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  1. A quick word on your statistics. The difference between them is not 100%. The difference between them is 10 percentage points. Or 100% of 10%. Or 50% of 20%. But you are implying that the difference between missing 20% of penalties and 10% of penalties is 100% of penalties. Which is illogical. The difference between them is the total number of penalties taken divided by ten. 10 percentage points. Or ten penalties out of every one hundred. Or 10%.
  2. Great team there. But maybe have a look in the tactics forum? There are a few too many attacking roles in that tactic.
  3. Hey Fenech, apologies I've not responded sooner. Despite subscribing to this thread I never received an email telling me of replies. As promised, this is my breakdown of a potential Leeds United Squad: Leeds United Manager: Don Revie Chairman: Perry Woodward GK: Gary Sprake GK Nigel Martyn GK David Harvey GK DEF: Gary Kelly DR Paul Reaney DR/DL - 3rd most appearances (745) Paul Madeley DR/DL - Equal 4th most appearances (724) Lucas Radebe DC Jack Charlton DC - 2nd most appearanes (762) Norman Hunter DC - Equal 4th most appearances (724) Terry Cooper DL Trevor Cherry DC/DL MID: David Batty DM Billy Bremner DM - Club Captain - All time most appearances (771) Johnny Giles MC/MR/AMC Gary McAllister MC/AMC Gordon Strachan MC Gary Speed MR/MC/ML/AMC Peter Lorimer AMR/ST - All time top goalscorer (219) Eddie Gray ML/AML Harry Kewell ML/AMC/AML FWD: Allan Clarke ST - 3rd top goalscorer (151) Alan Smith MC/ST John Charles DC/ST - 2nd top goalscorer (157) Mark Viduka ST Tony Yeboah ST Notable omissions: Mick Jones (close - too many strikers), Jon Sheridan (close - enough, and arguably better, players in his position), Jack Milburn, Tony Dorigo, Bobby Collins, Lee Chapman, Tony Currie, Lee Bowyer, Jimmy-Floyd Hasselbaink, Albert Johanneson, Rio Ferdinand (obviously would be better placed at Man United), Ian Harte, Jonathan Woodgate, Dominic Matteo, Joe Jordan, Michael Bridges (injury prone, too many strikers, probably wouldn't manke most people's list), Vinnie Jones (obviously better placed at Wimbledon), John Lukic (enough GKs), Mervyn Day (enough GKs), Willis Edwards, Eric Cantona (Not even close really, for so many reasons!). ------------------------------------ That's 25 I believe. There are plenty more I could add, and many I have excluded in favour of lesser names in order to balance out the positions. In terms of playing position, I have highlighted where they predominantly played for us (and using FM language, i.e. RW = AMR), however many of the above could also do a job in other positions, especially the further you go back in time, where it seems many players had 4 or 5 different positions to their name. It is also important to note that, for example, Billy Bremner could clearly play CM along with the DM I've put above, but I thought this was obvious and does not need highlighting. I will edit this over time to add more and more detail, but I hope for now this is helpful. Useful links: All time greatest Leeds XI, as voted for by fans: http://ozwhitelufc.net.au/greatest_players/team.html Top 100 Leeds United players, as voted for by fans: http://ozwhitelufc.net.au/greatest_players/index.html P.S. Best of luck with the editing, your efforts are greatly appreciated!
