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  1. 'Not presented constructively'.. for SI's bottom line? I disagree with you that these ideas do not constitute constructive feedback. All the suggestions I make address serious problems which have so far not been adequately addressed, or have been flat out refused (i.e. multi-core processing, presumably because they don't want to spend the time and money, and would rather do simple things - like make people pay $1 for a .tac file)
  2. 1. Spend less time on sending takedown notices to torrent sites and trying to jew users with a .tac file I could recreate in literally 10 seconds, and more time on fixing the cricket scorelines and savegame times that seem to exponentially increase with each passing year. 2. Spend less money on creating fancy movement-tracking templates for the match-engine which have turned out to be utter *****, and more money on the basics - like, you know, making the defenders respond to a god damn incoming ball. 3. Implement multi-core processing. You say 'resting on our laurels is not in our nature', well then here's your chance to live up to your own convictions! Show some 'vision'! That all said, I acknowledge that it's highly unlikely we'll see SI take on board any of the above suggestions any time soon. After all, they're busy working on their next marketing strategy - Get ready for $4.99 custom league add-ons goyim! And just to make sure I don't banned for this.. 11/10++++ UPVOTED+++ GILDED+ WOULD BUY AGAIN!!1! EXCELLENT WORK SI! :applause: *CLAPPING INTENSIFIES* I LOVE THE NEW INTERFACE WHICH REQUIRES DOUBLE-CLICKS TO DO ANYTHING! PLS RELEASE THE 'WHITE SKIN' DLC DOWN MY THROAT!
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