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  1. No, i'm playing fm12, but i had fm11 still installed, so i had to uninstall it and i deleted the si folder for fm11. from then on everything worked with these numbered sliders... i still dont get how si don't include this as an option in the game...
  2. Hey Octavianus, thanks for the help, but it wasn't needed. I had fm 2011 installed, so there was some sort of conflict or something. I uninstalled it and now your numbered sliders work I cant play without my numbers. i'm lost without it!!! haha. Anyway, thanks. I'm off to create the best tactic the world ever saw
  3. It doesn't work for me. I used numbered sliders since 2009 and never had any problems, but this one is not working. I have fm installed on my E: drive and i have my user data folder on my E: drive. I extracted this file (the whole thing) to: E:\Documents and Settings\Benjamin\My Documents\Sports Interactive 2012\skins (the folder skins didn't exist so i created one) I launch fm, but there are only 2 standard skins there. What's the deal?
  4. Buying Player Name: Sylvester Igboun Your Team: Dinamo Zagreb Fc Midtjland Player's Value: €1m Offer: €1.3m i'm playing with a lone poacher and speed is really important. this guy has a boat load of speed, but lacking in mental and his finishing is only 12. i don't know how will he develop. anyone know what's his pa and maybe a screenshot? i would appreciate it. Season: Start of 1st
  5. anyone has a screenshot of andrej kramaric fro dinamo zagreb? i'm more interested in his PA. last year he was a -9 and i think he's not anymore, but not sure...
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