  4. 15.3 is in and I've got back on a Leeds game. So below is a quick introduction to my latest attempts at making The Whites mighty again. ---------------------------------------------------------- Signings: IN: Andrea Russotto (loan) Patrick Banggaard (£1m in installments) OUT: Steve Morison (275k) Chris Dawson (800k) Luke Murphy (loan) Charlie Taylor (loan) Jack Vann (loan) - Not too much change, pretty happy with most of the squad. Banggard is monstrous and walks straight into the team, with Russotto almost feeling like a Cellino signing (Italian, loan!); he is something I felt we lacked: a top-class (Championship anyway) goalscorer. A shame to let Dawson go, but I don't think he'll ever see first team action (Cook and Mowatt are far superior) and the cash helped fund Banggaard. Taylor is out on a short term basis as White and Berrardi is probably enough cover and I would like him to be playing week-in week-out. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Tactics: 4321 - Control - Flexible - - - - - - - - - - - - - - GK(d) - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - WB(au) - - CB(d) - - CB(d) - - WB(au) - - - - - - - - - - BBM(s) - - - CM(d) - - - BBM(s) - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - T(a) - - - - AP(s) - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - AF(a) - - - - - - - - - - - - - Retain possession - Close down more - Higher tempo - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Silvestri - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Byram - - Banggaard - - Bellusci - - Berrardi - - - - - - - - - Austin - - - N'Goyi - - - Cook/Mowatt - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Adryan - - - - Sloth - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Russotto - - - - - - - - - - - - - - This is the team that started the season, although a series of injuries to Sloth has meant that Adryan has taken is AP(s) role, Russotto has dropped back to Trequartista(a) and Billy Sharp has come in at AF(a). This has proved successful and Sloth may well find it difficult getting his place back. - Cook and Mowatt pretty much rotate in the midfield alongside Austin and N'Goyi, with Berrardi holding down the left wing back place other than when a more direct approach (White) is required. - Rudy Austin has been named captain. This sits a little uneasily with me considering what happened earlier this season with him and the captaincy, but he really is the only viable option in the team (Bellusci is a new signing, and a nutcase; Cooper isn't good enough). --------------------------------------------------------------------- As of the end of October we sit 3 points clear of Wolves at the top of the table. Goal-scoring is coming slightly harder than I'd like, but we have proved solid at the back with some very pleasing 1-0 victories. Stand-out performances so far include Byram (dominates the right flank), Austin (he's everywhere, at all times), Russotto (goals and assists) and Sharp (making the striking role his own with some very important goals). Fourth Round of the Capital One Cup and we're drawn at Old Trafford...
  5. Thought I'd try and kick off something in here again. Myself, I'm waiting until the latest update to get into a new Leeds game (my first attempt was unfortunately derailed by updates and lack of time). Until then, what are we thinking/hoping the new update will mean for Leeds United? Personally I'm hoping at least one of our academy grads is given a -9 (probably Cook?), with some CA increases thrown in to reflect their new importance to the team (Mowatt/Charlie Taylor). I'm excited to get my hands on Bamba and hopefully an upgraded Silvestri, but I feel they might not be quite up to their real-life counterparts. In Bamba's case it'll be down to not playing much before joining us and with Silvestri he was so poor in the original database I don't know if he'll get as big an improvement as is needed. There could potentially be a couple of slightly downgraded CAs in there too, mainly for the boys that haven't had too much game-time. In terms of finances I can't see too much changing, probably just a bit more room in the wage budget and maybe a slightly tighter bank balanace. Finally, regarding Cellino and the embargo, who knows! You guys?
  6. The last two years it has been 27th February and 28th February I believe. I understand that it is often based off of when the Russian window closes (if all goes well in testing anyway), this year that is Friday 28th February at midnight. So I'd expect Monday 2nd March earliest. Disclaimer: Nothing but educated speculation on my part this.
  7. Been in place IRL and the game for many seasons I believe.
  8. From my experience (I've never started as International Player - although at this level they seem pretty close to maxed out at the start anyway), they improve with experience and reputation.
  9. Looking forward to this Fenech, gave new life to FM14 last year. Some great work their cel1234. As a life-long Leeds fan I can't in general argue with your extensive list, just needs some narrowing down to the 25-man limit. I'd be happy to offer an example 25-man squad based on my knowledge Fenech? A quick one - I'd put Lee Bowyer as a RM/RW; whilst later in his career he did indeed play centrally, for us he was at his best on the right wing. For reference, the results of a survey on Leeds' all-time best 11 + 5 subs: http://www.ozwhitelufc.net.au/greatest_players/team.html
  10. Enjoyed this greatly last year. How is work coming on the 2015 version? In the meantime, is it possible to transfer the editor file over to 2015? Would very much like to give it a go on this year's version. Cheers.
