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  1. @freakydancin as it's been mentioned above you don't have to pay monthly subscription as you can buy the game from Microsoft Store instead. I have never used it but looking at it it's not much different from buying via Steam. Having said that I'm personally leaning towards trying out the full FM demo when it comes and delegating whatever possible to see how it plays before making decision whether/what to buy.
  2. Thanks @Neil Brock, I knew I could but my question was more about how much "stripped down" full FM can be by ticking/unticking preferences. Only because I haven't played full version since 2011 or something like that so was hoping for answers from others that maybe tried a similar approach. Good shout about the demo, will have to try it at some point I guess but still handy to have some info beforehand. I personally hope that full FM will become fully adjustable through preferences to the point where we could play "like FMT" but with full player database, proper competition rules and being able to play custom leagues and use the editor. I guess if SI do a research among FMT users that could well be a general conclusion (although still it's only my guess).
  3. Prompted by the sad news today about no FMT22 I have to ask although probably someone already has in the past: Is it / will it be possible to reduce full fat FM roughly to the level of FMT in terms of what you need to bother with (ie. transfers, tactics, brief 1-2 questions instead of boring conferences, simplified training & interactions with players/staff etc.). If it is doable I wouldn't mind slightly longer processing times than FMT had and would happily pay the full FM price just to play it in a more streamlined manner.
  4. Thanks for your input @YAMS and @Johnny Ace. Lots of good advice in the other topic linked by @alerosso as well. I did something I don't normally do, ie restarted the whole season. Naughty I know but I thought it's probably my last career in FM21 so make it more fun from the start. Adjusted my tactic and it is now: * If Saka plays as AMR instead of Munir he's IW/s. * Low Crosses are changed to Mixed against CD's with poor heading and/or GK poor in the air, as long as our ST is not useless at it. In general I'm quite happy with how we play vs weaker / average teams and don't complain about odd slip ups here or there since it makes the game realistic IMO. However I feel we don't make it difficult at all for better teams as we're usually hammered by them and only manage to threaten them late in the game when losing by one or two goals. I know it's understandable vs Man City, Liverpool, Man Utd etc but when playing Leicester at home they too easily dominated possession, controlled the game and again only very late we had some good chance or two. Squad comparison was in my favour in almost all positions, I OI'd their most dangerous players and tried to squeeze the middle a bit to disrupt their preferred "control possession" 4231 system but nada... 1-2. I had a few more matches like this but I can't read the game well enough to spot and fix any clear issues. Any tips what could be done pre- and mid-game to try and dominate strong opponents? DM --> Anchorman? CMa --> BBM? WBs --> FBs? DLFs or IFs --> attack duty and aim for counters? Honestly no idea how to approach it... I don't mind losing tough games but 1-3 after an even match with chances on both ends would feel much better than being lucky to only lose 0-1 having been run round for 90 mins
  5. First of all, many thanks for visiting this thread no matter if you're here to help or looking for it due to having similar issues yourself. I'm playing my second season with Arsenal. The first one I finished in 5th place which is OK on one hand but slightly disappointing on the other as I was 2nd until final weeks but then had very tough opponents and got only 2 points in the last 5 games between various cup games. Did alright in the cups too although haven't won any in the end. The board wants me to play attacking and entertaining football so for most of the season I set up like this: Trying to make good use of my team's pace, technique, passing, teamwork, work rate, tackling, stamina and mitigate for not so great jumping, strength, aggression, bravery (except my CD's). Won't be surprised if someone points out some errors in my thinking here. For games against weaker defensive teams my BBM --> became CMa. For tough games to play more on the break CFs --> CFa / AFa / Poacher depending on who played upfront. When Tierney was not injured and in good enough form his role was FBa since he's not a great dribbler. William Carvalho was my default DM last season while Matip got to play more as DM only recently. Later in the season after a run of poorer results and with Arthur getting poor ratings I gave him APs role in some games, with mixed but acceptable results. In tougher away games mentality went down to Balanced or Cautious So... I was generally happy with my first season but then in 25/26 it all went downhill. I started more or less as bad as real Arsenal this year. Five straight losses although all against good and very good teams. Things didn't improve much afterwards and most teams, including Watford and Fulham, were able to outplay me even when I won a few odd games. It was so pathetic that I was genuinely happy and relieved after beating QPR 1-0 away and Stoke 2-0 at home, 20th and 19th team respectively. And even in those games it was difficult as they put up a good fight. The only positive was an even cup game away vs Man City, lost on penalties. Meanwhile the Europa League goes well as I'm on course to win the group ahead of Roma (2-1, 0-2), Rangers (1-0) and Ferencvaros (6-0, 4-0). I simply have no idea why I suddenly can't control games vs the likes of Fulham, Watford, QPR or at home Everton while a few months earlier I was able to outplay and/or beat Tottenham, Liverpool, Man Utd, even Man City didn't have it easy against me at the Emirates. On their turf it was a different story and usually they dominated me. Are there any obvious flaws in the tactic? I know the left side could be considered not protected enough but that wasn't a problem in the first season. It's not like teams suddenly play against me more defensively than last year since I was a favourite in most games already back then. I tried to have a closer look at the goals I concede but failed to see any specific patterns. Statistically it's through balls and that's a kind of calculated risk when playing offensively but there are still too many from crosses, long shots, set pieces, mistakes, you name it. Any clues and hints much appreciated so I could take them away and think of improvements.
