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  1. I second most opinions here. Got fed up with full FM2011 cos it took me ages to play three seasons then had a break until FM2015 when I went straight to Classic version and never looked back. By the way, is FMT included in the full FM2020 (boxed version)? I just spotted it for a good price so might buy it and only play Touch. Cheaper than anywhere I've seen online for FMT download atm.
  2. TBF I had quite a few goals scored as well as conceded from low crosses in FM16 and 19. Haven't played the versions in between.
  3. I have qualified for EURO 2024 and wanted to play four friendlies which is pretty much standard for national teams before Euros or World Cup but except for two dates in March I only have available one in June which is one day AFTER the tournament starts. This is unrealistic and doesn't make any sense, normally there should be an international window late May or early June depending on when exactly the tournament starts, I think it's when teams still have 30 players in the pool before they announce their final 23-man squads. Similar issue before World Cup 2022 - usual dates in October not available, IIRC there was only one about three days before the first tournament game. Euro 2020 seemed to be OK. Can this be fixed for FM2020 release date or an update? Or FM2021 would be earliest possible now?
  4. Set pieces are generally messed up in FM. A slight change in players' positioning before a game can lead to a total revolution for where they are placed for a set piece, quite often I end up with one taker plus eight other players available, wtf? Or my DR suddenly going across the pitch to take a throw in on the left! (of course he or his position is not set up to do it). What I do is I have a set of routines saved for my default 442 formation and before each game I have to load it manually (even if I play unchanged 442) and then swap players how I wish, sometimes just because my MC may switch positions for one game and one of them is really good/poor at headers or because I use my small playmaker on a wing instead of centre. I usually have to do it only for attacking corners, these seem to be broken most often. I don't know a way to set it up once and never touch again and to be fair I am not sure how it is possible for SI to make this part easier. Realistically, even if you make a half time substitution and bring on a tall forward instead of a pacey one, you'll likely have to alter your routine to help him score from or defend opposition set pieces during last 45 mins anyway, isn't it? I fully agree that for free kicks it's far too much faff, some or all of FK types or even throw-ins should have an option to copy a routine from corners (eg indirect from a wing). And there should be an option to let your Assistant set it up according to his expertise + your players skillls + common sense like full backs staying back for corners, taller guys in the box, one or two long shooter outside pen area etc. Then you could either leave it as it is or if you think a change here or there will make it better you can alter it. Simples.
  5. Totally understand and glad that this or similar issues will be looked into with the new version in mind.
  6. I thought Move into Channels means vertical but only between FB and CB? That's how I understand it from watching the clip focusing on it by @Rashidi EDIT: Disregard that, I think I see what you mean now, but also tried it and didn't work. I think it's because most of the PI were tested with AM or AP on support so now I have to experiment with a bit more knowledge and a fresh approach thanks to feedback in this topic.
  7. Explained in my response to Carrera earlier although I might give it a go again eventually. No. Only "plays one-twos" and "likes to lob keepers". And he's nicknamed LEWY... Lewa could only be a girl's nickname in Polish Every day is a lesson... thanks for clarifying this and for your other points! It means I expected from that position/role something that I shouldn't have. Regarding the Enganche role, it won't give the horizontal movement that I also want. But anyway I had based my assumptions on previous FMs where Enganche had attack duty, I also thought it couldn't have "Get further forward" added while it now actually can. My bad for missing it without closer look. In FM19 this role might be closest to what I want so will probably experiment with it a bit and if I'm not satisfied then will revert to 442... although reluctantly
  8. Thanks for all your input Carrera, much appreciated. As I mentioned in the first post, I tried that PI but without success. Valid question re 442 but I have a few reasons why not, for example: I'm trying to recreate the system used succesfully by Poland in recent years My wings are more suited to using AML/R rather than ML/R I used it in another save for so long that now I simply want to try something else When I actually used it once or twice I was overrun in midfield even by weaker sides
  9. That's why I want Lewy to be the AM and another less creative striker upfront (Piatek or Milik usually). The other way round it doesn't work, the supply is not there so have to rely on Lewy's brilliance and hope for good moves from the wings. Hence the aim is: someone else scorer + Lewy creator (who can also score) behind him. I noticed the AM/AP is closer to where I want him on attack duty but the downsides are: 1) he doesn't contribute enough in defending phases which can be crucial against 442 or good teams with a DM, 2) means two attack duties too close to each other with ST on attack or bumping into ST on support. I think what I'm looking for is an AM that drops back when we defend to put some pressure on opp MC's or DM but when we attack he moves forward between opp MC's and CB's where he asks for the ball to create something or score himself. At the moment what I see is more or less the opposite.
