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  1. It was that advert but it didn't show the picture of the PS Vita at the end, it definitely said the words "coming soon to PSP" and something else was mentioned too from the quick glance at the time
  2. I'm sure when I sure the advert for FM14 the other day it said coming soon to PSP
  3. Spooky, you posted this at 2.34pm, and at 2.35pm I got a knock on the door from Royal Mail with a parcel from Amazon, and inside....you guessed it, FM 2013 for PSP!
  4. FMH2013 will be on PSP

    Pleased it will be out on PSP, prefer the simplicity of that version to the IOS version.
  5. Nottingham Forest - an experiment!

    2022/23 Premier League - 7th Place (4 points off a Champions League place) FA Cup - 5th round (lost 2-1 at Reading) League Cup - 5th round (lost on penalties at Man Utd) Players out - 4 (Radoslaw Majewski, Paul Anderson, Brendan Moloney - all retired, Lee Camp - retired through injury) I've changed my formation, had no choice, had to go with something different as I had a lack of DMC's and AMC's, pivotol when trying to play 4-1-2-1-2, so I made the decision at the end of February 2023 to switch to 4-5-1 having had a long look at all of the players available to me, and what do you know, we were 10th place, nowhere near the top 6, but the change resulted in a 10 game unbeaten run at the end of the season, including 6 straight wins, best run for a long time. Now don't get me wrong, I know how to play the game, and normally I would have changed the formation earlier, much, much earlier, but I was determined to play my original formation, but the idea is to win things with no signings surely? On a positive note, my 23 year-old regen Scottish forward, Phil Daly (came in to the game in 2019) has won Premier Division Player of the Year for the second successive season.
  6. Nottingham Forest - an experiment!

    2021/22 Premier League - 10th place (14 points off a Champions League place) FA Cup - Semi Final (lost 3-0 to Man City) League Cup - 4th round (lost 3-1 at Man Utd) Europa League - last 16 (lost on away goals to AC Milan) Players out - 1 (Kieron Freeman - free) Oh dear! Shocking, season, horrible in fact, loads of players promoted, and not one of them any good, literally, they would all be released in a normal game. Added to the fact that some of my recent additions have been average, and from my original squad, of which there are still 21 left (although only 10 of them should really be around the first team squad or getting regular games), their average age is creeping up to around 33-34 years old. I've had one player leave in 3 season's (and he wouldn't sign a contract), but I've got 3 due to retire in the coming months (Majewski, Anderson and Moloney), so in theory, my son should be getting promoted shortly.
  7. Nottingham Forest - an experiment!

    2020/21 Premier League - 6th place (2 points off a Champions League place) FA Cup - Semi Final (lost 1-0 to Blackburn) League Cup - 2nd round (lost on penalties at Southampton) Europa League - Finalists (lost 3-0 to Athletico Madrid) Players out - 0 Players in - 9 (DR, D/DML, DC, DMC, SC, DRC, AM/FRLC, AML x 2) Really started to stuggle at the start of the season, near the bottom 3, lack of goals, out of the League Cup to League One opposition, and struggling in the Europa League group stages. Something had to give, so I changed from mixed passing to short passing, and it worked. Got a young Scottish striker who returned with 14 goals in 15 games, certainly knows where the net is, and finally, yes finally got a left-back - but not very good though! No players out in 2 seasons, and now with a squad of 57, it's actually getting a little more difficult now, working out who goes in the reserves and who stays in the first team, I only normally work with 22 players!
  8. Nottingham Forest - an experiment!

    2019/20 Premier League - 9th place FA Cup - 4th round (lost 3-1 at West Ham) League Cup - WINNERS!!! (beat Aston Villa 5-1 in the final) Players out - 2 (Robbie Findlay & Guy Moussi - both retired) Players in - 6 (DRLC x 2 AM/FRLC, AMRL, SC x 2) Finally - I'VE WON SOMETHING!!! About time too, okay, it was only The League Cuo, and I still got dumped out the FA Cup early doors, and my final league position dropped again, but it's a trophy, and back in Europe. I've got nobody due to retire in the coming months, and a squad of 41, so the squad should get bigger - but all I really want, is a Left-back!
  9. Nottingham Forest - an experiment!

    2018/19 Premier League - 8th place FA Cup - 3rd round (disappointingly lost 1-0 at Hartlepool, Jeff Stelling would be having kittens!) League Cup - 3rd round (lost 2-0 at home to Blackburn) EUROPA League - Semi Finals (lost 3-2 on aggregate to Fenerbache) Players out - 2 (Andy Reid & Matt Derbyshire - both retired) Players in - 2 (AML, SC) Okay, so we've slipped 1 place in the League, which would mean no Europe next season, and I may as well just not bother with the domestic cups, 8 seasons, and only 1 Semi Final, still no silverware, but (I'm a glass half-full sort of person), getting to the semi's of the Europa League, and nearly getting to the final is promising. I've currently got a 37 man squad, with 24 of those from my first season, still no left back, and crying out for a 20+ goal a season striker, I'm wondering though whay will happen when Lee Camp and Karl Darlow both retire in a few seasons, as goalkeepers rarely come get promoted from the youth team!
  10. Nottingham Forest - an experiment!

