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  1. I have compiled a python script that tells me what's the best role-duty for a player given his attributes
  2. I've just encountered the same issue, if you need screenshots/saves/anything else please let me know.
  3. I made 3 subs at the same time, before the changes were made a player of mine was sent off. I was sent to the tactic screen, changed position of my DM to M C and confirmed changes. 2 subs were completed while the 3rd player I subbed off (ST) was still on the pitch. The Match In Between Highlights was showing the ST as NOT being subbed off but if I was going into my tactics it was shown as being already subbed off and wasn't allowed to sub him or anyone else off getting the error "You do not have anymore substitions" (or something along these lines). Bari v Fiorentina.pkm
  4. Just wondering if it is an issue on my side (even though I just personalize the match in between highlights panel) or a bug that when you click on FORMATION ANALYSIS it just brings you to a blank page? If it is a bug I will report it but if anyone can confirm please.
  5. I am not sure I have done it correctly however this is the link I have: https://oc.sigames.com/owncloud/index.php/s/Kzvhd0MdU3v4Nv4 File Name is "Bari 19-20.fm"
  6. Hi Angelos, no I don't mean the first season. It's like this for all the seasons. So for example if I am managing Liverpool and my next game is vs Utd and I look at their last three games played in the Analyst report: they played Chelsea, City, Stoke. If my next game then is vs West Ham and again I look at their last three games played in the Analyst report: they played Chelsea, City, Stoke. And this goes on always and always even after 100 seasons.
  7. Am I the only one who's annoyed about the fact that the fixture list for a league is not randomized? what I mean is: when I look at the analyst report all the teams I am facing next have had their last 3 games against the same teams. Heck, even Excel has a good randomizer function, why SI has never been able to implement a fixture randomizer?
  8. it's very annoying isn't it? why giving us the option if then it doesn't work? but I am sure they won't be fixing it
  9. Don't know where the connection lies between the players busy with their national teams and these individuals that both in mine and your case are not even players.
  10. it is a very annoying bug! I have a CM playing as a Box to box Midfielder and his replacement is not good technically gifted so I have a personalised instruction for him that changes his role to BWM and adds some PIs. All is good when he is subbed in during a game but if I start him the Personalized instructions apply as default to that position so that if in a future game I start another CM in that position by default the role is BWM and not B2B. If you need further information to replicate the issue let me know but it is pretty straightforward and I can't believe it even exists - I am an hobbyist programmer and wouldn't have made this silly mistake.
  11. Any player info (subbed, injured, etc) tooltip shows Paolo Maldini as player name rather than the actual player name:
  12. Anyone has a description of each role in the game on a spreadsheet or any other form? There is a website but it is not updated to FM20.
  13. I don't have the editor, can't help with CA/PA but if you look at the same .xml with the roles you can perhaps find a different value for CA/PA. se posso esserti di ulteriore aiuto, a disposizione
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