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  1. With the new patch and transfer update, I'd like to start a new game, preferably outside of England, with a club that improved well in the January window or are a more interesting option because of it. I was thinking Inter because of Shaqiri, but I'm not completely sold. Any recommendations?
  2. How do people treat third choice goalkeepers in FM? I'm managing Sunderland and have two great keepers at the club in the 2016/17 season: Benoit Costil and Francesco Bardi. Costil is currently the first choice and Bardi plays in cup games or before a big game when I don't want to risk Costil getting an injury. They are the only two senior goalkeepers at the club, which I realized recently when Costil did pick up an injury (albeit only keeping out of one game). But its got me thinking about what kind of goalkeeper makes a good third choice. These are all the keepers I have on the books: Stryek, on loan at Yeovil, is the most promising and my assistant tells me he's got the potential to be a "good" goalkeeper at Premier League level, while the others don't. So I'm thinking he would probably be fine as third choice but I'm guessing he'll get fed up and want to move somewhere to play more regular first team football. So the other option is to bring someone in who won't care if he's not playing; maybe someone in their mid 30s, winding down their career and moving into coaching. This isn't a post asking for help deciding what to do, I'm just interested. How do you choose your third choice keeper?
  3. I've really enjoyed playing as Sunderland this year. Quite a challenge with the poor state of the finances and squad.
  4. Paredes looks incredible, nicely done. I've finally got somewhere with Sunderland. I was tinkering with 4222 and 4231 formations in pre-season with emphasis on a lot of pressing and counter attacking, which was working well against small sides but I didn't know how it would fair in the Premier League. The first few games were decent if unspectacular; we beat Southampton at St Mary's 2-1 thanks to a last minute winner from Borini, then drew 1-1 with Stoke at home, followed by a 2-2 at Palace after going ahead in those games (twice at Palace). We played West Brom away next and, after being 2-0 up until the 85th minute, I'm pretty ashamed to say I rage quit when we lost 3-2. however, while we still at 2-2, I noticed the two fullbacks and the two central midfielders had terrible ratings. When I loaded it up again and took another stab at WBA, I pulled the two CMs back into DMs (Ki as a supporting DLP, Cabral as a defensive BWM), pushed up higher and stopped looking for the overlapping runs of the fullbacks and won 3-0. I've only lost two games since (1-0 at Everton and 2-0 at home to Man City in the cup) and sit top by a couple of points approaching New Years. I'm trying to take this "Buy Young Players for the First Team" thing seriously because bringing a young player on helps me stay interested in a game. I've bought John Souttar from Dundee for £750k, Connor Hunte in on a free (a 16 year old AML released by Chelsea last season who has 4 star potential), Keisuke Honda for £875k from CSKA Moscow (I'd originally signed him on a free and decided to pay the extra to get him right away), and Luis Pedro Cavanda (the right back we were linked with this summer) for £3mil from Lazio. Souttar's out on loan back at Dundee (they insisted), as they did with Ryan Gauld, who I tried to bring in as well but he refused to go back on loan and Dundee wouldn't accept without it. Strangely, Arsenal bought him for half the price I was offering and sent him back on loan... I've solved the wage problem temporarily by asking a few players to take pay cuts. Westwood is now on £20k, Brown £31k and Ji £20k. I asked Larsson and Gardner, and they refused and demanded transfers as a result. I managed to sell Larsson for £1.3mil to ChievoVerona, but Gardner's still at the club and has declared he's going to leave on a free. Cuellar left for Palace for £200k. Strangely, Larsson keeps praising me and different players' performances after publicly declaring his outrage at me a few months ago. I've let Wickham go out on loan as he wouldn't get a chance while I play 1 striker and that's £20k saved every week. I've been really lucky with injuries, so my normal starting XI is this: Westwood Cavana Brown O'Shea Colback Cabral Ki Johnson Honda Ji Fletcher I'm a game away from the transfer window opening, but I've only got £2mil or so to spend so I'll probably not do a lot. I'm looking at goalies for now and had planned on bringing in either Alex McCarthy from Reading, Jason Steele from Boro or Alex Smithies from Huddesfield, but Benoit Costil's contract is running up and I might try and get him in instead.
