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  1. Best Free Transer

    I got Kasper Smeichel for free to my danish club B93.
  2. Turning round a manager promise...

    You can try offering him a new contract. Aside that, I can't see a way to tell the player in the current system that you want to keep him anyway :-/
  3. Disabling Agents?

    sounds like the players need to get into a union to battle their own agents in this game ...
  4. Disabling Agents?

    I guess so, but why is it even a negotiation in the first place? -I want more money -sure, here you go... -that's not enough. More money than that or I won't accept your offer and stay with my lower wages... - o.O It's not rocket science we are talking about here, as far as real "negotiations" would have been. That you can't even discuss the problem with the player but are tied up with options of "no negotiations", "I'll try to bend over to your agent within a month", "proove your worth" it just becomes really silly. Where's our option of "I offered you a contract, but you wouldn't accept it. Talk with your agent why he doesn't want you to get a better wage...", eh? I don't get how a nobody I discovered in africa by scouting, took in for a wage that was 10 times what he got paid on his previous team and gives him match experiences that are far above what he ever received before (got a champions cup win under the belt with the club now) can now demand a wage that is over twice of what I pay the highest earner in my squad: A hot prospect I manged to pilfer from Real Madrid because the Real Madrid manager didn't give enough playing time for the prospect to satisfy him. He should have been happy with my offer of doubling his wage, which is STILL 20 times what he was making before I decided to take him under my wings. Heck, Even Kasper Schmeichel (4½ star ability with 4½ star potential in my team)earns 4 times less in my team than what was demanded by the generated african players agent for the 'new' contract. It seems like there is no sense of attachement to 'reality' in some of the demands from players/agents... And I'll jump off a tall building before I'll ever bribe an agent to get a player to accept a wage increase. I'm doing HIM a favour, not the other way around... I don't see what money to the agent or extra 'loyalty bonuses' have to do with anything under those circumstances at all. It's not like I'm trying to hire a new player or anything...
  5. GK sent off for handball

    I've tried it too. Difference in my game was that my keeper caught the ball and then slowly walked to the edge and over... -.-
  6. It Is a bit bothersome when you advance quickly, though. First season I thought I was incredibly lucky as I got a 5 star potential youth signing. 2 Seasons onwards with aggressive transfering, and the 5 star potential youth have turned into a 3 star potential :-/
  7. I nevr look at the language capabilities of staff I hire. Never felt I had any issues with it.
  8. Disabling Agents?

    It IS quite stupid sometimes, though. Just now: Agent contacts me, for the third time, because the player I got on contract did well in a u/23 olympic game. He should get a better contract the agent tells me. I look at his wage, and see it is 33k Dkk. At this point in time I usually fling out 70k to 100k to my good players when I sign them, and the player in question have been starring on my primary lineup sine I got him and is still one of the best in his position on my team. So, I figure it's a fair deal to give him a rais and I tell the agent that I won't mind negotiating the contract to 70k (which is roughly double his current salary) if he adds a year at the end of the contract. The agent responds that he wants a salary of 300k for the player and the SAME duration as it already is. Oh, and a huge increase on all the bonuses as well and a load of cash for both himself and the player up front... At this case I just do a facepalm, tell the agent what my offer is and he can take it or leave it. Agent does the "I'm backe din a corner then and can't accept." and I just shrug and ignore the unrealistic demands from him or the player. I guess I'll just sell the player when he has a year left on his contract and get a new one instead by then, but I think it's hugely silly how unrealistic demands the players and agents sometimes makes. It's to the point where I know that when a player asks for new contract negotiations, I just sigh because I know it'll be an exercise in futility and just a waste of my time to even bother talking with them about it. EDIT: URGH. And now one of my coaches tells me the player looks troubled and that I ought to talk with him cause he wants his contract renewed. And the options I get when talking with him doesn't allow me to tell him that his agent is a bufoon that won't accept a realiztic raise but only makes unrealistic demands. I can only tell him to "stuff it" (although in more neitral words on dialog option), or that I will OFFER a new contract soon. Seriously.. I ALREADY OFFERED him a raise, but he or his agent wouldn't accept it! This is getting beyond stupid when the game won't even acknowledge what the REAL issue is -.- 2nd edit: Tried telling him I would offer him a new contract just to see if it registers. After that conversation, I talked to the agent. Agent wanted 465k salary /facepalm. I told him I would raise his salaray from 33k to 70k, and raise his bonuses from 2k a match to 16k a match and from 700 a goal to 16k a goal. And he could shove the rest of the 'improvements' up his rearhole as those were the improvements I were willing to make, which were MORE than generous considering I could just let him run the contract instead. Agent refuses and player still waits for me to OFFER a new contract.... Come on SI... I already offered him a contract, so stop making the game treat the issue as if it is me that is with-holding here. This poor player interaction is why I just reload and tell my players to stuff contract negotiations when they ask for them, cause I know the game isn't working in that area. That part of the game might as well not have existed at all, that's how broken it is.
  9. Is this a bug?

