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  1. When a player's name is hyperlinked in a news article, I can't click on it and access the player's profile.
  2. Ah brill - so I'll just offer £8k contracts to all the good ones. Thanks very much!
  3. I'm currently in my third season (i.e. post-Brexit) of my Leeds save, and one novelty I've come across is that I have five players on what are called 'U23 work permits', i.e. players under 23 who are signed from outside the UK. When I now try to sign further players from abroad, I'm advised that I've hit my limit of players on U23 work permits, and therefore won't be able to play them in any first team matches. I've tried searching across the forum but to no avail - is this something that is based on potential real-life scenarios? Does anyone know of a way to change which player
  4. Ah fantastic - thank you! I saw it for £170 at John Lewis, which I thought was pretty reasonable. Does the 3D match engine hold up well? I only run one nation so hopefully the processor should be fine...
  5. With all due respect mate, Lucas and Luke have taken time out to clearly and comprehensively answer your questions, and you haven't exactly been gracious in your responses. If I were you, I'd cut your losses and move on
  6. Obviously this is more related to FM18 and before, but hopefully the principle still applies...
  7. Hi all, I'm currently playing FM19 Beta on Windows (absolutely loving it) and am planning to buy a tablet to continue my saved game on the go. I was considering the Lenovo Tab 4 8 Plus (mainly because I already have a 10 inch Chromebook and was looking for something more portable on the move), but was wondering what people's experiences were of playing on an 8 inch screen? Is it so fiddly that you regretted not getting a 10 inch tablet? Whilst the Tab 4 8 Plus is a decent 283 ppi, I have fairly large fingers, and dexterity isn't exactly my strong suit... Many thanks!
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