  5. Does anyone have any hints on tactics? I've started a game with the lads in the beta and now the full release and I'm getting nowhere.
  6. You can't offer a contract to a player within your club's country (not just England) who's contract is going to end in six months, but you can for players abroad.
  7. You've got about 5 months until FM14 comes out, it's definately enough time to warrent starting a long term game.
  8. I only got £4.6mil to spend second season after that 8th place finish. Completely put me off the game after having nothing to spend first season either.
  9. That's season one over. Finished a very respectable 8th in the end, so I'm happy enough. Also, the Scum got relegated. Shame, that. I eventually abandoned the 4-4-2 and went with a 4-2-3-1 with two defence midfielders (one a defence midfielder, one a deep lying playmaker, both set to 'Defend') and gave the AMC (Sess) a fair bit of creativity, letting him wander onto the wings, etc. and it seemed to do the business. Campbell finished joint top scorer in the league with 23 goals, Fletch finished with 9, Wickham with 5 (all in two FA Cup games), then AJ and Cuellar got two each, then there's a few with 1 goal including Sess and Ji. I've got no idea how much money I'm going to get to spend, but I'd like to bring in a new RB, LB, DC and DM/CM, with a new backup goalie a possibility after Westwood had a good cry about sitting on the bench.
  10. I've not had much chance to play recently, but I've managed a few sessions over the past few days. As I expected, I lost momentum after back to back games to City and Liverpool, sending us on a 4 game losing streak. Heading into the Tyne-Wear Derby, we'd slumped to 14th and I wasn't looking forward to it (I hate losing to Newcastle on FM, whether I'm Sunderland or not). However, we won 2-1 thanks to an own goal from Coloccini seconds after Ranger cancelled out Campbell's opener. From there, we've kicked on a bit and drew 1-1 with Chelsea at home and beaten Stoke away 4-1, with Campbell scoring all but one of those goals. He's on 15 goals for the season now, and seems to be the only player who can score (joint second in the scoring charts are Johnson and Fletcher with 2 each). Worrying...
  11. Spot on mate. Sunderland have spent big consistant for the past several years. This season, we spent £20mil bringing in Johnson and Fletcher yet, on FM, we have £1.5mil and bleed money from the club bank account. I'm losing £3mil a month, got no budget in January (first season) and I'm guessing I won't in the summer either. We're a very wealthy club, yet on FM we always seem to end up in administration.
  12. I eventually started this week seeing as I have some free time for a change. So far, so good I think. I decided to set opening budgets off seeing as I wouldn't spend anything anyway, just to even the field so to speak. I've been playing 4-4-2 and the occasional 4-4-1-1, rotating quite a bit but I think this is my favoured side: Mignolet Cuellar O'Shea Brown Kilgallon Sessegnon Larrson Cattermole Johnson Fletcher Campbell When I play 4-4-1-1, Fletch plays up front with Sess behind him. Kilgallon I threw in because I didn't know what to do about left back and he's been in the side since. He's been shown up against pacey wingers (particularly Lennon at Spurs), but he's looked pretty solid so far. Campbell's been the real star, he's got 10 in the league so far. I had a row with Cattermole early in the season after he got sent off for 2 yellow cards within half an hour. I fined him a week's wages, and he felt it was unfair and started skipped training, so I fined him again and had a word which went well and he seems alright about it now. I'm hoping it stays like that, but if not, I'll sell him. At the moment, I'm in 6th but have games coming up against Man City, Chelsea and Liverpool. Meanwhile, I seem to be losing a lot of money each month. I think last month was around £3mil. Any ideas on how to turn it around?
  13. Just starting a game with the Lads, which I swear every year I won't do but end up doing one anyway. I have what I'm hoping'll be an easy start to the season by FM standards, with QPR (H), Wigan (A), Reading (H) and Villa (A) being the opening four games. I don't think I'm going to bother spending anything seeing as its such a pitiful amount. Any suggestions for a good assistant manager? I tried to get Roy Aitken but couldn't afford his wages.
  14. Very rich? Not a million years. They've struggled to turna profit for years and, because of that, reigned back on spending in the transfer market. If anything, they should be secure, bordering insecure. Meanwhile, they don't have planning permission for anything like 80,000. I'd say 60,000 is spot on.
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