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  1. I had seen him in only a few games over last few years before this Euro and always got impression that despite being a decent player he likes to argue, gesticulate and generally be a clown much more often than actually help his team. Because of that I had always seen him as a wannabe Ibra with less skills and brains. I was wrong, he's simply an idiot. I always laugh at guys like that who refer to "their" nation while playing for another. In this case if he feels a proud Serbian, why is he wearing an Austrian shirt? Similarly stupid in Euro 2016 when an Albanian playing for Switzerland (Sh
  2. Did you have them set to man mark opposition players other than nos 18 & 14?
  3. Hi there, not something new as it's been noted in previous FM versions. My team had a corner and, as is common, both my FB's stayed back near halfway line. After clearance the opposition launched a counter attack during which my FB's should logically a) try and stop the player on the ball and/or b) position themselves to help interrupt it and cover potential pass recipients as much as possible. However instead they opted to c) LEAVE A PLAYER UNMARKED in the centre circle who was now closest to my goal and d) RUSH AWAY FROM THE BALL towards opposition wingers they were instructed to m
  4. + Anyone knows whether this is because I play FM Touch or it shouldn't matter?
  5. Only tried for the AM a few times and for that the effects would not be as easy to spot, but to be fair I can't recall any significant improvement in his rating. Probably went from 6.5 to 6.8 sometimes but can't remember for sure. While with the PF/a (or AF/a that I also used when playing more on counter) quite a few times it was like from 6.3-6.5 to 7+ after a few chances and some goals scored. Not a rule though, sometimes the striker will have his day off and you can't do much.
  6. Works fine in my setup. Maybe they don't bang two goals each in every game, or they don't get 7.5 ratings constantly but I wouldn't say it doesn't work if it gets me average and good results individually and for the team. What I often tweak is adding Roaming to the PF/a if I see him struggle, especially vs 3 CB's.
  7. Playing with CM/d + DLP/s + AM/s possibly COULD let you control games more. I've got a lot of possession with it but I use IW/s and IF/a on the wings and my team is one of the top spot contenders in a strong league... Regardless, keep in mind that having control in the middle might lead to fewer attacks and therefore fewer goals scored so your results could become worse. In other words, it's not as simple as "I'll change a role or two and then I'll have the same good results PLUS I'll control the games". And yeah, as others said, Mezzala even on support is not a good idea in 4231. I'
  8. Here I am, a bit later than I had hoped but that's what you get with work to be done and a newborn at home. Plus there were a few other matches before our San Paolo stadium saw a really defensive team on which I could do some testing. Hellas Verona with their 5221WB (3CB+2WB+2CM+2AM+1ST) and Fluid Counter Attack. Of course it's not a "proper" test or analysis (many here are far better at this than me) but still playing four times the same game allowed me to spot some differences, one or two odd things and most importantly come up with a decision on roles and shouts for games like thi
  9. I will shortly do some testing with suggestions from all of you, but in the meantime here is my formation screenshot, as requested by @Experienced Defender Some role adjustments have been done already (CM/d was BWM/d and DLF/a was PF/a previously) but this is more or less what I would try for my next home game. Things to note: - when Demme plays at LCM spot he seems to do better as BWM/d than CM/d (Bakayoko doesn't dive into tackles) - considering also Dribble Less and Be More Expressive TI's - possibly the BPD role for Koulibaly makes more sense for those games where we are more
  10. @Experienced Defender as I said, I'll get to my FM laptop later so will do the screenshot then. Higher D-line is mentioned at the top. LoE I like to keep on Standard, only situationally higher or lower, avoiding its extreme settings. By the way, is it generally advisable to stretch the DL-LoE distance when facing more "vertical" styles (Route One, Direct Counter, Vertical Tiki-Taka) or best to shift them both simultaneously?
  11. Thanks @Lordluap. I actually use the RPM + AM/s option in some games (my bad I didn't highlight this "plan B" clearer on my formation) but would need to observe it a bit more to come up with fair conclusions. With the RPM on the same side would you advise changing right WB to FB or not necessarily? Very few teams leave more than one ST upfront so 2x CD + BWM/d should be enough as defensive cover plus I want Di Lorenzo to often help offensively. But on the other hand that is how most Italian teams play - draw us in and hit on a counter. Re PF/s - I had tried it for both my strikers but it was
  12. fair point @apaat, didn't realise how long the post became until after I finished then came back to the topic
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