    I've seen it when my team scored to... 3-2 I think it was... And then the opposing team flung one in and the game ended 3-3 So there's a saying.. Random is random.
  10. I got a 5 star potential back/left back young player. Started playing him every now and then since he was 16, and he is now my regular on the first team at a age of 17. He started out being 'unambitious', but some tution by one of the older backs in my team his attitude changed and he is now 'quite sportsmanlike' (or whatever the english translation is, I'm playing in danish lanugage so making a guess on the translation). His mental stats are as follows: Aggresiveness: 8 <<<<===== Anticipation: 10 Bravery: 18 Composure: 11 Concentration: 12 Creativity: 8 Decisions: 10 Determination: 12 Flair: 8 Influence: 14 Off the ball: 7 Positioning: 13 Team work: 16 Work rate: 17 Now, my issue is that for some reason this guy is my top 'carder'. In my champions cup participation I have now reached the semi-finals, and I realized how big an issue it is becomming when the champions cup player analysis touted him as the top carder with 5 yellows so far in the cup... Checking his statistics for everything this season, I can see he has gotten 2/29 red cards, and 14/29 yellow cards and 62/29 offences commited that warranted a freekick to the opposition... I just can't get those actual stats happening to 'fit' with his mental stats so if anyone could explain to me why this guy is getting so many cards while players in my squad with higher aggresiveness get less, I would be gratefull.
  11. This one actually has annoyed me alot, but is down to an ui issue rather than game mechanics: when I opena menu with sub menus available, clicking on one of the options to get the submenu doesn't lock the submenu. For example, when making team talks. Click Defensive to get the menu for options for your defence. Clicking aggresive (for example) opens the sub menu with options for what you can say in an aggresive tone. Then if you don't move your pointer within the extremely small area that is 'aggresive' while trying to get to the submenu, the submenu vanishes... -.- So it ends up with carefully setting your pointer at the edge of the option so you can carefully slide over without loosing the submenu... LOCK THE FRIGGING SUBMENU AT CLICKS!!!! Sorry, but it's really gotten on my nerves that I continually have to waste time on this poor part of the UI rather than on playing the game.
  12. lol. true. Same thing happens for me every now and then.
  13. Having a league match, and 5 of my regular players are away on business for their respective national teams... I just KNOW that the reporters will ask me why I rested them afterwards... Edit: Even worse when it means I am out of a left back so have to play someone in that spot that has zero training in that position. (All my left backs can double up as center backs :-/)
  14. lol. yeah. reminded me of a classic example that really made me facepalm. One of my players make a throw in to another friendly player and no opposing players are anywhere near. Player receving the throw immediately passes the ball back to the thrower, and the ball goes out. Up goes the arm to try and convince the referee that it was an opposing player that kicked it out... yeah right, in your dreams mate... The ref may be blind as a bat, but even that one is too obvious...
  15. "with an important league match comming up this sunday, are you planning to rest players like <player A> in this champions cup match?" What I would LIKE to be able to say: "Well.. Since <player A> is barred from playing my champions cup match because of the yellow cards he has received so far in european matches, how likely do YOU think it is I will field him in a match he's barred from playing?" :-/ Not to mention when they mention players I haven't registered for the european matches, so obviously can't field either...