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  1. Hey Fenech, apologies I've not responded sooner. Despite subscribing to this thread I never received an email telling me of replies. As promised, this is my breakdown of a potential Leeds United Squad: Leeds United Manager: Don Revie Chairman: Perry Woodward GK: Gary Sprake GK Nigel Martyn GK David Harvey GK DEF: Gary Kelly DR Paul Reaney DR/DL - 3rd most appearances (745) Paul Madeley DR/DL - Equal 4th most appearances (724) Lucas Radebe DC Jack Charlton DC - 2nd most appearanes (762) Norman Hunter DC - Equal 4th most appearances (724) Terry Cooper DL Trevor Cherry DC/DL MID:
  2. Looking forward to this Fenech, gave new life to FM14 last year. Some great work their cel1234. As a life-long Leeds fan I can't in general argue with your extensive list, just needs some narrowing down to the 25-man limit. I'd be happy to offer an example 25-man squad based on my knowledge Fenech? A quick one - I'd put Lee Bowyer as a RM/RW; whilst later in his career he did indeed play centrally, for us he was at his best on the right wing. For reference, the results of a survey on Leeds' all-time best 11 + 5 subs: http://www.ozwhitelufc.net.au/greatest_players/team.html
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