    2016/17 Premier League - 9th place (was 4th up to Christmas) FA Cup - 3rd round (lost 2-0 at home to Liverpool) League Cup - 5th round (lost 1-0 at Newcastle) Players out - 1 (Paul Smith - retired) Players in - 2 (AMRC, DMC) Post Christmas collapse again, 4th at Christmas, steadily dropped to 9th, but again, an improvement on the previous season, Dexter Blackstock finished runner-up in the Premier League Player of the Year awards, but still concerned abaout the age of my squad, and the lack of quality coming in through the ranks. 2017/18 Premier League - 7th place (10 points off a Champions League spot, 21 points above the bottom 3) FA Cup - 4th round (disappointingly lost 2-0 at Watford) League Cup - 5th round (lost 3-1 at Tottenham) Players out - 1 (Wes Morgan - retired) Players in - 3 (D/DMC, D/DMR, SC) Improvement, highest leage position yet, no major slip after Christmas as constantly stayed around the 6th - 8th place positions, my D/DMC that came through, get's regular games (he's a DM), my DC from 2014/15, and DM and AMR from 2015/16 are all getting regular games, other than that, still the majority of the same team from 2011/12, and I've got 2 more players due to retire at the start of the 2018/19 season. Interestingly, my Financial Control and Transfer Acumen are both at 20, Club/Player Loyalty is at 18, and both Domestic Player Bias and Youth Policy have stayed at 10, so they're obviously transer related. Also got £54m in the bank, which is highly frustrating, but I shall steer clear of temptation!
  11. Nottingham Forest - an experiment!

    2015/16 Premier League - 12th place (10 points above the relegation zone) FA Cup - 3rd round (lost 1-0 at Chelsea) League Cup - 3rd round (lost 1-0 at home to Arsenal) Players out - 1 (Marcus Tudgay- retired) Players in - 4 (DMC, MC, AMR, SC) GUTTED!!! Come the new year I was sat in 6th place in the table, all was looking good, two of my new youth players, my DMC and my AMR were getting regular games, and all was looking rosy, until a speight of injuries resulted in me tinkering and saw a major slide down the table, 12 points off 6th. Okay, one place higher than last season, the cups are still infuriating, and my concern at the moment is that with the squad getting older and only 2 of the 6 youth teamers being any good, it's going to be more and more infuriating for a few more seasons, and STILL NO LB!
  12. Nottingham Forest - an experiment!

    2014/15 Premier League - 13th place (7 points above the relegation zone) FA Cup - 4th round (lost 3-1 at Wolves) League Cup - 3rd round (lost 3-1 at West Ham) Players out - 3 (Jonathan Greening & George Boateng - retired, Garath McCleary - free) Players in - 1 (DC) Well, the league position has improved, best yet, 7 points above the bottom 3 and 11 off a European spot, with what may well as be the same that got me up in 2011/12, goal difference only -3 as well, so plenty of positives, disappointed with my two cup performances though. My two youth players that have come through are nowhere near ready yet, hopefully I'll get a couple more in this upcoming pre-season, or I might just be in for another hard slog! RichardMagpies, I'll see what I can do, this is a PSP game, not IOS, and I'm not that technically minded! Any suggestions?
  13. Nottingham Forest - an experiment!

    2013/14 Premier League - 16th place (5 points above the relegation zone) FA Cup - Semi Final (lost 2-1 to Man Utd) League Cup - 2nd round (lost 2-0 at Man City) Players out - 0 Players in - 1 (AM LC) Still hard work, noted improvement in some players though, not getting thrashed as much, so despite finishing lower there are improvements. We'll see what happens next as I'm losing 3 midfielders at the start of 2014/15 - Jonathan Greening and George Boateng retiring, and Garath McCleary refusing to sign a new contract, and the one that got promoted looks like he could be one for the future as he's already got 2 Poland caps this season.
  14. Nottingham Forest - an experiment!

    2012/13 Premier League - 14th place (4 points above the relegation zone) FA Cup - 4th round (lost 4-2 at home to Liverpool) League Cup - 4th round (lost 3-0 at Arsenal) Players out - 0 Players in - 0 That was hard work, could do with some youth players me thinks!
  15. I'm going to try something different. I've tried the 'only signing freebies' challenges, and the 'only signing English or British players' challenges - the English players only can be a challenge, but I fancied a change. The challenge:- Do not buy and players, either for a fee or free. Do not sell any players. Forest start of wth a squad of 32 players, made slightly more difficult as they have no natural left backs, only a couple of right-backs that can play on the left, and a CB and a ACM that can cover if needs be, and the idea is as the game goes on there's a natural progression of players retiring and refusing to sign new contracts, and youth players being promoted to the squad. Each fixture I will pick the team, the team for the next fixture will then remain the same if we win home or away, or draw away, with the starting XI changing if we lose home or away, or draw at home. I will then make any necessary changes to the team during games and if needs be change from my preferred 4-1-2-1-2 formation. I'll give an update each season so people can see how hard this could be. So far: 2011/12 nPower Championship - 2nd place (promoted); FA Cup - 3rd round (lost at Man City); League Cup - 4th round (disappointing 3-1 loss at Barnsley); players out - 0; players in - 0.