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  1. Sorry to jump in, question to you Smurf. Would you think the Huawei you just linked will handle some light Photoshop and CorelDraw work (kit creation and preparing files for printing but only occasionally so comfortable use would be OK, doesn't have to be lightning speed)? Would extra RAM help it for that purpose or would it be irrelevant?
  2. Totally makes sense. One of the things that shouldn't be omitted in FMT.
  3. Once again many thanks for your help @kevhamster. The search continues
  4. This is useful and positive info, thanks. Can you say a little bit more what you do in PS? Just wonder if it's roughly similar to my fiddling. Exactly, my biggest worry and I'm still not any wiser Is this info normally given in laptop specs? Thinking about it I might consider 16 GB with another slot free for future upgrade to 32 GB if it can help using PS.
  5. Hi all, I would like to start with a great THANK YOU to those few users (@Smurf, @kevhamster, @Gangor, plus others more active on previous pages) that patiently keep giving lots of advice to people asking in this thread which also let me make a shortlist of what should be suitable for me. I knew pretty much nothing before reading this topic but now am able to do at least a bit of homework before asking you some questions. BUDGET: £600-700 would be great if good vfm, but prepared to go near £800-850 with some help from those Buy Now Pay Later or Paypal 0% Credit deals. Hoping to buy a
  6. Whatever you leave ticked and pick manually will overwrite or add to those greyed out set by your AM.
  7. You're right re the name Classic. It would possibly help in a way that older players could be easier tempted to play it as the nostalgia for old CM/early FM is quite strong among some, maybe also those overwhelmed by all the details in the full fat would try it. But on the other hand those who want to play on tablet wouldn't have a clue that Classic is directed at them without specifically looking for that information. The name Touch makes that suggestion right away. I imagine it's better for sales as it is and that matters the most.
  8. The above is correct IMO. If you arrange a friendly you pay the other team (fee), no matter home or away. Income always means YOUR income. Whether it works like that in real football as well I am not sure but I guess it does more or less.
  9. Pretty sure you can only call up a replacement until a certain number of days before the first match. If someone gets injured between both games or very shortly before the first then you can't and I think it's the same in real life.
  10. Re the latter - I think number of scouts depends on your club's stature and/or finances. IIRC at Napoli I had 7 or 9 scouts while after taking over at AS Beziers (French Ligue 2) I only have 4. Pretty sure the previous season I had only 3, if in fact it was increased then I can't remember any info about the extra slot filled.
  11. And why would it bother you really? You'll always find people who like to voice their opinion without much or any knowledge about the subject. Some people think Touch is for smartphones... I never went back to full version since FM2015 as I can only play 2-4 hours per session, and that's not even every day. So FMT + laptop + quite a few leagues is the best combination for me, not bothered with cross-saves or portability. But I don't feel any need to convince others on forums or facebook that the Touch version is better, especially that those guys are probably on average 20 years younger t
  12. Tbh I don't really get why someone who wants to implement their idea would even worry about what the game tells him against it. It's only there as a guide, why not just play a few games with two BWM role in the middle and see what happens? If it works then great! I often have some orange/red areas in my setups but it's in places where I am happy to sacrifice and instead prefer to be more solid or dangerous somewhere else on the pitch. Works for me fine even though I'm far from best FM tacticians.
  13. Haven't played for too long but already noticed that the popup for picking a penalty taker has been taken away. Another thing is not enough info in opposition scouting. At least we should be able to see their passing style, d-line or generally playing style, their players' passing stats per game to work out who their playmaker is and conceded/scored goal types. Unless it's there but I just can't find it
  14. @rafaelbenitez You probably misread as @seventytwo was asking about a National League team which is lower division in England therefore nothing to do with unlocking National Management.
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