  6. Pretty self-explanatory. For the former there should be a tick somewhere on tactics screen or/and a little pop-up before each corner or free kick in the last say 5 mins and injury time. Just like there is for changing a penalty taker. For the latter it would be good to see that behaviour in the game plus other things it would cause (such as occasional really nasty tackles on the ball-hoggers from more aggressive players frustrated due to being unable to win the ball) but hopefully it won't be overdone so the winning team would still go for a counter whenever they saw a good chance. I certainly don't want this to be like in the older FM versions where a player going 1-on-1 from halfway line quite often suddenly decided to go towards a corner
  7. I asked for it in the past, let's hope it was looked at and will be implemented. Shouldn't be too difficult to do, the game would just look at player's preferred number (each should have a few of those in some order but that's another story...) then at the ones they wear in their club. Agree with pretty much everything suggested in this tread. SI don't seem to realise that for many fans international football is very important, basically outside the countries with top leagues it seems to be much more important than within them. For many people a league season is long and boring so events like Euros, World Cup or even qualifiers are more exciting than following a typical league with max 4-5 top sides, as many strugglers and everyone else in between not fighting for anything from around January.
  8. +1 for this. I don't play enough to notice most of other stuff listed but that's not to say it shouldn't be looked at.
  9. They used to be actual scores up to a point where you start your game but aren't anymore. I believe it's because of potential licensing issues but not 100% sure.
  10. I said in the past that making set pieces routines is a pretty tedious task and then once during a match you swap some players in your normal tactic you end up with those routines completely messed up. There should be a "common sense" option to set them automatically so the best jumpers/headers on the pitch would always be in the most important spots. Efficiency of those set pieces should then depend on the quality of training and staff.
  11. I had seen him in only a few games over last few years before this Euro and always got impression that despite being a decent player he likes to argue, gesticulate and generally be a clown much more often than actually help his team. Because of that I had always seen him as a wannabe Ibra with less skills and brains. I was wrong, he's simply an idiot. I always laugh at guys like that who refer to "their" nation while playing for another. In this case if he feels a proud Serbian, why is he wearing an Austrian shirt? Similarly stupid in Euro 2016 when an Albanian playing for Switzerland (Shaqiri or Xhaka, can't remember) made an Albanian eagle symbol to taunt Serbian players.
  12. + Anyone knows whether this is because I play FM Touch or it shouldn't matter?
  13. Only tried for the AM a few times and for that the effects would not be as easy to spot, but to be fair I can't recall any significant improvement in his rating. Probably went from 6.5 to 6.8 sometimes but can't remember for sure. While with the PF/a (or AF/a that I also used when playing more on counter) quite a few times it was like from 6.3-6.5 to 7+ after a few chances and some goals scored. Not a rule though, sometimes the striker will have his day off and you can't do much.
  14. Works fine in my setup. Maybe they don't bang two goals each in every game, or they don't get 7.5 ratings constantly but I wouldn't say it doesn't work if it gets me average and good results individually and for the team. What I often tweak is adding Roaming to the PF/a if I see him struggle, especially vs 3 CB's.
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