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  1. 20 minutes ago, YO97 said:

    What are people talking about when they say the guy is keeping position meaninglessly for the sake of it?  Judging by the screenshots, his team is averaging 4 clear cut chances and 5 half chances every game, so how is that meaningless position?  He is clearly creating lots of good chances but his strikers can't convert them into goals which is the exact same thing that happened to Man City last season. Pep talked about this  on many occasions that his players were missing too many chances last season and at the start of this season.  
    I personally don't think ME favors a specific style of play because missing chances happens IRL as well but saying that the guy's team is keeping position meaninglessly when his team actually creates a lot of good chances is wrong. 

    Agreed and look at the number of woodworks in his screenshots. It's very common in this forum whenever someone posted something against the ME the answer is always his tactic.

  2. 5 hours ago, shirajzl said:

    I have been playing the game since 1996, every year without exception, and I don't want FM to be any more difficult. Do you see how hard that balance is for SI?

    At the end of the day they'll cater to the larger group, whoever that is, because they're running a business. I've seen games cater to minority and completely ruining their financial potential.

    We're playing a guessing game of "who is in majority", only SI know the answers and they adjust their long term strategy accordingly.

    Regardless of any level of difficulty, top managers and clubs with top players in the game should perform near to their potential. Yes or no?

  3. Top managers at most top clubs like Barca, City, PSG, Bayern  and etc are all consistently underachieved while mediocre managers at mediocre clubs consistently overachieved. This is like a game where the final boss are much weaker than the smaller boss so it feels very underwhelming when we won the league without any challenge from these top managers.

    From my observation so far,  these top top managers are not doing well in FM18 because they stick to their predefined football philosophy which is to play possession football and the use of real world wingers formations like 4231 Wide and 433 DM Wide.  While the ME doesn't favor these real world tactics, it favors unrealistic tactics like 3 strikers, 4231 with DM Volante, any 3 at the back formations which none of the AI top managers will use except Conte.

    So the solution is either make these top managers smart enough to aware of what kind of formations are favour by the ME (by playing first team against the reserve team over and over again to choose a good formation/tactic, something like google's alphago) or they will learn from the players by copying the player's formation and even improve it. And I believe this is actually how the real world managers will do.

    The other solution is to buff these real world wingers formations like 4231 Wide and 433 DM Wide that used by top managers to a reasonable level.


  4. Exactly how does the match engine determine a better decision? Let's say a striker with the ball near penalty box and only one defender is in front of him and he has 4 options
    1. Dribble pass the defender and shoot.
    2. Dribble pass the defender and dribble pass the gk as well then shoot.
    3. Pass to AML who is an average player with winger role but nearer to goal post.
    4. Pass to AMR who is a very good player with inside forward role but farther to goal post.

    So in this case, how does the decision attribute works to make the decision?

  5. 16 hours ago, Cougar2010 said:

    Makes logical sense tbh.

    He wants a new challenge but until that happens he is part of the team.

    He is concerned that the arrival of a new player threatens his place in that team.

    So now he has two concerns - a new challenge + his place under threat.


    2 hours ago, Cougar2010 said:

    But you haven't sold him, at least not yet.

    So while he is still at the club he is concerned about his place in the team.

    What kind of nonsense logic is this!? I hope the developer doesn't think like this otherwise it's hopeless.

  6. On 12/10/2017 at 17:58, Wolf_pd said:

    It is possible to remove them, but.... before I can give you a proper answer, what is the goal of your edit?

    I created a custom league and found that throughout the season a lot of world cup qualifying match needs to be play not only slow down the processing but also many players came back injured so I would like to skip it all for my custom league.

  7. 9 hours ago, grade said:

    FMT is not option for those who want to play it, but can't use the editor in my case. So I personally, don't know if anybody else is in the same position as me, i'm in limbo. Not sure if i depart with my money in regards of FM18.

    Same for me. Need to use editor data but it's supported in FMT. I hate all these player interactions overload, adds no fun to the game but only repeated clicks. Add no realism to the game at all it's just the same robotic conversation over and over again.

  8. IMO, first possession based tactic is too weak even for absolutely top team. It happens too often that the top team who dominate possession and shots will tend to lose while the opponent who play direct counter and defensive tactic wins by 1-0 with few shots on target. Yes this happened in real life but it happened way too frequent in FM even for teams like Barcelona.

    And then traditional 4 defenders tactics with wingers like 4231 (Bayern, Juventus, PSG), 4123 DM Wide (Barcelona) are too weak. Even 442 is too weak.
    3 defenders tactic is overpower, teams like Chelsea and Watford consistently do well in all of my save games every year. Defensively too solid while attacking is equally good.
    3 strikers tactic is overpower too. So any 3 DC tactic like 532, 523, 5212 and etc and 3 strikers tactics like 433 all easily overachieve. AI manager for top teams never employ these 3 DC or 3 strikers tactics and therefore their performance is so mediocre.

  9. I am managing Arsenal and my manager background is international player.  PSG want to buy Laurent Koscielny and at first I rejected the offer then the whole team not happy on how I treated him. Ok so I reload earlier save and sell Koscielny to PSG. Now Santi Carzola who is injured for 6-7 months is unhappy that I sold Koscielny and complaining to team mates and the whole team turned against me.

    Pro football players who play at the highest level has now became more sensitive and temperamental than a 5 years old kid in FM...

  10. On 26/02/2017 at 04:39, jujigatame said:

    I still feel fairly strongly that morale has too outsized an effect on the game, and produces extremely streaky results.

    I am currently managing Bayer Leverkusen in Germany.  In my first season, we must have won 9 of our first 10 matches and were around 11 points clear of Bayern halfway through the season.  Then a couple of bad results, and the entire season tanked, we didn't win a single one of our last 7 matches and finished 4th.

    Now in the 2nd season, we continued our horrible form, winning only 1 of our first 8 and scoring only 4 goals in that time.  I was shocked not to be sacked.  Then I had a team meeting.  Morale rose dramatically.  Now we are dominating.  Won 6 straight, and just beat Gladbach 4-0 and AC Milan 5-0 in the Champions League.  Keep in mind I have not made any significant changes to tactics or personnel selection here.

    I know mods say morale only has a small effect on attributes, but maybe since morale of the whole team tends to move in lockstep, the aggregation of all those reduced attributes across all those players really has major effects.  After all, for a possession to end in a goal, a lot of things have to go right.  If any one of them doesn't, the possession is over.

    Not only player's morale there is also players or team form which I believe has much more impact on the match result. If I won a game the chance of winning the next game is high and gets higher for subsequent win and then after reaching a certain win the game try to stop you from winning more. It simply feel like some hard coded pattern to enforced realistic football results. And this is same for losing or drawing, very streaky results you either win consecutively or you draw or lose consecutively. Changing tactic, players and etc etc even editing the player's morale has not much impact on the match result. I have experiment many many times after I lost a game I try to reload multiple times with different tactic, players and even making all player's morale to superb and in most of the attempts I'll still lose again. BUT I believe if somehow I can edit the player's form or the team's form the result will immediately changed. My conclusion is the match result calculation depends way too much on the players or team form more than tactic, player's quality and etc etc which made it so predictable and boring.

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