  11. If there is something deliberate behind it on the part of SI, perhaps in order to address the old problem of good out-of-contract players retiring at a relatively young age after not being able to find a new club, then fair enough. But I think, even if my save is something of an anomaly, it isn't quite balanced right. Maybe the fact that I managed to grab one led to the fact that I could then get them all? Reputation/quality of my squad average increasing above a threshold level due to one far superior player perhaps. It certainly did seem to occur in stages. If you look at the screenshots, I start by being able to sign realistic (but good quality) players for my level, and it gradually continues to the point where I'm signing Championship quality players, even Premiership in Diakte's case. Something of a domino effect perhaps, where signing one player led to the next player of a slightly higher quality considering my club. Still doesn't quite explain why they'd be willing to take 1% of the wages they'd most likely earned earlier in their careers however. P.s. Ha, not playing CM4! Sounds as though it could be related to your find though daylight?
  12. Cheers for the reply CityAndColour. Yep, that is usually my experience too! And I think I would rather have it that way. I'm wondering if, through some quirk, my managing to secure Scott Parker on a trial has mislead the AI into thinking my team/reputation is stronger than it is, meaning the likes of Drenthe and Samaras will consider Leamington as an option. The fact that they sign on 1% of the wages they must have made earlier in their careers is still a mystery though. Edit: Out of interest, what's your experience been with trialing players? Any players refusing to sign for you, but agreeing to join on trial and from there becoming much more willing to sign?
  13. Hi there all. I just wanted to know if any of you have had any experience with this; and if so, how to procede. I'm playing as Leamington (most local side), and loving it up until now. In order to not waste space I won't copy everything out here, rather just post the link: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/418003-Top-quality-players-signing-for-Conference-team-on-non-contract Many thanks.
  14. I've posted this in the bugs forum. However, I am keen to know if anyone else has experienced this, if it is indeed a problem and what others' would do? Playing as Leamington, it is the 2016/2017 season. I was promoted from the Conference North in 14/15 and finished 5th in the Conference, missing out in the play-offs, in 15/16. As the new season approached I went through some of the clubs in the leagues above me to see who had not agreed a new contract and was set to be released, as I often do. I made some relatively standard signings, strengthening in a couple of positions with players of a good conference/lower League 2 ability, all of which were end-of-contract free signings. Then, as July 1st arrives and those players not able to agree a new contract at their clubs are released, I start scouring the frees list. To my delight some of the players I was unable to approach whilst they were still at their clubs now seem willing to talk to me; so I hand out a few trials to get a better look and help me narrow down the choice. As the days go by I offer out more and more trials, and to my great surprise some of my (very) speculative offers come off (e.g. Scott Parker). Now Scott never actually even considers signing for me permanently, he keeps joining my club on trial but has no intention of joining Leamington as it would "not be a good career move". Fair enough, it probably wouldn't! However, plenty of other players do not seem to agree with him. I am able to sign, among many others, Samba Diakte, Jamie Ness, Giorgos Samaras, Royston Drenthe, Chris Herd, Andre Bikey-Amougou and so on. To compound matters, the vast majority of these agree non-contract terms (backup squad status, £300-£500 appearance fee). The ones that haven't still sign for below £1k a week, part-time. I feel as though I really shouldn't be able to attract players of this quality whilst at one of the smallest clubs in the Conference (my manager is nothing special, started off with badges/experience auto for Leamington). Many of these players are rated by my coaches as good for League 1, and realistically could probably get a game with a Championship club. I wonder if a couple of my initial trial signings, specifically Scott Parker and Steve Sidwell, have 'fooled' the player AI into believing I've got a much stronger squad/reputation than I actually have. The fact that plenty of players have refused to talk to me about signing in the past based on the fact that our "squad is not strong enough" sways me further towards this explanation. Below I've linked a screenshot of my signings that summer (over two screenshots), as you can see they get better and better, with many of my early signings becoming redundant due to the better players arriving later in the window: http://s1372.photobucket.com/user/Sechwa/media/Screenshot2015-01-17120749_zps2c74fcfa.png.html?sort=3&o=1 http://s1372.photobucket.com/user/Sechwa/media/Screenshot2015-01-17123026_zpsae94ab6f.png.html?sort=3&o=0 I feel I can't really continue with the save at this moment, as it just feels like cheating!
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