrapped. Cardiff could have qualified for that according to Skysports, but not the UEFA for some reason
  10. FMO Help Thread - Ask All Your Questions In Here!!!!

    Sorry mate, you already said that didn't you?!. Cheers again though I've been off the forums recently and a bit rusty
  11. FMO Help Thread - Ask All Your Questions In Here!!!!

    thats what we feared, ah well, just have to add a session here and there to get through it quicker. Cheers for the quick reply. What about the post Dec. 12 games that have yet to be chosen for TV? Would they still be moved, or will they now stay at the same time as the other games(ie Sat. 3pm) now that we all have the box unchecked?
  12. FMO Help Thread - Ask All Your Questions In Here!!!!

    This might be one for the editors hide-away, but I'm posting here too as it has too do with clan play. I'm part of a 7 member clan. We just started season 3 and discovered that fixtures up until Dec. 12th had been moved for TV. It turned out that one of our memebrs did not uncheck the "move matches for TV" box. Online gaming is slow enough, but now it might be unbearable with all the games being played at different times and days. Is there a way to solve this problem, and/or now that the member has unchecked the box, will the fixtures after Dec. 12th not be moved. Cheers.
  13. F.a cup shocks

    Cardiff can qualify through the cups, but won't should they ever finish high enough in th EPL.
  14. I think it has become apparent that the 2008 testers were pathetic. I hope theres a completely new team for 2009.
  15. For the record, you can score from corners on 8.0.1, just don't put any players on the near post and your corner taker will cross to other areas. Sadly we lost almost half our online clan because we chose to stick with 8.0.1, due to this corner issue.