  10. Playing as Poland I had my last game in Nations League B away against Sweden. They had 7 pts, I had 6 so obviously a draw guarantees them promotion. They played 442 until around 85th minute when with 1-1 scoreline they switched to... attacking 424 (?!?!). They nearly got caught as I then had a good chance from a counter which was now easier to get going than before as the game became more open. Throughout the match they were slightly more dominating so I shouldn't think they did that to counter some serious threat from me or that they thought the opposite: "we're so much better than them, let's just smash them, they can't harm us really". Seems like a totally illogical tactical change. Can someone from SI confirm whether the AI can think in "a draw is a win here" categories at all? If it can then I guess there is a bug with the Nations League, possibly also with other international competitions. If not and analogical situations are common in club management then it would make FM very unrealistic quite often near the end of league season, wouldn't it? Link with the save just before the match: https://we.tl/t-Mu830a9HNy
  11. PF I think I did, but he's best as CF or DLF. P would be a waste for such an all round forward. And playing Lewy upfront won't solve the issue as whoever is the AM will still drop back too deep and too often.
  12. Dear tactical gods, please enlighten me and relieve from my misery... I'm managing Poland and trying to make best use of three good forwards at my disposal which means I want to give Lewandowski a more creative role behind more advanced striker in my 4231 wide system. Unfortunately either as AMs or APs he doesn't do what he's supposed to positionally as he goes back really deep. It's strange as with the APs role it clearly contradicts the in-game description (and common sense). It says he operates between opp midfield and defence while actually he's closer to being between their midfield and forwards, quite often he comes back near my penalty area to get the ball despite a DLP also present! Even if I play against a system without a DM it's no different so I don't think he's looking for space. He behaves like Regista in AM position. His movement and positioning is better on attack duty but that has other downsides so trying to avoid it. The same problem happens with other players in this spot but none of them have individual traits or poor attributes to encourage this kind of behaviour, I just don't get it. I don't want him to play Second Striker (less creative) or Enganche (too static) and Treq role made it worse. Some of the things I tried that didn't work: - PI Get further forward - PI Roam from position on/off - PI Mark specific position DM (not player!) hoping it would get him to the intended position sooner after we get the possession - various roles for my striker (usually TM, PF or AF) thinking it might affect AM's behaviour but no - switching to Striker on support + AM on attack doesn't seem to create much and they get too close to each other far too often without causing any threat - Lewy does much better as CFa but then the AM is still quite far apart so I think goals from that were more due to Lewy's individual quality rather than teamwork and support from others. Anything else I should test before kicking a fuss about a possible bug? I've got my last game save where it's easily seen for most of the time so I can upload it if someone is happy to check it out.
  13. Can I suggest making squad numbering available for clubs at any stage before submission deadline for the season? So in practice no friendlies with 1-11 numbers. Also it should be available for international management. Most national teams use numbers 1-23 while some (eg England) stick to 1-11 so ideally this should be available to change during international window before each match because of bigger squad rotation. Unlike for clubs where they have to submit and keep numbers for the whole season. With all this, AI teams should assign numbers (for national teams as well as after a club transfer) according to: 1) player's preference; 2) player's club number; 3) common sense I know it's a bit OCD but I just hate seeing C.Ronaldo wearing 6 or Harry Kane 11... and having to play with 1-11 is my worst nightmare. I refuse to go to a psychologist, he won't understand The "untick" option should be available for those who don't care
  14. Hi Playing as Cracovia and my DM Damian Dabrowski got a red card (second yellow) vs Piast then was available to play (came on off the bench) in the next league match vs Legia. Uploaded my save (just before Legia match so while the suspension should be active) into the Cloud through a link found in another bug thread. Has my name followed by Cracovia in the filename.
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