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  1. Spurs first season predicted to finish 5/6th, played 16 games. First place at the moment.
  2. My Tottenham has just won 10 games consecutively. Next match away game against Watford, some players was complacent. My team talk, passionate for the fans! Andros Townsend and Harry Kane became nervous. Why? Half time 0-0 almost all of them gets nervous even before I say anything. why!? Really hard to fathom what's the logic behind...
  3. I would like to have an option to notify me about request from unhappy players while I'm holidaying so that I could attend to them. It's very annoying to come back from holiday with a bunch of unhappy players due to some of them just happen to have period while I'm holidaying...
  4. The number of backup or rotation players complaining about lack of first team football is shockingly high. Just one week of holidays and I'll see a bunch of unhappy players affecting the whole team when I return...
  5. Finish my first season with 14.3 and so far so good. Much much better ME compared to 14.2. If the following can be improve the ME will be close to perfect, 1. Goalkeeper stupid mistake like taking a goal kick when opposition player is very close and conceded. Its happening too frequent even with very good goalkeeper like Peter Cech, Tim Krul and etc. One or two times over a season is reasonable but every few games is totally unrealistic. 2. Defenders receiving throw in near box and misses the ball and let opposition player steal it and score easy goal happens far too frequent. 3. Success rate for very clear one on one chances with only goalkeeper to beat still too low even for star strikers. In real life a defender can bury it with higher success rate. Anyway, very good job on 14.3!
  6. Tactic familiarity still buggy... load my save game notice tactic familiarity is full then click continue and found closing down, passing and marking became awkward. Happy with the other improvement so far though. Good job!
  7. It's understandable if players feel nervous when playing in a big match like against Man U but currently even playing against bottom table team or lower division in cup match quite a few players will still feel nervous after first 30 minutes of 0-0 score. Totally unrealistic!
  8. One on one means the player only has the goalkeeper to beat for goal. You assumed ALL of us does not understand what a simple one on one means but yourself. If there are defenders close enough for a challenge then it won't be called one on one. It doesn't matter how the one on one situation is built up when it reach the point of one on one where the player only has the goalkeeper to beat and none of the defenders around is close enough for a challenge. This means tactic is no longer relevant at this point of time but only the player's stat and ppm. I have seen way too many times of absolutely clear one on one chance where my world class striker like Luis Suarez/Cavani/Falcao miss where they go a long through ball from defender and then he is alone from mid field sprinting to goal keeper and shoot it straight to the goalkeeper or shooting it wide or high.
  9. How could one on one misses related to tactic at all, if it does then penalty kick misses should be related to tactic too yeah... Hell no, it's about the stat of the striker like composure, finishing and the goalkeeper's stat like one on one.
  10. Agreed Together with the amateur mistakes made by the goalkeeper and defenders happened so frequently made this the first FM patch i have stop playing completely.
  11. If what you said there works it just proved the current match engine has serious problem. First of all, goalkeepers should have mistakes from time to time but not as frequent as it is currently and definitely not from good goalkeepers which i consider most goalkeepers in the premier league is good. And not to mentioned the kind of mistakes made by goalkeepers now is beyond amateur. Goalkeeping distribution should not have issue based on distribution method alone. It should based on the goalkeeper and the receiving players quality. Corners aiming at anywhere should have variable results based on the quality of the player taking the corner and the receiving player (best header and etc) and also the defending players around him. Aiming at one area and you will produce a consistent result which difference from other area regardless of the quality of players and etc etc only further indicates a consistent problem/bug. Again, same for having someone to always mark one specific area and can produce a consistent result difference from other area regardless of the opposition's corner tactic and the quality of the opposition team in the corner area further indicates a consistent problem/bug. Lastly, the own goal issue is again beyond amateur in premier league. I'm sure SI has aware of all these stupidities and has working hard on it.
  12. Exactly what i found. Short passes had more failures than direct passes. Goalkeeper is beyond bad, so much unrealistic and silly mistakes. Most goals are mainly from set pieces score by defenders and mid fielders. IMO, worst FM patch in recent years.
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