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  1. Hi, sorry for the late reply, but thanks for the help I’ll have a fiddle round see what I can do 👍
  2. Hi guys, bit of a difficult one but hoping somebody could help me ive created my own European nation, I’ve moved Kazakhstan to Asia to make room I’m having 2 issues my 1st one is that all of my nations competitions are rapidly dropping in reputation every time I do a test run, my top division is dropping like 20 places, this isn’t an issue with the clubs in the league, if anything the clubs are more reputable that the league other issue is that no matter how well the clubs perform in Europe, their coefficients don’t increase, it’ll get for example a 7.0 coefficients raring for a season but the season after, that will disappear thanks
  3. Hi guys thanks for the help, I managed to save some of my data by clicking recover previous version on the file, I’ve lost a couple of days work but it’s better than nothing, and I have now created a backup save
  4. Thanks for the help but I can’t find any backup files in the folder. Is there something I need to do to bring them up? Sorry if I’m being stupid.
  5. Thanks mate, do you know where the file is located?
  6. I am in desperate need of help I have spent many hours creating a database for FM19While on the data editor I selected “load new database” to create a sub database for my main one. When I was finished I pressed save.But for some reason this has saved over my main database.On old versions of the data editor when you selected load new database it creates a separate save file.Is there any way at all of recovering my old data? I’ve spent hours on this I’d be gutted if it’s all lost. i noticed that save backup is ticked and I also have a game save using the database could either of these help? Thanks :)
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