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  1. I think a good feature would be when u get senior players to coach/train/tutor the youth players theres and option for the lentgh of time to tutor the player which can be cancelled at any time if the 2 players do not get along.

    Also a player rating for professionalism/conduct instead of dirtyness so a player like joey barton would rate about -150 but a gary lineker would get a 20

  2. not sure if this has been mentioned previous..

    but how about testimonials for long serving players(useless in terms of the game but good for player moral)

    and also more post match comments ie

    you win 4-0 and the opposition has been refused a goal for offside,you get asked the question and your normal reply is "i didnt see the incident or the referee was spot on", but how about a comment like "like it would have made a difference to 4-0" etc etc......

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