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  1. With the new patch and transfer update, I'd like to start a new game, preferably outside of England, with a club that improved well in the January window or are a more interesting option because of it. I was thinking Inter because of Shaqiri, but I'm not completely sold. Any recommendations?
  2. How do people treat third choice goalkeepers in FM? I'm managing Sunderland and have two great keepers at the club in the 2016/17 season: Benoit Costil and Francesco Bardi. Costil is currently the first choice and Bardi plays in cup games or before a big game when I don't want to risk Costil getting an injury. They are the only two senior goalkeepers at the club, which I realized recently when Costil did pick up an injury (albeit only keeping out of one game). But its got me thinking about what kind of goalkeeper makes a good third choice. These are all the keepers I have on the books:
  3. I've really enjoyed playing as Sunderland this year. Quite a challenge with the poor state of the finances and squad.
  4. Paredes looks incredible, nicely done. I've finally got somewhere with Sunderland. I was tinkering with 4222 and 4231 formations in pre-season with emphasis on a lot of pressing and counter attacking, which was working well against small sides but I didn't know how it would fair in the Premier League. The first few games were decent if unspectacular; we beat Southampton at St Mary's 2-1 thanks to a last minute winner from Borini, then drew 1-1 with Stoke at home, followed by a 2-2 at Palace after going ahead in those games (twice at Palace). We played West Brom away next and, after being 2-0
  5. Does anyone have any hints on tactics? I've started a game with the lads in the beta and now the full release and I'm getting nowhere.
  6. You can't offer a contract to a player within your club's country (not just England) who's contract is going to end in six months, but you can for players abroad.
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